The Best Way to Thaw Frozen Meat – Thaw Meat Quickly and Safely

The Best Way to Thaw Frozen Meat

Frozen meat is something I always have in my household. I find freezing meat is the perfect way to store meat once I’ve bought it unless I’m going to cook it that day. By freezing the meat, I don’t have to be so cautious about using it right away because the expiry date will get pushed a lot farther away once the meat gets frozen. This is best for when I buy local meat in bulk or if I end up heading to Costco and getting a deal on a family-sized pack of steaks.

No matter what, I can buy a lot of meat at once, save time and money, and not have it all go bad right away. If I want to throw some ground meat into a spaghetti bolognese, add protein to an Asian noodle dish, or cook up a couple of chicken breasts for meal prep, I can easily do so by simply taking the meat out of the freezer and thawing it.

The only issue with frozen meat is forgetting to thaw it and having to wait for it to thaw while you’re hungry and tired. Good thing there are quick ways to thaw meat that won’t interfere with the taste or healthiness of your filet. If you want to learn the safest way to thaw frozen meat and how to thaw meat fast you have come to the right place.

This article will teach you how to thaw frozen meat fast with safety and flavor in mind. Whether you want to cook up some beautiful filets of salmon or an entire thanksgiving turkey, this guide can help you find the best way to get that meal on its way without waiting hours and hours for the meat to thaw.

How to Safely Thaw Meat

You might be looking for the fastest way to thaw meat, but you can’t just think about thawing quickly without thinking about safety. The proper way to thaw meat can be both fast and safe without ruining the flavor of the meat. Some people get impatient and try to thaw meat by throwing it under some hot water and then into the pan. This could really ruin the meat and the flavor. If you simply leave the meat out on the counter, this could also cause it to be the host of some nasty bacteria. You certainly don’t want to get food poisoning from impatience with thawing frozen meat. Instead, let’s learn some quick and easy ways to thaw meat that won’t make you sick or ruin your food. ‘

What Is the Best Way to Defrost Meat

Ideally, to thaw frozen meat, you will have 24 hours’ notice. This way, you can pop it in the refrigerator and let it thaw overnight. This is best because it will protect your meat from any kind of bacteria or debris that could get to it if you left it out on the counter or were exposed it to the elements. You can even freeze it again if you use this method and don’t end up needing the meat. If you don’t have time for a whole 24-12 hours of thawing in the fridge, you can totally use some other safe, effective, and quick methods to thaw tonight’s dinner.

How Long Does It Take for Frozen Meat to Thaw in Cold Water?

How Long Does It Take for Frozen Meat to Thaw in Cold Water

This is the best method for quickly getting your frozen meat to room temp without ruining it. While it might seem like the best and fastest method to use hot water, this could instantly spoil your meat and leave it tough and lacking in flavor. Instead, fill a large pot or container with cold water and put the frozen meat inside, covered with a lid if possible. When I do this, I leave the meat in its plastic wrapping so that it doesn’t lose any flavor. Sometimes I even put it in a new plastic bag full of marinade for a two-in-one (thawing and flavor). This should take about an hour, but use your best judgment to tell whether it needs more or less time.

Can You Defrost Meat in the Microwave?

Defrost Meat in the Microwave

It sounds like it wouldn’t be the best option, but it might actually work for some dishes and cuts of meat. For ground meat or small chunks of meat to add to a dish for a boost of flavor and protein, toss the frozen meat into a microwave safe bowl and zap it for 30 seconds. Check how thawed it is and hit it again as many times as you need. Don’t overdo it or it could ruin the flavor and cook the meat too much. Little bursts as needed should do the trick.

How to Thaw Meat without a Microwave

How to Thaw Meat without a Microwave

If you’re super-duper short on time, and you don’t want to use the microwave trick, or maybe you don’t have a microwave at all, there is one last method that you can use to defrost, but note that it might not always save as much time as you want it to in the long run. The option to cook frozen meat without thawing it first is always on the table. Keep in mind that the cut of meat and the kind of meat that you choose to cook this way will affect the results. Fish is a great kind of meat to cook while frozen.

Anything thin and fatty that takes more than a few minutes to cook will be fine to cook frozen. Frozen ground beef will not taste as good, nor will frozen steak. Frozen chicken might be fine, and it might even become moister if you cook it this way. If you’re cooking a whole turkey or chicken, it could add up to an hour to the cooking time, so be wary of this and plan accordingly. Now that you have a great list of options when it comes to thawing meat from the freezer, you are all set to pick the best way to defrost frozen meat for your meal. Remember that you should never thaw any frozen meat items using hot water, and you also shouldn’t leave any out on the counter, especially if you live in a warm climate. Another reason that you shouldn’t leave uncovered meat out in my household is our dog, Daisy. She would eat it right up before it had the chance to fully thaw!

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