How to Write a Good Campaign DND: The Guides That Describe the Whole Process

making a DND campaign

Dungeons and Dragons is a famous board game that will immerse you in the fantasy world for several long hours. If you are tired of talking about the same and boring gatherings, then this game can give new sensations to your company. If you watched the “Big Bang Theory”, then you probably remember what interesting fantasy worlds the guys played. And what if we say that you can do that too? All below you will learn how to write a DND campaign. Are you already intrigued? Then let’s start and enjoy the reading!

How to make a Dungeons and Dragons campaign

Writing a DND campaign is not a matter of five minutes. However, nothing is impossible. All you need is a little imagination, develop a small action plan and follow it. We want to help you. Therefore, we offer two guides that will be useful for you to write. The first one includes the main elements, on which it is imperative to focus attention and think over. And the second guide is divided into three main groups, which, although interconnected, should be written separately.

How to write a campaign DND: general approach

writing a DND campaign

Before starting this simple guide, let me warn against a common mistake. You should NOT come up with many challenges and quests for one character. It is boring and does not interest other players.

DND starting a campaign

You must interest all players in the plot of the future game. After all, an incorrectly set mood at the beginning can even ruin an interesting game. Highlight the most fascinating cops to describe but do not disclose solutions. Stick to the mystery style so that players can not wait to plunge into the game and find out what happens next. Do not make your story long, so that no one loses the essence of the game. Come up with multiple antagonists, as having one can be boring.

How to make a DND campaign: the role of players

Due to the passage of many tasks, the player may forget why he/she is doing it. Therefore, it is important to periodically remind the main role and direct in the right direction. Think carefully about the role of each individual and their ultimate goal towards which they go together. By the way, come up with names for the heroes even before you come up with his line. It always helps to develop the character much better.

How to write a good campaign DND: the role of NPCs

The creation of this character must be taken seriously, as it plays a key role in many games. Try to keep it always the same character and have an emotional connection with the players. You don’t need to have pre-written NPC scripts. It is enough to come up with a sheet for each character with his/her personal qualities so that they can be adapted for conversation.

How to write a DND campaign: geographical aspects

Putting heroes in the world is not easy. There are a lot of details to think about. Break the creation of the world into several parts, for example, a continent, countries, cities, small settlements. Or take a different approach. Start in a small area and build up the world gradually. By the way, you can create a world that is located in one building. We will discuss how to write a homebrew campaign later.

How to make a campaign DND: government

For hundreds of years, our world has been trying to create the most appropriate management model. However, there is still room for improvement. So why waste your time and invent something new. Take the government model you like and just tweak it a bit for your scenario.

How to write a good campaign DND: approach on 3 pillars

campaign DND

As a result, all three pillars will mix to create a complete picture. However, based on this writing model, you are more likely not to miss anything. Let’s take a look at each of them below, we’re sure you guessed right away what this is about.

How to write a campaign DND: the world of players

Your task is to write a world where your heroes will have the strength to fight the main antagonists of the game. It is the players who will create the important details of the world. Unlike the previous approach, we do not advise you to immediately outline the map of the world, starting with a continent or a small settlement. The main ideas should appear in your head, and only then on paper. Many experienced players completely outline the world for only 4-6 months. If you want to know how to set up a DND campaign ask yourself:

  • What surrounds your heroes and what places could they visit to relax? Or what does their homeland look like before they go on a mission?
  • What is the atmosphere in the habitat of the heroes? Can they rely on their ruler? Is their world prospering or poor?
  • Who will guide the story and call the players to action? How many antagonists are you planning? What terrible atrocities are you going to write about?

Also, remember that too many storylines at the beginning will make the game boring. The players with their chosen actions will help make it more colorful and memorable.

How to write a DND campaign: players story in your world

Don’t be afraid to move away from the stories you’ve written. The game can last more than one evening, so always contact the players and involve them in writing. For example:

  • When you have already assigned the roles, but have not started to play, let everyone tell how they represent their hero. This will help to make changes to the story and the player will be pleased that his opinion was taken into account.
  • The campaign DND consists of several sessions. Ask the players about the positive and negative sides at the end of each. So you can adjust the further course of the story.
  • Consider the interests of the players and remember that it is not the players who complement your world but the world is created to reveal the players.

How to write a campaign DND: a dungeon master

Don’t think of making a DND campaign as difficult. An important rule of thumb is that the setup time should be half the duration of the game. If you first decided to create a dungeon campaign, then choose the most suitable approach for yourself. You can also find ready-made scripts on the Internet to have a more illustrative example. If this is not your first experience, then be sure to take feedback on the last game, take into account your mistakes and inaccuracies.

Writing is only half the battle. The next step is implementation. We have already mentioned in the previous subsections that you need to be flexible. You should not insist only on your course of events. Take into account the opinions of the players during the game. Also, don’t be discouraged if players act differently than you expected. You should feel fun, not annoyed.

How to write a homebrew campaign

how to make a campaign DND

Building a company based on one location is a good move for beginners. You will not need to be sprayed on a large number of rooms and players. Consider what the homebrew campaign will look like and which strong the homebrew will give. Or it will become a gathering place for all the heroes and where they will discuss further actions. After several sessions, the stories and the future world will begin to build themselves. This way, knowing how to make a homebrew campaign can help you write something bigger.

We hope our blog helped you figure out how to write a good campaign DND. And very soon your friends and you will have fun playing this game. Have fun and see you soon!

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