We Know How to Expand the Functionality of Your Old TV and Turn TV into a Smart TV

 turn tv into smart tv

It’s no secret that the 21st century is the age of smart technology. This trend surrounds us literally everywhere. Air conditioners, fans, clocks, and blenders have become smart, not to mention TVs. But, unfortunately, not every person can immediately afford the purchase of a Smart TV. And here modern technologies also come to the rescue: they solve this problem is slightly different, cheaper ways. In this article, we will figure out how to make a regular TV a smart TV without spending a fortune.

What Is Smart TV?

Simply put, Smart TV delivers all kinds of entertainment services to the consumer without using the same computer or tablet: that is, you can buy, listen and watch audiovisual content online, use social networks, run applications (mostly free), and play a variety of games. In addition, there are many special kits for the entertainment of children of all ages (for example, toy “motorcycles” or “tennis rackets”).

What Is the Main Difference between Smart TV and Conventional TV?

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The most important and, in principle, the only advantageous difference between Smart TV and TV in its traditional sense is that you yourself choose the content you want to watch or listen to.

Can We Turn Hdtv into Smart TV?

Sure you may! And even necessary! Today, many modern TVs already have a built-in Smart TV function. This technology gives the user access to a huge number of new possibilities, but, unfortunately, not all models can offer it. And very often a situation arises that initially, the owner is satisfied with absolutely everything in his newly acquired gadget. But, after some time, he sorely lacks smart television. This situation can be easily corrected for relatively little money. Therefore, if you, like us, want to get a multifunctional device for little money, use our tips on how to expand the capabilities of your regular TV and convert TV to smart TV.

So, if you have a modern TV, but without the Smart TV function, you should not rush and throw it away, buying instead of the same one, but with a “smart” function. You can turn an old TV into a smart TV out of an ordinary TV receiver at home by connecting just a set-top box, special stick, Blu-ray player, gaming console, smartphone or tablet with an option to connect to the Network. Connecting additional gadgets will cost you several times less. At the same time, the connection itself does not take much time and does not require extra knowledge in the field of electronics.

Connecting gadgets to a TV panel is very easy – a detailed description of this process and setting up SMART functions can be found in each user manual for the technician.

What Devices Will Help Make TV into Smart TV?

  1. Receivers and various attachments of the Smart series;
  2. Synchronization with a smartphone, tablet;
  3. Blu-ray players;
  4. Modern consoles for games;
  5. Advanced media players.

All of the above methods will help you achieve your goal – to turn regular TV to smart TV. The functionality of each of them depends on the connected device, which can operate on the basis of iOS, Android OS.

Top-3 Gadgets to Convert to Smart TV

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We suggest you familiarize yourself with the top 3 gadgets to expand the capabilities of your TV.

Expansion of work by connecting set-top boxes of the Android system

Conventional Smart series attachments are designed for one single purpose: to make TV smart. All of them allow you to connect your old TV box to the Internet. This is, in fact, the simplest and most understandable way for everyone.

There are two different types of set-top boxes: miniature sticks and full-size consoles. The latter are large in size and functionality. They are connected with a LAN port. And the first, mini-sticks, remind us all of the familiar flash drives. They are inserted into a free HDMI connector.

Turn TV into Smart TV Using a Tablet or Phone

If you have no desire to spend money on an additional gadget in the form of a prefix, you can do without it. To do this, you just need to replace it with a smartphone or tablet. You can connect them using an HDMI adapter or USB. Synchronization is different for them, depending on the operating system of the device. But there is nothing complicated here).

Game or Blu-ray Consoles

Much more functionality than with the method with a phone or tablet will add good game consoles. They will almost turn the TV into a Smart TV, but only if you buy a second set-top box. For example, the Xbox has all the options you need to play online. And when supplemented with the popular PS4 Pro console, it is quite possible to open access to Internet surfing and download applications from the PlayStation Store. But it is worth considering one very important piece of advice! We do not recommend converting a regular TV to smart TV through game consoles and additional consoles if you do not already have some of this equipment in stock. Because this method will be very costly. That is, if your main goal is simply to expand the capabilities of the TV, without access to online games, then a separate Smart set-top box will be quite enough for you.

General Recommendations for Increasing the Functionality of TV

Finally, I would like to note that before deciding which way to turn an ordinary TV into a SMART TV, you need to understand for yourself what exactly you want to get at the output. Because not all TVs support, for example, 4K format and videos from the global network. Older models often just won’t be able to play good quality videos.

And even more so, they are not designed to be used when connected to the Internet. All this is important to consider before choosing a method to upgrade TV to smart TV. The functionality can be expanded only on more or less modern models of technology. The exception here will be – only viewing content from the phone.

Therefore, only when there is 100% confidence that a plasma or LCD panel can turn into a Smart TV, it is necessary to choose a transition target. For the full functionality of “smart” technology, you should connect a Smart set-top box. For video games, just a game console is enough. And to watch a movie downloaded to the phone, additional equipment is not required at all.

This is how, friends, it is quite possible to make any TV smart, for this you just need to choose the method that suits you.

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