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How to Make a Paper Airplane

How to make paper airplane? When I was a young kid in school, one of my favorite activities was to fold and play with paper airplanes with my friends and family. The act of making my own toy from only a piece of paper and my two hands was an incredible thing to me.

It took very little time for me to make a paper airplane once I got the hang of it. Once the plane was made I could come up with fantastical and creative stories about wars, fighter pilots, passenger aircraft, and space expeditions.

I learned how to make a paper airplane from my father, and it was with him that I made the most of these little paper fantasies. There are actually quite a few different ways to make paper airplanes. While we started out with the simpler versions, we quickly got bored of only playing with these simple ones and decided to make a whole homemade paper airplane fleet with all of the different kinds we could figure out how to create. Making paper airplane collections was certainly a huge source of bonding for my father and me, but I also enjoyed making planes with my mother and my siblings, as well as my friends from school. One day at recess, I brought some of the more complicated paper planes so my friends and I could play with them. Kids being kids, a few of the paper planes got broken during the play period.

The awesome thing about a DIY paper plane is that if you tear it or damage it, you can simply make a new one without worrying about the cost. They’re made of paper, after all! If you’re reading this, you might be interested in learning how to make the fancier paper planes I just talked about, but you might want to start with the cool and easy paper airplanes. I am about to tell you how to make it. Whether you want to make paper planes with your children, with your friends, as decorations, or just for fun and old times sake, this guide will give you some simple and easy-to-follow paper plane instructions. Here are some of my favorite ways to make paper airplanes that don’t happen to be too complicated.

Paper Plane Guide: What You’re Going to Need

Depending on what kind of paper plane you’re intending to make, you might only need one sheet of eight by ten paper. Some of the more complicated paper planes require scissors and tape (specifically double-sided tape) along with eight by ten sheets of paper. If you want to get really creative and make your paper plane unique and personalized, you could also bring out your markers, paints, colored pencils, or gel pens to doodle and design on your paper aircraft.

What Kind of Paper Should You Use?

Certain kinds of paper will work better for your purpose, but a plain sheet of eight by ten printer paper should do the trick for all of the styles of paper airplanes that you’re going to see in this article. If you want to make your plane more colorful, you could use an eight by ten sheets of construction paper, but the folds might not be as crisp, and it might not fly quite as sharply through the air as a printer paper plane might.

Paper Plane Tutorial: Building an Easy Paper Plane Step-by-step

Paper Plane Tutorial

The first variety of paper planes that we should talk about is the classic dart style plane. This would be the one that you might remember making as a kid or in school if you ever made paper airplanes in the past. The dart is potentially the best easy paper airplane you could make, and if you’re teaching kids or family members to make paper planes for the first time, this is totally the one that you should start with. Here are your directions on how to make a paper airplane in this simple and classic style:

First Step

Lay your eight by ten sheet of paper on a flat-folding surface the same way you would lay out a sheet to write on it. It should be portrait instead of landscape, meaning that the shorter parts of the paper are on the top and bottom rather than at the sides.

Fold the piece of paper in half “hot dog style” or longways. Make a, sure enough, crease in the paper by folding it perfectly in half longways, and then unfold the paper and lay it flat with the crease in the middle.

Second Step

Next, you are going to fold the two top corners of your paper so that it forms a point at the top. One at a time, take the corners of the top of the eight by ten pieces of paper and fold them toward the center line. Each folds to meet perfectly on the centerline where the crease you just made is. Keep these folds for the next step.

Step Three

The third step is to fold the corners into the center line again. This time, the folds will make for a more narrow point at the top of your paper. You simply fold the parts that you’ve already folded, and your paper should look a lot like an arrow.

Step Four

Simply fold your piece of paper in half on the same crease that you made folding the paper in half for the first step. At this point, the piece of paper may start to vaguely resemble an airplane.

Step Five

For this step, you are simply going to fold the interior paper flaps down so that your project really resembles the paper airplanes you know and love.

Step Six

If you want to make your plane look really sleek and fly efficiently, you can use double-sided tape or a glue stick to stick the airplane wings in place.

Step Seven

Enjoy! This was the easiest paper airplane to make. You can play with it however you wish, and once you’ve mastered making planes in this style, you can make some other versions. If you’re already ready to try something else, let’s look at some other paper plane folding instructions!

Square Nosed Paper Plane

Square Nosed Paper Plane

Now that we’ve gotten the basic style accomplished, let’s give this one a go!

Step One

With your piece of eight by ten paper on a flat-folding surface and in portrait orientation, fold one corner of the piece of paper over to the opposite edge and crease it. Unfold the paper and then do the same with the other side.

Step Two

Now take that same top corner and fold it into the midline, so it just crosses the crease that you made on the other side. Do the same with the other corner.

Step Three

Fold the parts that are folded once again so that the new edge hits the same mark, and they are now folded in half.

Step Four

Now take the top of the piece of paper and fold it about half an inch over to make a small tab over the top of the piece of paper.

Step Five

Fold the entire thing in a half long way to the crease and then unfold. Then fold the two sides in towards the middle to the crease and unfold.

Step Six

You can now stick or tape the wings in place if you wish, or leave the plane loose.

Now that you know what is the best way to make a paper airplane you’re ready to have a really good time making and playing with the paper airplanes you make with your family and/or friends. Enjoy sending these little planes soaring through the sky and making up magical stories about what they’re doing there.

Remember that if you break, damage, or lose these paper toys, it’s easy, cheap, and fun to make new ones! Let your imagination go wild and if a plane gets lost in the game, you can feel good about the fact that you’re now a pro at making more.

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