Learning How to Taste Wine | A Beginner’s Guide for Learning About Wine Tasting

wine tasting basics

Learning Wine Tasting

Do you want to learn how to taste wine and distinguish between the intricate flavors of different wines from different regions? While you can’t cram and pack an entire sommelier training guide into one article, a short guide on some things professional wine aficionados do during wine tasting would certainly be helpful for anyone who wants to learn about the art of wine tasting. This article will teach you the wine tasting basics. There are a few really important aspects and tricks to wine tasting that can improve your skills with very little effort. Learn wine tasting for beginners with this helpful wine tasting guide.

What Is Wine Tasting?

Wine tasting is different from the simple act of enjoying the taste and experience of drinking wine. While you can enjoy the taste during a wine tasting, the point of wine tasting is to experience the sensory aspects of wine and to make judgments based on those examinations. A sommelier is a person who is trained in wine tasting. Sommeliers can distinguish the year the wine was made, the region in which the grapes were grown and more from only a sip or two of a glass of wine. You might not be able to do this on your first try, but understanding the basics of wine tasting will help you understand the beauty and variety of wine.

Wine Tasting Rules

What are the official rules to tasting wine? The rules are that there are no rules, there is only wine tasting technique that can be used or not depending on the occasion. There are, however, some things to keep in mind if you are going to a wine tasting event. There is also a wine tasting method or two that are done in specific ways by the professionals, but you don’t have to be a professional to taste wine. Typically, in wine tasting events, you taste many wines without getting too intoxicated by sipping the wine, swirling it around your pallet, and spitting it out into the designated spit bucket. This sounds a little strange and maybe a bit gross, but if you really want to know How to taste wine this is how the true sommeliers do it. If you want to be able to try a large selection of wine, you will need to be able to do so without having your mind overly clouded by the alcohol.

Wine Tasting Tips for Beginners

wine tasting for beginners

There may not be specific rules that aren’t allowed to be broken while tasting wine, but there is a more proper way to taste wine with specific steps of wine tasting. If you want to learn how to taste wine like a pro you have to start thinking like a pro. Professional wine tasters spend years refining their pallets and paying attention to their senses as they taste a huge variety of wine from all over the world. The way to do this is to pay attention to the different components of the wine with all of your senses. Firstly, you will want to look at the wine to check for its viscosity. This will tell you about the body of the wine. More full-bodied wines will leave a trace on the inside of the wine glass when you swirl them around inside the glass. These signs of remnants on the glass are called the wine’s “legs.”

The next step will be to smell the wine before tasting it. The nose of the wine is the first impression of the wine’s flavor that you get through smelling the wine. You can get notes of flavor even from the smell. Next, take your first sip. Pay attention to how the flavor tastes as it’s in your mouth, the first impression as it hits your tongue, the impression as you swirl it around in your mouth, and the finish which is the remaining flavor once you’ve swallowed the wine. While you’re tasting the wine you can find notes of flavor and experience the texture and mouthfeel of the wine itself.

Tasting wine can be a very fun and interesting hobby that might make you feel sophisticated and enjoy and indulge in your senses as you travel the world with wines from every region. You can share your hobby by buying the best wine to bring to a dinner with friends or being a tasting guide on a wine tour.

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