Clean Phone to Don’t Catch Corona Or Other Viruses


What Danger Is the Surface of Your Smartphone?

Recent analysis reveals that every phone is a suitable place or springboard for different viruses and bacteria. It goes even serious in connection to the pandemic of the Coronavirus. Researchers and experts in this field claiming that washing your hands frequently won’t save you and your health problems with getting Covid-19 or any other kinds of viruses, if you don’t clean your phone regularly. Continue reading this article to know more about how to clean your phone in the right way.

How to Check What Smartphones Clean is Important?

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You can try to count down how many times you touch your smartphone, how many places it used to lay on, and how many times you will go to wash your hands. Now think if you do your routine (go to school, university or work, visit cafes and public transport) and how many bacterias can be placed for a day?

One of the recent researches by the company “dscout” spotlighted that common users touch their telephones from 2.6-5.4k every day. It is a terrifying result in context to pandemic COVID-19 and other bacterias that hurt our body.

Also, in the journal Germs, there was an interesting study published in 2017. The study shows that on the surfaces of 27 teenagers were found such viruses and bacterias as Streptococcus, Staphylococcus aureus, E. coli, etc. It is a great example that your phone can be a host for different germs and you will be a perfect delivery station for them.

To help you get rid of them we added below the best way to clean your phone (step-by-step guide).

The Best Way to Clean a Smartphone: Step-by-step Guide

how to clean your phone
  1. Take off your case phone and turn it off;
  2. Apply a microfiber cloth, washcloth, could, or paper towel to perform a gently wiping the screen’s surface. Be careful and check if the cloth is clean from any rubbish or dirt. Otherwise, you may damage the screen’s surface. By using it properly you will able to get rid of germs;
  3. After, look for a disinfecting wipe that is safe to apply on electronics. Wipe all the spots in your phone but keep away from their ports;
  4. Live your phone to air dry for at least 5 minutes long. It is the most serviceable if the disinfecting spray has even more time (10 minutes) it will work better to remove rubbish and bacterias. But don’t forget about the phone and avoid overdrying the surface to don’t damage a hard\software;
  5. Use a microfiber cloth or paper towel to take all the remaining liquid, dampness, or anything else. Apply the wipe which is not used in step 2 or clean that one before the second application.

How to Clean Your Smartphone When You Are In Rush (Alternatives)

If don’t have time or tools to get your phone cleaned. If you can’t use a microfiber cloth or washcloth with a disinfecting wipe, you may use routine stuff like paper towel, napkins, sanitizer to get rid of some part of viruses, and bacterias. It is better to do at least something rather than nothing if the best way to clean the phone is not applicable.

  • Turn the power off on your phone and unplug it;
  • Wash your hand for 20-60 seconds with the usage of water and soap;
  • Gently clean the surface of the phone applying alcohol-based disinfectant cleaner that contains 70% isopropyl + some wipe, towel paper, or any other tool that help you to do the cleaning;
  • Again, be aware of the liquid penetration in the ports, cameras, and other gentle sides of the phone.

You can do it in a cafe, restaurant, or office using applicable things. The most important thing is to have a desire and willing to do. In any case, thank you for reading our article! Stay safe and wash your hands!

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