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Today’s world is a flutter of social media branding, influencers, and free-lancers who are trying to make a go of it in the current gig economy. Making it as a freelancer, an entrepreneur or a startup can be difficult, but that’s why you’ve come to the right article for tips on how to build a personal brand. Think of this as an easy personal brand guide for getting started with figuring out how to build a personal brand today.

How to Build a Strong Personal Brand

Many people think that they have to build a personal brand from scratch, however, your personal brand shouldn’t require you to completely reinvent yourself. One of the major elements of a successful personal brand is an authenticity to your true character. You have already spent your whole life acquiring knowledge, opinions, and a specific set of skills and your personal brand should reflect that.

If you truly want to build a strong personal brand you should be able to figure out how to build a personal brand without spending too much time changing your actual habits or routines. Think of branding as packaging up what you would already normally be doing in the pursuit of your goals in order for others to be able to see and understand your goals and your value more easily. The work that you put into building your personal brand will simply be defining your interests, goals, and story for yourself and then finding the best ways to market that to achieve success.

How to Build a Personal Brand at Work

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Whether you are working from home or in an office or shared work environment, there can often be a huge benefit to building a personal brand at work. In order to do this, you will need to figure out what your unique and valuable skill set is in order to make others aware of what you bring to the table. Maybe you are the best editor, the best photographer, or the person who excels in leadership skills. Figure out what it is that you do best and what it is that sets you apart from your coworkers.

Do this in a way that will not step on anyone’s toes and is friendly towards all people you work with. Once you have figured out your assets, you can then promote these things either when it is appropriate in meetings, on social media or during the time allotted to socializing in the workplace. Be authentic and humble and do not push too hard if someone is not interested in what you have to offer. Be the person who is reliable and will volunteer to share your unique and specific skill set whenever it is needed or could be useful.

How to Build a Personal Brand Online

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Building a personal brand online is essential for many people especially during these days of social distancing and remote work. If you want to know how to build a brand without personal exposure you will want to learn how to build a personal brand on social media.

This means most importantly you must learn how to build a personal brand on Instagram and how to build a personal brand on Facebook. As always, to build a personal brand you must figure out what it is that you want to share, what your story is, and why people should want to listen to it and follow you. If you are an artist, your page should be dedicated to your art. Post the best quality pictures and videos regularly and tag other artists who you work with and who you find inspirational. They will likely tag you back and help you build your network.

Follow people who you think are doing a good job of maintaining their own strong personal brand and look to them for inspiration. If you’re in a rut, it is always good to look at people who have personal brands that you look up to so that you can become inspired by them. Be careful to never infringe upon someone else’s work. Intellectual property can easily be ripped off in the era of social media sharing, so don’t rip others off and be cautious about sharing too much of something that you’re working on that either isn’t finished or isn’t copyrighted yet. If you are in business, reach out to others through social media to help grow your business. Find other platforms to share your content.

Maybe look into how to start a podcast so you can have another outlet to talk about your personal message, story or art. Be original, be genuine and be the version of yourself you want to be, not the version of yourself you think others want you to be. This is a recipe for success in personal branding!

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