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An XML file is an extensible kind of Markup Language. Such format files use documents that use tags to identify objects, as well as their tags in searching for objects. Reading XML files (format), unlike HTML, empowers the user to self-define tags, which uses XML.

This file format stores a wide variety of types of information. In XML format, databases or application applications can be contained. The use of an XML document on the World Wide Web serves to exchange information. An extensible markup language is used for data exchange between software systems, it is worth noting that it was for this developer, at one time, that there was an XML extension.

XML files are files used in various applications as they refer to files that are written in the Extensible Markup Language. It is a format that contains tags and uses it to define an object as well as attributes. These files have a bit of similar formatting compared to an HTML document, but in order to define the data, custom tags are used.

The principle of Unicode encoding (UTF-8 and UTF-16) enables to open of XML files by universal means, without using additional tools. Thanks to this, the document is available for review and reading XML, it is easy to understand the symbols, the content of the prescribed instructions, and the sequence of triggered events. The markup language is flexible and easily adapts to the needs of the user. The main thing is to know and follow the basic rules. At the beginning of the XML document, its first line must contain a mandatory construction indicating the XML version, the encoding principle, and the libraries connected for this. This language is universal and does not belong to any strictly defined program. Opening a document as readable text, rather than a set of incomprehensible characters, is not at all difficult.

Be careful not to rename the extension to viewing XML files or any other files. This will not change the file type. Only a dedicated conversion program can change a file from one file type to another.

Open XML file on mac

Open XML file on mac

You can open XML file for viewing .xml file or reading .xml using a regular text editor. How to read XML files? Reading XML for notepad, notepad +, AkelPad. To view XML document opening the XML file in an Internet browser: launch the browser, press Ctrl + O on the keyboard (Latin letter O; on computers running macOS, press Command + O), select the XML file you need, press ENTER, and reading XML.

But it is more correct to open the XML file in the program or in the context of the service for which the XML file was created.

The popular and actively used format is classified as text and can be easily opened in a simple text editor. If the user is not yet familiar with such files and does not know how to open XML, then the system can do it by default. However, it should be noted that the well-known MS Office Word is not suitable for these purposes.

What can open XML files?

xml file in Windows Notepad

Notepad recognized as the best text editor for working with XML documents. The program has advanced functionality, a user-friendly interface, and the most user-friendly way of displaying on the screen. Additional syntax highlighting makes browsing much easier and easier. A useful and convenient application is included in the list of must-haves for installation on any computer and its features are worth trying.

Windows Notepad

Perfect for quickly viewing XML files. A simple program belongs to the system. Opening XML and viewing XML document in notepad, just call the context menu by right-clicking on the file. It remains to go to “Open with …” and select “Notepad” in the opened list of programs. The capabilities of the application are minimal and there will be no syntax highlighting here to facilitate the perception of the written information. But for operational processing, this method is quite suitable.


xml file in Browser

Programs to open XML file: any browser is successfully used for reading XML files and familiarize with XML files. It does not have the ability to create a document and make edits, but it can be used for informational purposes. The simplest Internet Explorer, Yandex, or Google will do. If the file did not open automatically, then you need to repeat the previous procedure to call the “Open with” window. Select your favorite web browser from the list of applications. In some cases, information is displayed according to tags. For a “comfortable” view, just use the CTRL + U key combination and the document’s source code will appear on the screen. It is easy to see that the picture is saner, and the information in the XML file is presented in an easy-to-read form, compared to a standard notepad.


To open XML files, there are several software capabilities built into the Windows operating system itself. For beginners, this is quite enough, and advanced users know that there are many online services available on the network for working with files with the XML extension. The best way to view XML files is an Internet browser such as Google Chrome – an Internet browser, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet browser (especially useful with the XML Viewer plugin), or Internet Explorer.

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