Clean and Care for Leather Furniture – A Guide to Leather Furniture Cleaning and Care

what is the best way to clean leather furniture

Clean and Care for Leather Furniture

Leather furniture can be the most beautiful and exquisite-looking item in the furniture store, but many people shy away from buying leather when they worry that they won’t be able to care for it properly. Many people think that maintaining and cleaning leather couches is more difficult than keeping any other kind of furniture looking its best, but that simply is not the case. Leather is actually one of the easiest materials to keep clean and keep looking great for a long time. Many people love it because it looks great, feels great, and wears in a pleasing way over time instead of cracking, breaking, or pilling.

Additionally, other kinds of furniture require that you take the pieces into a special cleaner for re-upholstery every so often to maintain them. Leather can often be treated and cared for less often, for less money and less inconvenience. This being said, there are still things that you could do to care for leather furniture and make it last even longer than it already would last. Once you find out how to care for leather furniture you will realize how easy and worthwhile it is to invest in some nice leather furniture. Find the best way to clean leather furniture and some helpful leather care instructions here.

How to Clean Leather Furniture at Home

How to Clean Leather Furniture at Home

The truly easy way to clean leather couch cushions is to simply spray them with a leather cleaner and wipe away any grime or spill that happens to have fallen on the surface of your furniture. Be cautioned that different kinds of leather can require different treatments and cleaning regimens, so be aware of whether your leather furniture is protected or unprotected to know how gentle you need to be in the cleaning process. For unprotected leather, some say that you should stick to dry upkeep meaning that you should simply use a soft brush or soft vacuum attachment to get any bits or fibers off of the leather. Others advise using a microfibre cloth and either distilled water or a specific unprotected leather cleaning solution for more tough stains or messes. If your leather is protected leather that means it is more durable and requires less of a gentle touch when cleaning. Experts say to steer clear of homemade kitchen concoctions that involve vinegar and baking soda, but a gentle facial cleanser or all-natural body soap may actually do the trick quite well. Of course, there are also protected leather cleaners for sale at hardware stores, online shops, and leather shops. Now that you know what to use to clean leather furniture, how should you go about it?

What Is the Best Way to Clean Leather Furniture

Conditioning Treatment for Leather Couch

The first step to natural leather care is getting rid of any dust or larger particles. This means going in with a soft brush or a soft brush vacuum attachment and removing anything from the surface of the leather furniture. Once that is done, depending on the kind of leather you have you can take a microfiber cloth with either distilled water, a block of natural and gentle soap, or a leather cleaning solution and wipe the surfaces of your leather furniture until it’s sparkling and clean. Be cautious not to use too much water or cleaning solution. Never put the cleaning solution or water directly on the leather, you must always put it on the cloth in an even layer first and then use the cloth to wipe the furniture.

Even with this method sometimes a cleaning solution may stain or discolor the furniture, so test a small area that is not a prominent part of the furniture with your cleaning solution first to determine whether it is safe to use on the whole piece of furniture. If it is safe you can wipe the entire piece with the cloth and then take a different cloth with simply filtered water and wipe the furniture down once more. Then you can take a towel to your furniture to dry it off. The last optional step is treatment with a leather conditioner.

Conditioning Treatment for Leather Couch

The final step you can take in your leather care routine is to condition the leather with a leather conditioner that is approved by most leather manufacturers. You are going to want to stick with popular and approved brands so that you can be guaranteed the best results. Leather conditioning should happen a maximum of one or two times per year. Remember that leather is a very durable and low maintenance material so conditioning doesn’t have to be a frequent chore.

Conditioning is best to do after a thorough cleaning as the point of the conditioning is to keep your leather soft and prevent it from drying out after it has been cleaned with water or exposed to dry air. To condition, your leather furniture simply works your favorite brand of leather conditioner into the leather of your furniture using a small amount at a time on a microfibre cloth. If you treat your leather right it should last a very long time, feel comfortable, and look great.

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