The Best Way to Chalk Paint Furniture – Chalk Paint Furniture Tips

The Best Way to Chalk Paint Furniture

Many people who have a knack for home improvement projects and enjoy refreshing and refurbishing antique items love to use chalk paint for furniture. Chalk paint is a true gem for the home improvement fanatic, and it gives beautiful results that really last. What is chalk paint for furniture? If you’ve never heard of chalk paint, it’s a good thing that you’ve stumbled upon this article about using chalk paint on furniture.

Painting Furniture with Chalk Paint

Chalk paint is a kind of furniture paint that is chalk and water-based. It is excellent for painting or repainting most furniture, particularly wooden antiques and pieces of furniture that have already been painted once or twice. The original formula for chalk paint was created by the company Annie Sloan, but if you want to buy a knock-off brand, there are plenty of them around to choose from. Chalk paint offers a different look from traditional furniture paints with its smooth matte finish and vibrant pigmentation. If you want to paint a picture frame, a chest of drawers, a collection of chairs, or a birdhouse, you might want to check out some of the chalk painting furniture tips in this article. There are so many items that chalk paint would make beautiful, and this chalk paint furniture tutorial can help you refine your skills and make it happen.

Why Do People Love the Chalk Paint Technique for Furniture?

Chalk Paint Furniture Tips

You might be wondering why chalk paint is such a great option in comparison to some of the other furniture painting techniques you could use. For starters, preparing furniture for chalk paint is incredibly easy. Forget about the hassle of stripping away the old layer(s) of paint before painting a piece of furniture with other kinds of furniture polish, wood stains or paints. With chalk paint, all you need to do is give your piece of furniture a good solid washing, and then you should likely be able to immediately start with your painting project.

The opacity and thickness of chalk paint allow you to smoothly paint over little imperfections on the furniture’s surface, and because of the intense pigment, you can often do this in only one or two coats. It’s also quite forgiving to DIY chalk paint furniture because the paint itself goes on pretty smoothly and without much dripping or clumping. This is due to the consistency of this water-based paint, which is also super easy to clean if you spill some. Because the chalk paint is water-based, you can easily clean your painting brushes with water instead of chemicals when you’re finished with your project.

The formula of chalk paint does make it important that you add a layer of clear wax when your paint is finished drying so that the elements don’t disturb your beautiful paint job. If that sounds like a lot of work, don’t fret, it’s totally doable! This easy chalk paint furniture tutorial will help you get the job done beautifully without breaking a sweat!

How to Use Chalk Paint On Furniture

How to Use Chalk Paint On Furniture

Depending on what kind of furniture you’re trying to paint, there may be some slightly different instructions for the best way to chalk paint furniture. For the purposes of simplicity, these chalk painting instructions would be best suited for items that are not made of metal or shiny laminate. I would advise a beginner chalk painter to start with a relatively smaller wooden furniture item, like a side table or the frame of a mirror. One of the most important chalk paint furniture tips I can give you is to take the time to enjoy the process. Make an afternoon of it and listen to some of your favorite songs as you paint. This would make the process go smoothly and be the most enjoyable. Now, let’s get started.

Steps to Chalk Painting Furniture

Furniture Chalk Painting

Step One

Prepare your workplace by laying down some tarps, newspaper or plastic table cloths under the furniture item you wish to paint. Wash your item well with soap and water and let it dry completely. If you want to have a super smooth finish, you can sand some of the more rough or uneven parts of your piece of furniture down with a piece of sandpaper, but note the consistency of the chalk paint can often make imperfections look less obvious. Make sure that you have all of your materials ready so that you can have a smooth painting process. This means that you should have your can of paint, a small container to put some paint in, paintbrushes, water, a stirring stick, and paper towels for any messes.

Step Two

Prepare your paint by mixing it thoroughly. If your paint seems extra thick, you can add a tablespoon of water to the paint and stir thoroughly once more. You can add some paint to your smaller container so that you don’t have to go back to the big can each time. Wet your paintbrush and blot it dry on a paper towel. Now you’re ready to paint.

Step Three

Paint your first coat. It is possible that you might only use one coat, but more likely that two would look the best. Paint a thin coat first, covering all of your surfaces and not adding too much at a time. This first coat should be an excellent base for vibrant color.

Step Four

Let the first coat dry. This shouldn’t take too long, in fact, it might only take about an hour. Once your first layer has dried, you can go ahead and paint the second coat. Make sure that you stir your paint again before proceeding. Usually, two coats should do the trick, but there may be a particularly dark or uneven piece of furniture that needs three. For the second coat, paint in even strokes, and don’t be too light on the amount of paint. This coat should take longer to dry: wait a full day to do more to this piece of furniture.

Step Five

Now that a day has come and gone, and your chalk-painted furniture is completely dry, it is time to add a layer of clear wax to seal that beautiful paint job in and protect it from the elements. To do this, use a dollop of clear wax on a rag and work the wax into the furniture evenly.

Now that you’ve got all of the information you need to make a brilliant renovation to an old piece of furniture, go ahead and invest in a nice can of chalk paint and some brushes so that you can marvel in the beauty of your own DIY chalk painted furniture!

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