Can’t Take Your Eyes off the Knitwear? Don’t Buy a Knitting Machine! A Hook Is Enough to Do Art

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The art of knitting has long deservedly occupied a leading place in popularity among other types of cast-on-techniques needlework. Although the history of this craft is not very ancient, it is very full of various events.

Unfortunately, more than one researcher has not yet managed to find that place and name the time when the art of crochet cast on for knitting, but it is known that in the eighteenth century this craft was very popular on the European continent. There is an assumption that the first who invented the long tail cast on knitting technique and also introduced it into life, were nuns who lived in Italy. This is understandable because the rhythm of life in which the nunnery lives is very conducive to engaging in measured and calm activities. In addition, handicrafts do not interfere with thinking about the eternal but only help them.

It is not known how true this version is, but it is indisputable that it was the Italian convents that were the first manufacturers of knitted products with a stretchy cast on knitting that exceeded expectations in terms of their elegance and beauty.

Crochet for Everyone

The art of decorative cast on knitting is gaining more and more momentum in its popularity, because a skillful craftswoman, which almost everyone can become, who has enough patience and perseverance, can create unique pieces that will decorate your interior, and also complement your wardrobe. How to cast on in knitting? The capabilities of this double knitting cast-on technique allow you to create various decorative things, for example, lace, and jewelry, toys, clothes. It is impossible to imagine a girl’s wardrobe without a variety of knitwear. Provisional cast on items is easy to use, has good strength, practicality, and elegance.

With the help of knitting, you can express your individuality by choosing the original knitted cast on texture, the desired color of the yarn, an interesting style of clothing, and a beautiful way of decorating it.

How to cast on knitting? The possession of the cable cast on knitting technique will give you the opportunity to bring a little coziness into your home, and will also allow you to please your friends and loved ones with an original spiritual gift.

It all seems very complicated only at first glance when you should know how to cast on stitches in knitting. But when you begin to immerse yourself in the endless kaleidoscope of colors and patterns emerging from under your hook, it will be difficult for you to break away from this activity. In order to create knitted masterpieces, much is not required: special threads, a crochet hook, and your patience. You can find all kinds of knitting cast on products in modern stores. This makes life much easier for the craftswomen of this craft, because, in the past, knitting threads were made by hand. Hemp, flax, and wool were used as starting materials. But in the second half of the twentieth century, cotton thread, produced in factories, which had previously undergone bleaching, was more often used. Such threads have supplanted flax and hemp.

Hooks are available in metal and wood. Their size is determined by the number. The hook should be selected depending on the thickness of the thread from which the product will be.

Crochet Tips

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If you have never held a crochet hook in your hands before, let alone knitted, then in order to get your beautiful first knitted thing, it is recommended to buy cotton with an average thickness as a material. It will be very good to choose mercerized cotton or wool that has a little fluffiness. It is also best not to buy a thread that is too thin or silky, such as rayon. This is due to the fact that such a choice can significantly complicate the process of your learning. Now you need to choose the right hook, which determines the quality of the finished product.

As a rule, now they began to produce metal, bone, wooden or plastic hooks. Each of those who use knitting cast-on techniques usually chooses the type that will give her the greatest convenience, and more often it is a metal hook. It must be remembered that the dimensions of this tool directly depend on what thickness you choose the yarn. If you want to knit from woolen or thick threads, then it is better to use a thick crochet hook, since thin crochet is usually knitted, for the manufacture of which thin yarn is usually used. Basically, the hooks should be several times the thickness of the thread.

True, if you have a desire to create the most delicate pattern, then take a knitting cast on the thumb method and knit with a single cast on. Just first you need to knit a small pattern. This is to make sure that the hook has been fitted correctly.

First, you need to draw a pattern and start knitting. And start knitting itself after the density of the pattern you have chosen has been accurately determined.

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