Want to Learn the Best Ways to Open a Can When There Is No Can Opener? Read This to Know How!

how to open a can

Let`s start from the easiest ways how to open a can without a can opener:

Spoon Method

To open the can with a spoon you should take preferably a metal spoon. Rub it firmly and decisively in one spot at the ridge of the top of the can where it connects to the edge. Keep rubbing until you wear a hole through the lid. Move the spoon to another spot nearby. Do the same thing. Repeat until the lid is loose enough to pry off with the spoon.

Chef’s Knife Method

How to open a can with a knife, if you are holding a chef’s knife with a wide blade, you must use the place where it meets the handle. Place the heel of a knife on the inner edge of the cover, press down until it forms a hole. Thus, you need to make holes around the entire perimeter of the can, then thread the blade into one of them and rip off the lid.

Pocket Knife Method

We take the knife in one hand, place it vertically on the lid of the can, with the other hand we hit the hand several times with which we hold the handle. We don’t hit too hard, you just need to make a hole. We make such holes in a circle, placing them as close to each other as possible. After opening the can, it remains only to pick up the lid with the tip of the knife and open the container.

Hammer Method

opening can

If this was good enough for people who lived several hundred years ago, it’s surely good enough for you. Position the hammer end at the edge of the lid facing straight down. Give the end a solid whack. Move it over and whack it again. If you are using a knife, it’s advisable to keep the blade facing away from your hand.

Canned food can be found not only in tin or duralumin cans but also in glass ones. The lids on these jars are either screw caps or such as are used for home curling. If the lid is twisted, you can remove it like this: you need to pry the edge of the lid with the tip of a knife and release the air, after which it can be easily unscrewed. If you need to open a home twist, a checkmark is marked on the lid with a knife, abutting the ends against the circumference of the lid. Then you need to open the lid with a knife along the outlined lines. When you get a triangle, its end must be carefully wound around the knife, winding it in this way to the very end of the lid. The rest will be very easy to remove. Now it is time to move on to more interesting ways to open a can without a can opener if none of the above tools you haven`t found, which of course will make our task to open a can a little bit difficult. Let`s not waste our time and go over some of the remaining ways.

Rough Surface Method

All you need is a large rock or stretch of concrete and a soft cloth for cleaning the top of the lid. The process is pretty straightforward: Find a rough surface and sand the top ridge of the can down until it breaks the seal. Wipe the metal shavings off, open the lid, and cook or eat the food inside. That’s it!

This process of opening can do take a while, but it will work in a pinch—and our guess is that if you are trying to open a can, and you have neither a knife nor a spoon nearby, you’re probably in a real pinch. A couple of helpful hints: periodically rotate the can to evenly wear down the edge and squeeze every now and again to help separate the seal. As soon as you start seeing moisture on the rock, it’s a sign that the seal has broken.

Some additional information about homemade canned food

ways to open a can

How can you open a can without a can opener of homemade preserves? Cans with preserves under metal lids can also be opened if desired, even without having a bottle opener at your disposal. You should not try to do this with your teeth or by piercing the material with a knife, it is better to adopt the following methods: You can take ordinary pliers and try to work with them on the principle of openers, but you need to work carefully so as not to damage the glass.

A more convenient, quick, and less risky way of opening can with your elbow. We place the container on a table or other stable surface, it is good if someone will hold it, providing additional fixation. Then we sharply hit the jar with our elbow, trying to slightly bend the lid. It is not necessary to hit hard, the object will succumb to the impact without any problems. First, it is worth hitting the surface of the steel with an elbow in order to understand how to hit in order to get a minimum of unpleasant sensations.

There is another rather effective way to open a can without an opener, however, it requires accuracy and takes more time. Turn the container over with the lid down and place it on the table. We take a knife with a sharp end and begin to bend the lid away from the glass while pressing the jar with one hand. We work carefully, trying not to scratch the glass. We pass along the perimeter or at least up to half of the circle. Next, carefully turn the jar over and remove the lid without resistance.

Sometimes there are cases when you try to open the can using one of the listed methods, the contents literally explode and spill out of the container, this will indicate that the product is expired or spoiled. It is better not to eat it.

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