Watercolor Ideas for Beginners: A Guide on How to Begin Painting With Watercolors

watercolor ideas for beginners

Watercolor Ideas for Beginners

Are you interested in learning how to paint with watercolors? Check out this article filled with easy watercolor painting ideas for beginners. Watercolor painting is a great creative outlet and activity that can be done with friends, kids, or alone. It’s also a great way to make beautiful homemade cards and gifts. This guide will give you plenty of inspiration for beautiful pieces of watercolor art to give to your loved ones whether it be watercolor ideas for mother’s day, watercolor ideas for friends, or watercolor ideas for Christmas cards. If you want to know how to do cool watercolor, check out some of these awesome simple watercolor ideas for beginners.

Watercolor Ideas for Kids and Watercolor Ideas for Adults:

Watercolor painting ideas for beginners’ images can be similar whether you’re wanting ideas for children or adults. Whether you’re a child or an adult painting landscapes, animals, shapes, and skylines can be fun ways to break into the world of watercolor painting. While adults tend to be more interested in detail-oriented watercolor ideas, watercolor painting ideas without super detailed concepts or lettering will make for more fun and less frustrating time. For fun watercolor activities to do with kids you could ask the kids their favorite animals for watercolor painting ideas. Kids will be really excited to paint because it will involve their favorite animal. For these watercolor paintings, the animal might not look super exact, but it is the fun that we want to achieve. Another fun one is pumpkin watercolor ideas for kids. On Halloween, put your jack-o-lantern or uncarved pumpkin on the table and let your kids use it as inspiration for a watercolor painting. They can then use this painting as a Halloween decoration to hang up on the wall.

How to Watercolor Beginners Edition

watercolor ideas for cards

Peaceful watercolor ideas for children will be watercolor ideas that don’t require unforgiving lines and excruciatingly exact details. If you’re a child at heart you might also want to stick to the less exacting ideas for what to watercolor for beginners. If you want the watercolor painting to be a fun and calming activity for everyone, stick to painting things that are peaceful like an ocean or a horizon painting.

These kinds of watercolor paintings are more forgiving and can bring tranquility to the painter. Let’s take a look at some watercolor painting ideas for beginners step by step. Rainbow watercolor ideas for beginners can be a lot of fun for kids and adults alike. Simply paint in a light blue sky as a background and then paint a rainbow. Painting a rainbow with watercolors can be tricky because you need to make sure that all of your colors don’t blend together and make brown. Paint the rainbow patiently and slowly, and paint the rainbow’s colors in one or two stripes at a time, allowing time for the stripes to dry so that they’re not all wet at the same time and won’t bleed into each other and ruin you’re painting. Along with the skyscraper idea, you might want some ideas for watercolor clouds.

You can add clouds to your rainbow painting or simply try out a beautiful daytime sky with big puffy clouds in it. Once the rainbow completely dries, you can go in with some pigmented white watercolor paint and make small strokes to create fluffy clouds. When painting clouds, be sure not to only include white, as white is not the only color that can be distinguished in a cloudy sky.

Add some undertones of yellow, blue, and gray to really make your clouds pop off of the page. In keeping with the same theme, you might want to try out some ideas for watercolor sunsets. Sunsets are marvelous natural displays of bright exquisite colors. Painting a sunset with watercolors can be a tranquil and rewarding activity. Make sure that you start out by priming your canvas or piece of watercolor paper with a base color and then go in with details of orange, peach, pink, yellow, light purple, and red.

Look at a picture of a sunset, or even better, an actual sunset in order to gain inspiration and understand the color gradient. In order to make it look like a sunset rather than simply an abstract painting of beautiful colors, you will need to add a bit of land and the horizon to your painting. Sunsets are one of the easiest watercolor ideas for landscapes because they are beautiful, interesting to look at, and because of the color composition, they will often still look great even at a beginner’s level. Make sure that you allow your colors to dry between adding more layers.

If you want to put lots of different colors on the page you will need to be sure that you’re not adding more than two to three colors at a time so that all the colors don’t blend together to make brown. Landscapes can be excellent watercolor ideas for cards whether that means watercolor ideas for thank you cards, congratulatory cards, or condolences cards. If you purchase a set of watercolor paper stationery, your friends and loved ones will feel special and appreciative when you give them a one-of-a-kind handmade watercolor card for any occasion.

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