Learn How to Treat a Sunburn – Remedies to Relieve Your Sunburn Pain Immediately

dealing with sunburn

Dealing with Sunburn

While some people apply SPF religiously, others take their chances with the sun’s harsh rays and figure if a sunburn happens it happens. This lax ideology about sunburn can get you in trouble, not only in the short term but in the long term as well. A bad sunburn is a pain, literally. Sunburns that are severe can cause intense discomfort, peeling, blistering, dehydration, and in some cases fever and serious illness. Sunburns can be an emergency if they happen to babies and toddlers, meaning that if your young toddler or baby gets a sunburn you should take a trip to the doctor ASAP to ensure your child’s safety.

If you just get mild or moderate sunburn, there are ways to treat sunburn without a doctor’s intervention, but keep in mind that even the mildest of sunburns can cause permanent damage to your skin. Sunburns, when you’re younger, can lead to skin cancer, including the forms of skin cancer like melanoma that have the highest mortality rates.

If you want to live a long and healthy life you need to consider your skin health as an important factor in your overall physical health and wellbeing. Another argument in the case against allowing yourself to get sunburnt is the fact that it quickens the aging process. People who wear a regular SPF on their face and other exposed areas every day see a drastic difference in the appearance of aging from those who do not apply a daily SPF. If you want to keep your skin looking youthful and radiant for longer, grab some protective sunscreen and apply it every morning.

Sunburn Care Tips

how to treat sunburn

Some things to note in terms of who is more likely to suffer from skin damage as a result of sunburn include the harshness of the sun (UV rays) and the pigmentation of the skin. In places where the sun is hotter, the ultraviolet rays are stronger and can do more damage to your skin. Sunburn happens as a result of ultraviolet light that burns your skin cells. People who have more melanin in their skin, meaning they have a darker complexion, are less likely to get a sunburn or suffer from skin damage as a result of being outside. This doesn’t mean that people who tan instead of burning are not susceptible to sunburn or skin cancer, but it does make them less at risk.

People with very pale skin are more prone to burns because they have less of that protective pigment called melanin. If you are fair-skinned you should be the most cautious about sun protection. This means wearing protective clothing and applying sunscreen every day. Just because the sun isn’t out doesn’t mean that the UV rays aren’t piercing through the clouds undetected. You can absolutely get a sunburn when the sky is gray.

Post-Sunburn Treatment

Now that you’ve read the laundry list of reasons to ensure that your skin doesn’t suffer from burns from the sun, let’s acknowledge the fact that mistakes happen and you won’t always be able to fully protect yourself from ever having a sunburn in your life. When sunburn does happen, you might be wondering what to do to minimize the harmful effects and treat it for pain relief and to restore your skin to its healthiest state. In this article, you will find good remedies for sunburn, but do be aware that while many of these treatments can cause you instant relief, an instant sunburn cure does not yet exist.

The best cure for sunburn is to support the natural functions of your body’s natural repair response by soothing your skin, taking care of your body, and replenishing the nutrients it needs to heal.

Natural Remedy for Sunburn

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What helps with sunburn the most is kindness and nurture to your body as it naturally heals itself over the course of a few days. Most mild or moderate sunburns should go away within a few days, but severe sunburns can take up to a few weeks to heal. If your sunburn is blistering, infected, or if you have a fever and/or upset stomach because of the sunburn, you should seek medical attention right away. If your burn isn’t as severe, home treatment for sunburn is the best way to go.

How to Treat Sunburn

There are a few things that you can and should do immediately after noticing that your skin has burned which may help protect your skin and prevent further damage.

Once you notice the burn it may be beneficial to submerge your body in cool water to bring your skin’s temperature down to a point that stops any burning that may continue to happen due to the heat in your skin cells. Only do this for a few minutes before covering your burnt skin with clothing or a towel and heading to a shaded area or an indoor area to better treat the burn and prevent any more sun damage. Once inside you can treat the burn in a number of ways.

If you’re not near a body of cool water right as you see or feel that the sun has burned your skin you can take a cool shower or bath at your quickest convenience or head to a cooler area if that is not an option for you. If none of these things is an option, get to some shade or head indoors as quickly as possible.

Best Home Remedy For Sunburn

The fastest way to heal a sunburn is to soothe and replenish your body as it does its thing to repair damaged cells and recover from the burn. An important first step to healing your skin is a dose of topical skincare after sunburn. If you have just gotten burned you can apply a cooling moisturizer to lock in moisture when your skin is wet. The best time to moisturize is right after taking a shower or submerging yourself in water because the lotion acts as a barrier between your skin and the dry air. Be mindful not to moisturize with an oil or petroleum-based product like vaseline because this could trap heat in and cause your burn to become more intense or painful.

Many people like to use aloe vera as a natural moisturizer and relief for sunburn pain. This plant has cooling and healing properties which is why it is in many sunburn relief gels that you can purchase at a drugstore or beauty supply store. If you want to get that same aloe vera treatment for a fraction of the cost of these after sun gels you can simply purchase either a piece of aloe vera or an aloe vera plant from a grocery store. To access the healing and cooling gel simply break or cut open the stalk of the aloe vera plant and apply the gooey gel to your burns. This method is quick, cheap, and easy sunburn relief.

Holistic Treatments For Sunburn

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As I mentioned, taking care of your body is crucial when it comes to figuring out how to treat sunburned skin. Some of the most important tips for sunburn relief are simply sleeping, eating right, and staying hydrated.

As I mentioned before, sunburns can dehydrate the skin because your cells pull the water from your body to the surface of your skin to aid in its repair. This is why it is important to drink plenty of water and replenish yourself. A good tip is to drink coconut water as well as your regular H2O because this replenishes your electrolytes as you hydrate. Sports drinks like Gatorade and Powerade are good for electrolytes too, but these drinks often come with more added sugar and artificial additives than all-natural coconut water.

Another important and relatively quick way to heal sunburns is to get a good amount of sleep. It can be hard to nod off comfortably when you have burning itching skin that gets irritated in many different sleeping positions, but sleeping is the time when your body does the most repair and restoration so it is important to get your beauty rest in order for your body to heal quickly and effectively. Finally, eating well is also important so that you can replenish the protein, minerals, and vitamins that you need for healthy skin cells.

Preventative Measures

Once you’ve gotten burned you are going to want to be extra careful not to add insult to injury by parading your burnt skin out in the strong sun for another dose of UV skin damage. Avoid spending too much time in the sun, wear ample sunscreen, and cover up burnt areas with light and comfortable clothing so that you can heal properly with the most time efficiency. Once you’re healed, wear sunscreen regularly to avoid getting burnt again. Remember that the more burns you get over your lifetime the more likely you are to be at risk for skin cancer and premature aging. Do something nice for your skin and protect it from those nasty UV rays.

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