What to do When You Want to Deactivate Spotify: Delete Spotify Account Guide

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Delete Spotify Account

There could be many reasons why someone might want to stop using the free music streaming service Spotify. One reason might be because you simply don’t use it often enough to want to pay for a premium subscription. Another might be that you know that Apple Music and Tidal both have the same monthly subscription cost, and they both pay the artists more per play than Spotify does. 

One of the benefits of refraining from deleting your entire account completely might be that the “discover weekly” playlists seem to be pretty on point for many listeners. It’s also pretty convenient to use the same music streaming platform as your family, especially when a Spotify family account is only about fifteen bucks monthly for up to six family members. You could even choose to share this family account with close friends to cut costs, making it only $2.50 each. 

That’s a pretty good deal if you ask me. To be fair, you can also make a family account with Apple Music, which pays the musicians more than Spotify does for each song played. Alternatively, you might just want to delete your old account so that you can make a new one with better playlists and liked songs. 

Maybe your old account got a little too cluttered, or it reminds you of an ex-lover too much. You might be asking, “Can I delete a Spotify account?” The answer is yes! You can cancel free Spotify accounts, it will just require you to use Spotify on a web browser.

Remove Spotify Account 

If you want only to stop paying for premiums, you will go through a different process than if you want to delete your account entirely. Be sure that you are positive that you want to delete your entire account, instead of allowing your free account to remain in the ether with all of your favorite songs in playlists and your favorite mixes and podcasts on the homepage. 

How to Delete Account on Spotify: Deleting Your Free Account

deactivate free account on spotify quick guide

So if you want to go through with deleting Spotify accounts for good, here is how you can do it. You would first need to go to Spotify.com and get to the Contact Spotify Support page. On this page click on the button called “I want to close my account” which is essentially to deactivate the Spotify account button. 

Press this button, and it will take you through a series of pages and questions about whether you’re sure that you want to delete the Spotify account permanently. You will click continue until Spotify emails you to confirm your cancellation. In this email there will be a green button that will say “Close my account” and you will be able to truly delete your free account. 

Deactivate Spotify Premium Subscription

To cancel your subscription but keep your account in existence, the process is a little different. First, you would go to the menu and click on “account”. Then on the account page, you would see “Spotify Premium” and press “View Details.” Once you have pressed “View Details” there should be an option for “Update Details” and underneath there should be an option called “Cancel my Subscription.” Press “Cancel my subscription” each time a new page comes up, making sure that you truly desire to cancel that premium account of yours. On the final page, there will be a place to enter your password. 

Once you enter your password, your subscription will be canceled. If you want to then cancel your free Spotify account, you can refer to the previous paragraph for doing so. 

Life Beyond Spotify

Now that you’ve canceled your account with Spotify, there are many possibilities for how you’re going to consume music. You could either switch to a different streaming platform or decide to go old school and buy records or even CDs!

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