DIY Fake Blood Recipe — The Fake Blood You Can Make at Home for Halloween

DIY Fake Blood Recipe

I love Halloween, from the dressing up to the crisp fall air, the candy, and the parties! All things Halloween- related are thrilling to a person like me. I always want to wear the creepiest costumes, fit with fake blood and all!

Fake Blood Recipe

Have you ever been in a pinch on Halloween night, wanting to throw some fake blood without having any on hand, and thinking “What can I use for fake blood?” Every year around the Halloween season, there is a surge in demand for fake blood. Halloween shops open with gallons on sale, and local superstores sell out of small bottles frequently. The closer to Halloween eve that you get, the more difficult it might be to get your hands on some of that spooky liquid. The good news is, DIY fake blood is super easy to make, and it’s fun for the whole family.

I’ve got a homemade fake blood recipe that never fails. It’s not totally natural, but it’s totally edible, and you might have the ingredients in your pantry already. If you want to make your own fake blood to save a trip to the store and a bit of money, this fake blood tutorial is going to be right up your alley!

How to Make Fake Blood At Home

There are a few good ways to make fake blood, but this recipe is my favorite. To follow this edible fake blood recipe, you are going to need to gather a few kitchen items, a large bowl, and a spoon that isn’t easy to stain. The fake blood ingredients are simply corn syrup, food coloring, cornstarch, and water. Making fake blood is so easy and cheap, especially if you want to make large quantities. If more people knew how easy it is to make fake blood with a super realistic fake blood recipe, the Halloween stores might be out of business. For this easy way to make fake blood, prepare yourself by wearing clothes that you don’t mind getting stained, as the food dye could leave a permanent mark if any kind of spill occurs. The whole process should take a little over eleven minutes total, with only a few minutes being spent doing the actual preparation, and the rest of the time allotted to allow the fake blood to thicken and set. Read on for some simple instructions to a simple fake blood recipe.

The Best Way to Make Fake Blood

The Best Way to Make Fake Blood

To make your fake blood, gather your ingredients. You need:

-two teaspoons of red food coloring

-ten drops of blue food coloring

-4 drops of green food coloring

-2 tablespoons of cornstarch

-1 ½ cups of corn syrup

-½ cup of water

Here is how to turn these ingredients into realistic fake blood:

Step One

Pour your corn syrup and water into a mixing bowl and stir until combined completely.

Step Two

Add your food coloring and stir again. If your color doesn’t come out quite right you can always tweak it and use a bit more of any color you think is lacking, but be careful not to use too much, or it might come out all wrong, and might even turn a strange shade of brown.

Step Three

Add your two tablespoons of cornstarch and mix again.

Step Four

Wait approximately ten minutes or so for your fake blood mixture to settle and thicken, making it an ideal consistency for use in costumes and all of your Halloween needs.

There you have it! A simple fake blood recipe that you can whip together at the last minute using items that may already be in your home. Read on for a couple of variations and Halloween hacks.

Make It Sweeter

If you like the idea of an edible fake blood recipe, you might be interested in making your fake blood not just edible, but additionally, a tasty Halloween treat. By adding a bit of chocolate syrup to your fake blood, you can make it something scarily delicious. All you need to do is swap out half of a cup of corn syrup for half of a cup of chocolate syrup, and ditch the blue and green dye. The brown color of the syrup can add realistic oxidized color to your red dyed syrup, and the sweetness would totally make the whole process more fun. This sweet chocolate blood would work perfectly for your zombie or vampire costume. Without any of the unpleasant experience of putting store-bought fake blood in and around your mouth, this is the ideal recipe.

What to Do If You’re Really In a Pinch for Time

If you don’t even have ten minutes or so to whip up a batch of homemade fake blood, or you can’t get to the store to buy some of the ingredients, a last-ditch effort to be spooky and covered in blood might just involve a common condiment. If you have ketchup in your cabinet or refrigerator, you can squirt a bit directly onto your costume or use it for gorey makeup. It doesn’t look as realistic as the fake blood you would get by following the recipe, but it does the trick when you’re low on time or energy. You could also use cherry juice, tomato juice, or fruit punch, but the colors might not be exact, and the texture would be quite thin.

Fake Blood Ideas: What to Do with Fake Blood

Fake Blood Ideas

Most people enjoy using fake blood for Halloween costumes, decorations and pranks. I like to use it to make my costumes more gorey and fun. For instance, instead of just attending a Halloween costume party as a cheerleader, I usually enjoy taking that costume to the dark side and showing up as a dead cheerleader. To achieve this look, I tear up my dress a bit, put on some dark eyeliner, and splatter fake blood all over my entire body. It can be pretty effective to put it on your face in specific scary places.

Fake blood coming from the eyes is a big favorite of mine, but I also enjoy some fake blood coming from the mouth, the nose, the ears, and just around the face as if it might be from someone else.

Fake blood is essential for a good vampire costume, an ideal zombie costume, and any costume that involves being dead. A serial killer, a horror movie antagonist, or a monster are all costumes that could be improved upon with a splash of this realistic fake blood. If you make enough of it, you could even pour the fake blood over your body and dress up as Carey, a demon, or a really spooky ghoul.

Fake blood can also be used as an excellent component of this year’s Halloween decorations. If you’re throwing a party and want to make it more like a haunted house, there is no limit to how much fake blood you could splatter, spray and pool around to make it look like the scene of a crime. Just make sure that you are placing the blood in places that you don’t mind getting messy or potentially stained. If you have specific decorations that you want to cover in blood, you can decorate them on a plastic tarp or garbage bag until they dry enough to place them around your backyard or home.

If you want to get extra spooky, you could use some of the fake blood around the rim of a cocktail or along the edge of a platter of party treats.

Now that you’ve got some good ideas about how to use your fake blood and a killer (pun intended) recipe to make it at home, you’re all set to have the low-cost, high-production-value Halloween costume of your dreams. Enjoy the evening, and don’t forget to be scared and eat lots of candy!

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