How to Repair Cracked Leather Car Seat: Tips and Tricks From Professionals


Do you want to fix cracked leather seats? Our free guide is here to help you solve things quickly! Read our new tutorial on how to fix cracked leather car seats to know the next things:

  1. The best way to protect yourself from cracking of leather is to prevent it by correct maintenance;
  2. How to clean leather seats for 4 steps;
  3. How to fix medium cracks.

For Whom This Article Is Made For?

This is created not only for owners of vehicles that have leather interiors but also for all the rest. For example, your office chair may be covered by leather or your comfortable sofa can be partly made of leather. All of these may crack at any time. Fortunately, repair cracked leather seats can be done easily by your hands. Also, you may even skip the whole process only by following three simple principles that are listed below.

How to Avoid Cracked Leather Car Seats?

cracked leather car seat

Can leather breaks down be avoided? Can leather rips be deterred? Both categories of damages are mainly easy to retain. It is more effective to maintain the seats than it is to repair the leather damage. These recommendations protect both cosmetic supervision and practical advice on how to avoid it.

Keep It Away From Sun

If the side windows and back windshield are not tinted to decrease the power of the sun, apply window screens or shields later parking the car. What will happen with leather and the total look of the car’s interior after staying vehicle for a long time directly exposed by sunlight? Leather can crack, the color may lose its intensity.

Avoid Massive And Edgy Objects

The most obvious method to stop tears is to be watchful of what travels on in the seats. Do not place instruments, pet transporters, or sharp things straight on the seats. Try to set bulky gadgets in the trunk if it’s likely. When placing any things on the seats, put a full protective cover above the seat.

Position And Clean Seats Annually

It is crucial to manage clean seats and adapt the leather periodically. Be certain to vacuum the seats in priority. Regularly tidy seats with a soft cleaner that is created for the leather interior. Finish the business with a special leather conditioner. It will help to clean seats and limit cuts.

How to Fix Cracked Leather Seats: Step-by-Step Guide

repair cracked leather car seat

4 Steps to Clean Leather Seats

  • Eliminate trash from the leather seat and clean it with your hands or towel (in some cases you will need a feather duster);
  • Use the vacuum cleaner and soft brush to remove problematic things like dust, dirt, etc;
  • Clean the leather seat with soapy liquid and a lint-free rag;
  • Clean it with a leather cleaner and a common scuff pad.

How to Fix Medium Cracks?

  1. Find a gloss enamel paint that matches the color of your leather;
  2. Spray a plentiful quantity of aerosol paint upon an old rag;
  3. Wrap the towel in half;
  4. Drain 1 tsp (4.9 mL) of lacquer thinner over the rag;
  5. Brush the paint onto the leather seat in long, horizontal strokes;
  6. Handle a second layer of paint, later give the seat some time to dry (for 8-10 hours);
  7. Spray a leather conditioner right toward the seat at the moment the paint is dry;
  8. Clean the leather conditioner in the seat with a cloth to seal the leather.

And now you know how to clean leather seats and how to repair medium cracks! These two things are the most common in life problems with leather furniture.

That’s It!

Thank you for reading our free guide on restoring cracked leather seats with a step-by-step tutorial. We advise you to read the rest of our articles to know how to fix things at your house!

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