Broken Window Repair: Tips on How to Do It Right


Rather than hiring an expert to repair a broken window, you can perform the work by yourself if the situation allows you to do so. For instance, the window has insignificant damage (a small hole or crackdowns), you can fix this problem with your hands easily. But bear in mind that not all things you can repair completely. If you complete a broken window repair temporarily you must know that sooner or later you gonna replace it with a new one.

Is the Broken the End of the World?

Replacing broken windows is daily stuff for homeowners. You are a lucky person if you didn’t face it before. Nobody is absolutely safe from accidents. How it can happen to you? Some kids were playing baseball, football, or basketball close to your window, and when a ball went into it, or confused bird bumped into it. Also, it could happen if someone could drink too much at the party at your home, and for his or her mistake you will need to fix the broken window.

When You Can Fix It By Yourself?

There two following situations:

  • You may be the owner of a good old wood-framed window with single-pane glass;
  • Your window can be with two glass panels around a free space (it uses insulated “thermo-pane” glass).

In the first case, repairing glass windows can be made without calling a specialist. To do it you gonna need a couple of simple materials and tools. Local hardware stores and home centers can give you a hand.

In the second case, you must ask the assistance of an expert from a window company to fix broken window glass by repairing the whole sash.

How to Understand Which of Them Do You Have?

You can find out which kind of glass you have by flashing on the window from the inside of the home. Also, you have to wait when it will be dark outside to see it. The light will expose are multiple panes installed (the light will be reflected).

Repairing Broken Glass Window: A Few Tips to Help You

broken window repair

Safety First!

Bear in mind that you are operating with glass, and that’s why it is always essentially dangerous thing. Wear safety glasses and thick gloves to don’t get cut by glass.

Go to the Shop For Materials & Tools

To fix the glass window you need to have appropriate equipment and materials.

  • You will need to use the following tools: putty knife, paintbrush, pencil, Tape measure, glass cutter, rubber mallet, metal straightedge, wood chisel.
  • Protection gear: leather work gloves, eye protection glasses.
  • Supplies: exterior-grade paint, glazing points, glazing compound, clear wood sealer or linseed oil, fine-grit sandpaper, replacement glass cut to size.

How to Do Temporary Repair of Broken Window Pane?

fix the glass window

If you want to do quick work and perform the temporary repair you just need to do 4 simple steps:

  • Step 1: Applying a part of masking tape to both parts of a crack. Apply a list of masking tape and cut two parts. These sides must be long enough to cover the whole crack (hole) in the window. Use the tape over the crack. Move to another side of the window. Put the next piece of tape on the opposite side of the crack.
  • Step 2: Apply paint to cover tiny cracks or holes with clear nail polish. Set the nail polish brush inside the polish and use it covering the cracks or holes to fulfill them. Then, give some time to let the polish dry. Repeat the procedure 3-4 to finish seal off the cracks(holes) in the construction of the window.
  • Step 3: Use glue to cover over the cracks. You should take the mesh from a pair of nylon stockings or pantyhose to do it easily. Cut a square of the material that’s plenty big to match over the complete crack. Then, implement super glue around the sides of the mesh patch, stick it on the head of the crack in your window. Keep the mesh patch there for 2-3 minutes or until the glue becomes dry. You are doing this to will prevent bugs invasion of your house. Also, it will decrease drafts.
  • Step 4: Take a part of thick plastic and tape it over the hole. In case, if you got a bigger hole or crack in the window you can still prevent unwanted airflow through the open spot. Again, take a square of plastic from a tarp / thick garbage bag to cover the hole. To seal plastic into the window use masking tape around the ends of it.

How to Mold With Easily Glazing Compound?

You need just gently warm a glazing compound to mold with no extra effort. If the weather is cold outside use a heater to slightly warm it before executing the work. Even your hands can warm up the compound but it will take longer rather the suggested way.

Thank You!

We hope that our tips will help you repair a window with your hands! We recommend reading additional information about removing a broken windowpane with no cuts. We have a lot of useful information on our blog!

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