Accepting Your Disability: How to Do It Right


Life is not fair for everybody and you know it, right? Bad things happen with good people. But only you can decide will these problems break you or you know how coping with disability and again will start living a fool and wonderful life. We are not saying what you must do but we are here to move you a little bit closer to accepting your disability.

9 Things You Should Concentrate On Dealing With Disability

Dealing With Disability

Our article is dedicated to an important and even crucial issue. We gathered our 9 things you should bear in mind to understand how to accept my disability.

Adjust That You Have Some New Condition

The very first thing you should do is to let yourself overcome the problem in your mind. Many people have depression or even worse mental diseases after facing reality where they can’t live the same life as they used to. You should think that overcoming disabilities must be done by destroying thoughts like “I am broken”, “There is nothing to do”, “I can’t live anymore”, etc.

Yes, there are things you won’t perform as you used to do. But it is not making you someone else. For example, nobody stops you to play basketball or football if you have lost one of your legs or even both of them. You just need to do some research work and brainstorm to understand how YOU CAN do it.

Accept a New Version Of Yourself

Time keeps running without stopping so don’t waste it saying pity about your condition, start thinking about a person “you used to be”. Think that you are a new version of yourself that has different challenges, goals, and abilities to overcome them. This version will need to make a path to continue moving forward. Be brave, stay strong, live on!

Don’t Try to Do Things You Can’t Do And Vise Versa

We can’t say that all your hobbies and things you have been doing in the past you will be able to do in the present or future. For overcoming physical disabilities you need to use your mind and searching techniques to see what you can physically do and which of them you should live behind.

Have Someone You Can Trust And Rely On

Believe us that you’re gonna need someone (at least one person) with whom you could speak frankly. It is good to share your thoughts and fears you can trust. It doesn’t mean that you should reput your responsibility on someone’s shoulders.

Fill Your Life Up With Something Important

Make your life colorful and interesting by making things you like or even didn’t try to do in your previous life. Disability acceptance goes through starting living on 100% without any hesitation. Work, travel, do your hobbies, go dating, and make fun!

Think About the Present And What Are You Doing

This concern not only about people that don’t have disabilities… You should understand your place in the universe and what is your mission in your life. If you are not ready to think of such cosmic thoughts, think what are your goals for the week, month, year. You choose how people will see you.

Don’t Wait Someone Will Give You a Hand – Do It First

Will you just wait when some good daddy comes to you and says with a broad smile on your face? No! Rise above your problems to see how many things are happening to the OTHER part of the world! Helping others to overcome their problems makes you feel better and stronger. Go to some supportive group, become a volunteer, save cats, or keep fighting for puppies’ rights! Just do something important.

Your Health Is the Most Precious Thing In Your Life

Consider it as a prime target to feel better. Don’t stop visiting your doctor, coach, and food guru. Do sport, eat healthy food, and stay in shape to live a long and good life.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

accepting your disability

The main thing is to stay optimistic because your mental health is crucial. If you have failed and negative thoughts have won, your condition may be even worse you can imagine.

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