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Places To Eat In Kyoto

A significant part of the local gastronomy is made up of seafood dishes, which are often sold in outdoor stalls. Kyoto japan food includes small fried octopuses, which are seasoned with an original sauce during cooking, are considered a real national delicacy. Fans of gourmet delicacies will have the opportunity to taste dozens of varieties of shrimp, crabs, and other crustaceans, as well as all kinds of soups and other fish dishes in the best places to eat in Kyoto.

We should start compilation in this Kyoto food blog with the most popular and in-demand places where you can taste a huge variety of different types of seafood, sushi, rolls, and drinks that you will definitely like.

Issian Pontocho

food in kyoto
  • Cuisines: Japanese

You must eat in Kyoto in Issian Pontocho to taste Kyoto’s food. This restaurant, which is serving national cuisine is an attractive establishment. It is one of the most prestigious establishments in the city, but this aspect has little effect on the restaurant’s pricing policy. Here you can enjoy excellent dishes of national cuisine prepared according to classic recipes, which will delight all fans of Japanese cuisine. Also, this institution has a very beautiful interior, which is good news.

The reviews about this restaurant are simply enthusiastic and people who have already been here saying that they will definitely return here to try another culinary masterpiece. This is one of the best places to eat in Kyoto.

Musashi sushi

kyoto must eat
  • Cuisine type: Japanese, sushi, Asian, healthy;
  • Specialized menu: gluten-free meals.

A more modest restaurant is the Musashi Sushi as a Kyoto must-eat place. Located right in the Kyoto station building. This is one of the best kaiten sushi you will ever visit. Moderate price tag, great selection, very varied, no crazy queues like in the center of Tokyo.

Sushi remains a specialty. Lovers of Kyoto eats such as seafood, sushi and rolls will surely like to relax here, and a large selection of national drinks will be a pleasant addition to the meal.

Hyotei Honten

kyoto japan food
  • Price range: $ 140 – $ 230;
  • Type of cuisine: Japanese, Asian, Kyoto, Kaiseki;
  • Mealtime: lunch, dinner.

If you want to eat traditional Kyoto foods, just visit Hyotei Honten. This traditional restaurant has existed for over 450 years, in which all the canons of kaiseki are preserved. If you like places like this, then this is a must-visit to taste different things to eat in Kyoto. The price is quite high, but you pay to feel like you dined in this place almost 5 centuries ago. There is a Zen atmosphere and you will dine in a separate room in a stunning setting. The ceiling in the rooms is not high, so take care of your head.

Myodai Omen Ginkakuji Honten

kyoto foods
  • Price range: $ 9 – $ 28;
  • Type of cuisine: Japanese, Asian;
  • Specialized menu: suitable for vegetarians, for vegans.

Among the budget establishments of the city, vacationers highlight the restaurant Myodai Omen Ginkakuji Honten. The specialty of this modest and cozy restaurant is noodles, which are served with a wide variety of sauces and seasonings. Guests will also be delighted with a large selection of refreshing drinks. In the Myodai Omen Ginkakuji Honten restaurant, you can have a great time with the whole family. Great place for best eats in Kyoto after visiting Ginkakuji temple or a simple walk.

For dinner, you Kyoto must eat will be offered Western-style or Japanese-style food such as udon noodles. There is also food for vegetarians, if you ask, they will bring you another broth without meat or seafood. Enjoy the freshness of the vegetables in the noodles and the sesame seeds for a great flavor. For your convenience, instructions on how to eat udon can be placed on the table.

Iyemon Salon Kyoto

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  • Type of cuisine: Japanese, Kaiseki.

For a wonderful early tomorrow, it’s best to head to Iyemon Salon Kyoto. It is located in Gion and is as hidden as other high-end restaurants in the area. in the morning, guests are always offered a special menu. These must-eats in Kyoto are delicious, exquisite, and beautifully presented. The main visitors of the restaurant are employees of nearby offices and tourists, so there is always a calm and relaxed atmosphere in it.

The chef and his assistant will be very friendly to you and might even want to chat with you and show you videos of him practicing chef skills at some of the showcase events in Japan.

Tsujiri Honten

kyoto food guide
  • Type of cuisine: Japanese, cafe

If you are as much a lover of sweets and tea as I am, then you just need to visit such a wonderful place as the Tsujiri Honten cafe, which welcomes visitors from the early morning. It features real Japanese tea, many delicious desserts, and other best things to eat in Kyoto. Hundreds of visitors come to Tsujiri Honten every day to enjoy the tea ceremony and taste the signature sweets.

According to local residents, the best green tea in the city is prepared here. In addition to tea, you can taste delicious matcha parfait, matcha with ice cream and mochi and red beans

For many travelers, the most exciting thing to do in Kyoto is tasting famous sweets. Here you should definitely know what food is Kyoto known for. You should try a special type of biscuits called “Nama Yatsuhashi”. Miniature boxes with it are one of the most popular souvenir options among tourists. The recipe for this cookie was invented at the beginning of the 17th century; in many local pastry shops, it continues to be prepared exclusively by hand. Another Kyoto famous food is the Baumkuchen pie, to which green tea is added during the preparation process. The pie looks very unusual and looks a little like a cut of a tree with circles, this sweet tastes too.

Now it’s worth mentioning my personal top places in Kyoto that you must visit and taste the local food:

kyoto food specialty

Menbaka – Fire Ramen Kyoto Ramen restaurant

In this place, there is a special ritual and show – burning. In total, you will be given three names of the famous food in Kyoto: noodles, rice, and dumplings. This place is a prime example of the correct approach to the procedure. The queue for this restaurant is very long, so I recommend you the electronic queue, which is quite convenient. You will definitely remember this, do not forget to record the whole process on video.

Handwoven Teori Sushi

Just a unique place, I have not seen such an interesting and at the same time beautiful idea of ​​serving dishes for a long time. Called tengiri-zushi, it represents a unique artistic twist between traditional and modern sushi. You are given the opportunity to independently apply your creative approach and make unique sushi using this technique.

This unique sushi-style dish features fresh local obanzai where you can roll your own sushi with nori and obanzai and rice of your choice. But what will really impress you is that the obanzai and seasonings are served on a specially designed tray so you can make your own sushi. It will your personal and unforgettable experience in Kyoto specialty food.

Kyoto Style Sushi

Kyoto food specialty in this restaurant is unique. For authentic Kyoto-style sushi, try Izuju Sushi. Izuju Sushi is an amazing sushi restaurant located near Yasada Shrine. Compared to regular nigiri sushi, Izuju sushi is prepared differently. Their sushi rice is pickled with vinegar. So, the taste of this traditional Kyoto-style sushi will be different. Thanks to this, the taste will be brighter and richer.

The only downside is that there are long lines during rush hour. Therefore, many people order food with them and go to nature to enjoy delicious food.

Tsujii Gion

This restaurant is situated in 30-minute drive from Kyoto. Uji is the birthplace of Japanese green tea. This is why there are so many specialty shops with traditional green tea in Kyoto. It is a favorite place in all of Japan for match lovers.

Also, visitors are very fond of green tea dessert. It can be enjoyed at the popular Tsujii Gion Cafe in Kyoto, which specializes in green tea and matcha.

They use high-quality green tea from Uji to prepare their dishes (sweet desserts and delicious matcha). For example, ice chips, cakes, jelly drinks, green tea noodles, and more. A special and must-eat Kyoto is the Hoji Parfait, which is the best-selling parfait, especially in summer, and for those looking to sample the dessert, get ready to line up.I tried to collect for you the most interesting places in my Kyoto food guide, having visited which you will definitely want to come back again. When you arrive in Kyoto, visit these restaurants, you will be very satisfied. Have a nice trip to Kyoto.

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