How To Safely Remove Tartar From Teeth? Is It Possible To Do It At Home?

remove tartar at home

What Is Tartar and How to Remove Tartar from Teeth?

Probably everyone wants to have a beautiful, attractive smile. It adds confidence, openness, sociability. And tartar, which is a yellowish dark plaque, of course, can ruin the beauty and attractiveness of a smile. Fortunately, we know what removes tartar from teeth and how to remove brown tartar from teeth!

Plaque is a buildup of bacteria in the form of a film that forms on the surface of your teeth. If it is not removed by brushing or flossing, it will harden over time. This hardened plaque is called tartar. Tartar can have adverse effects on your oral health, so try to avoid it. Although there is a lot of information on the Internet lately on how to remove tartar at home, it is better not to experiment on yourself and visit a dental specialist.

Why Does Tartar Form on Your Teeth?

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There is always some amount of bacteria in the oral cavity. This is normal. In fact, bacteria help with digestion by starting the process of breaking down food while you are chewing it. Bacteria reside on the surface of all oral tissues, including the teeth. The latter are protected from the harmful effects of bacteria by enamel. Through it bacteria can not penetrate. However, nothing prevents bacteria from accumulating on the enamel surface. This biofilm can easily be removed with everyday cleaning – brushing, flossing and irrigation. But in some cases – for example, due to untimely removal – the plaque begins to thicken. That is how tartar forms and it becomes much more difficult to remove tartar from teeth.

Causes of This Include:

  • excessive consumption of sugary foods, sugar itself, and foods with high carbohydrate content. All this creates a breeding ground for microorganisms;
  • use of poor-quality hygiene products, untimely cleaning;
  • smoking. Tobacco smoke is known to destroy the structure of enamel, creating cavities on the enamel surface;
  • uneven dentition, bite problems;
  • digestive diseases, hereditary predisposition.

Bacterial plaque is easy to remove. But at some point, it begins to petrify – that is, thicken, acquire a mineral structure. It turns into tartar.

Well, then can tartar be removed at home? Tartar can not be removed by everyday hygiene products. Tartar removal at home is almost impossible with a toothbrush or floss, and even an irrigator cannot break it down. At the same time, the bacteria in this colony continue to destroy the tooth and the soft tissue next to it. As a result, itching, swelling, bleeding, and increased sensitivity occur.

How Tartar Affects Your Oral Health?

Tartar can cause serious oral health problems. Plaque builds up on the hard and sticky surface of tartar and is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. It can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. Tartar can also cause cosmetic problems. Its porous structure can easily absorb colorful substances from foods and drinks such as tea or coffee. Stains will appear and tartar will take on a darker color. If you find yourself on the stage of searching in Google with the «remove tartar at home Reddit» request, it may be the right time to call your family doctor and appoint a visit to a dentist.

Can You Remove Tartar at Home?

can tartar be removed at home

On the Internet and in printed publications you can find many recipes to remove tartar at home. These include a mixture of black radish and lemon juice, and decoctions of walnut bark, and other incredibly practical means that you can get in any vegetable store. But the problem is that they don’t really work. Decoctions of herbs and plants can have a positive effect on the soft tissues of the mouth, which is true. But they can’t handle mineral plaque. Brushing daily will help remove bacterial biofilm, but not tartar. Attempting to soften the mineral plaque with acid, as was done 25-50 years ago, will not solve your problem and even can cause both pain in the already inflamed gum tissue and increase enamel sensitivity.

There is no means to remove tartar from teeth at home. Neither strawberry paste, nor a mixture of black radish and lemon, nor decoctions of walnut bark, nor baking soda, nor a tampon with hydrogen peroxide can help you with it. No toothbrush or paste, even the most advertised one, can destroy the tartar. But to scratch, it can erase healthy enamel or cause enamel hypersensitivity is quite possible. Therefore, continue reading to know how to safely remove tartar from teeth.

Professional Tartar Removal

The most modern, effective and gentle way to remove tartar is ultrasonic cleaning. It is performed in dental clinics. Hygienists or periodontists specialize in such procedures. How to remove hardened tartar from teeth with ultrasonic cleaning? During the ultrasonic exposure structure of mineral plaque is destroyed. And in most cases it happens from the inside. Tartar simply falls off the enamel surface, falls out of periodontal pockets and interdental spaces.

Then, the dentist polishes the enamel. This is necessary to prevent plaque from appearing for a long time. The result is not only noticeable – it is literally perceptible. You can run your tongue over the enamel surface and it will be clean, smooth and tactile. We consider this way to be the best one to remove tartar at home from teeth!

Preventing Tartar

As we have already found out, tartar cannot be safely removed at home, but you can prevent it. With regular and proper oral care, plaque can be removed before it hardens. Brush twice a day with a soft-bristled toothbrush. Because your toothbrush cannot reach all surfaces of your teeth, especially between the teeth, also remember to brush once a day with special floss or tape. If, for some reason, you have difficulty flossing, talk to your dental hygienist about alternative methods of additional brushing.

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