Homemade Lemonade Done Right: Make The Most Satisfying Lemonade Ever

fresh homemade lemonade recipe

When the thermometer is reading record high temperatures, and you have to be outside or doing work all day, a cold glass of fresh lemonade might be the difference between misery and sweet relief. Going to your local café to get a glass of ice-cold lemonade is always a satisfying indulgence on a hot day. Unfortunately, just like buying an iced latte every day, always buying lemonade instead of making it yourself will start to add up in cost. Making your own drinks and treats is one of the best ways to live lavishly on a budget. If you do it right, the homemade stuff might taste even better than the fancy 8 dollar bottle of “botanical small batch lemon beverage” or whatever they’re naming it to raise the price as much as possible.

If you want to pinch your pennies and get the same satisfying lemonade for a fraction of the price, the best thing to do is to make easy fresh lemonade yourself. When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade! Do you want to know how to make the best homemade lemonade during the last stretch of warm weather this year? Find out how to make lemonade from scratch with this super simple lemonade recipe.

World’s Best Lemonade Recipe

Want to make fresh lemonade? Here’s how you can do it! All you need to do is gather ingredients for lemonade: lemons, sugar and water, and maybe a couple of cubes of ice. Once you have the ingredients, it’s not so hard! You can absolutely modify this recipe to make it your perfect personal DIY lemonade.

There will be options and suggestions to help you make the most healthy lemonade recipe, the sweetest lemonade recipe, or simply your all-time favorite basic lemonade. As a bonus, we will even throw in a fun DIY trick to make a natural pink lemonade to avoid the store-bought versions with artificial flavors and colors. Get ready, because you’re on your way to making the most awesome lemonade recipe you’ve ever made.

How to Make Lemonade At Home

How to Make Lemonade At Home

My grandmother used to make lemonade for me and all of her other grandchildren when we were young and energetic children. It was always a sweet treat to come home to after playing all day in the hot summer sun. That lemonade tasted like magic, in part because we were so thirsty and hot, but also because her simple recipe was the perfect ratio of water, sugar, lemons, and love. Who knows, maybe she added a little something else in there too! Now that I am an adult, the lemonade my grandmother made is one of my fondest memories of her and of my childhood in general. I decided this summer that I was going to test out a bunch of different lemonade recipes and find the one that tasted the most like the lemonade I remember my grandmother making. To me, if the recipe tastes close to my grandmother’s, it has got to be the best way to make lemonade. Through trial and error, I managed to find a fresh homemade lemonade recipe that held a candle to my grandmother’s recipe. Now that I have found it, I feel I must share it with anyone and everyone I can. Without further ado, here is a really yummy lemonade recipe that reminds me of my grandmother’s famous juice.

The Trick Is Simple Syrup

The Trick Is Simple Syrup

What is lemonade made out of? The answer is lemon juice, water, and sugar, of course! Most people know this, but not everyone knows that what you do with the water and sugar really makes a difference in the taste of your lemonade. Little kids or people who want to make lemonade in a pinch might just add sugar straight to the lemon juice and water mixture and keep adding and stirring until it tastes about right. If you want to have consistently delicious lemonade from start to finish and no matter when you drink it, you should certainly utilize the powers of simple syrup. Use the simple syrup to achieve a heavenly beverage through and through. How do you make simple syrup?

The classic ratio is one part sugar to one part water. Depending on how sweet you like things to taste, you can add more sugar to make a sweeter syrup or less sugar to make a syrup that is thinner and less sweet. I prefer the basic one-to-one ratio for my simple syrup, especially when it comes to making lemonade. All you do to make the simple syrup is pour one cup of sugar and one cup of water into a small saucepan on the stove, stir it and then let it come to a boil. Once the mixture has come to a boil, you can turn off the stove and let it cool, ideally until it is not too hot to put in a container in the refrigerator.

Once you have this syrup you can keep it in the fridge and store it there for easy mixing into iced coffee, iced tea, juices, or cocktails. It’s a sort of beverage hack, and it comes in handy more often than one might think. The lemonade recipe that I am using is going to stick to a simple syrup, but if you’re interested in getting fancy, you could infuse your simple syrup with botanicals or herbs. To do this, simply add extracts or herbs like lavender or rosemary to your simple syrup, and then you will have a fancy elegant syrup to add to cocktails, teas, or juices.

Adding All the Elements Together


The ingredients are as follows:

  • 7 cups (1.66 l) of water
  • 1 cup (0.24 l) of sugar
  • 1 cup (0.24 l) of lemon juice

Step One

Make your simple syrup using one of the cups of water and one cup of sugar. Wait until it is completely cool in the refrigerator to use it.

Step Two

Juice about six to eight lemons to yield approximately one cup of pure lemon juice. Make sure that you don’t get any seeds into your mixture. You can pick them out with a spoon if you like a bit of pulp in your lemonade. If you don’t like pulp, you can juice all of your lemons and then put the liquid through a strainer.

Step Three

Add your cooled-off simple syrup and your pure lemon juice to a pitcher or large jar and stir thoroughly.

Step Four

Pour in your remaining six cups of water and stir once more.

Step Five

Put some ice cubes and fresh slices of lemon into your favorite glass and pour some of that delicious lemonade in for a refreshing treat.

There you have it! The most complicated part of the recipe might be the simple syrup, but all you have to do is combine some sugar and water and let it boil before letting it cool. If you follow this recipe, you should have a delicious pitcher of lemonade that you can share with your friends or family members. As promised, I will now share some quick substitutes and additions if you’re particular about your lemonade. If you want to make your lemonade less sweet, use about ¾ cup of sugar or add the simple syrup bit by bit to taste.

If you like your lemonade extra sweet, use 1 ⅓ cups of sugar in your simple syrup, or make double the recipe and add more until your sweetness needs are met. If you want a fun way to make more of an all-natural lemonade recipe, you could use agave nectar instead of simple syrup. Finally, the moment you’ve been waiting for, the answer to an all-natural dye for pink lemonade! Add a tiny splash of concentrated beet juice to your lemonade to make it pink! It’s all the fun of pink lemonade with none of the chemicals, and you really can’t taste the beet when it’s in such a small quantity.

Enjoy your fresh glass of lemonade and make sure to share it with the ones you hold dear to your heart! Happy summer!

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