How to Find a New Book to Read: 7 Things That Will Help You


What Is Your Reading Level and Ability?

Generally, it is wise to start the process of choosing a book by understanding your reading level and ability. It is common stuff for children: whether you are a child or parent you will have to do the same stuff to pick an appropriate book. Consider the following things:

  • What is your age or of whom you want to buy and present a book?
  • How many books you, he, or she read?
  • What is the level of knowledge do you or does she/he obtains? It’s crucial when you want to choose a technical book to read.

Read What You Like and Love

The simplest thing about finding a good book to read is to choose it by your heart. Look for themes you adore to exclude all the unnecessary stuff. For example, if you want to find some books with short stories or novellas about love don’t look at novels on 450 pages. And if you are looking for a romantic book with strong heroes with feelings you want to follow for hours choosing a famous romantic novel will be your choice.

What makes you smiling?

If you have a beloved hobby or game, watch for books on that activity. There are millions of books so you can get needed one for your heart easily. Moreover, picking a book that is connected to your interest or hobby will increase the chances that you gonna read it till the last page.

Find Your Genre and Style

One way of limiting your reading alternatives is by weighing which genres you like. There TOP-4 of the most popular genres among the readers: romantic, thriller, horror, a fairy tale. “It” of Stephen King belongs to fantasy horror and thriller. “Romeo and Juliette” by William Shakespeare is a classical representation of the tragedic romantic genre. Also, it is important to find a style of writing that you appreciate the most.

For instance, some authors put feelings on the first plan, while others choose to dedicate your attention more to the characters’ stories and personalities. It is easy to discover by reading several pages from the book you are holding in your hands or after reading the free part at online bookstores.

Non-fiction or fiction?

choosing a book

Some books are solely built up and imagined. Those are called fiction books. You are a fiction lover if you like at least one of these genres: fables, novels, short stories. The main goal of a good fiction book is to transport the reader to another world or manage to make you imagine beyond your reality and personal experience.

Instead, non-fiction books are telling you about facts, news, and stories from our reality. Scientific books, how to become a billionaire, stories of success of famous people, and even books about how to cook cookies all belong to non-fiction (fact). Finding the right book will be a quick thing to do if you know what kind of book do you want.

How to Pick a Book by Narrowing Your Alternatives

So you know your interests and genre preferences, now you can come to business. To narrow your options even more you should:

  • Think about what genre would you like to read now;
  • Find information about the author and his life, look at books that he has written;
  • Search for opinions of experts all thoughts of people you trust (parents, friends, bloggers);
  • Look at the length of the book and think do you want such size or not;
  • Know for yourself why do you desire even start reading (style, the voice of author, themes, or personalities of characters).

Narrowing tour options will help you to find the book for you.

Look at the Front Cover and the Blurb

picking a book

The first thing that you will see is the front cover and the blurb (description/abstract). If you liked a look at the cover the books already get +1 point for you because in the case of printed ones this cover you will every day at your bookshelf or when you open it. The blurb is made for a reader do he\she could understand:

  1. What will happen in the book?
  2. Who is the main protagonist?
  3. What will he or she do?
  4. Who is the author?
  5. What will you get from reading it?

Even by looking at the blurb, a picture of the book you can see some parts of the content about what this book is. Cover and blurb are one of the first signs of choosing the right book.

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