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Mason Jar Candle Materials

I love candles! They’re perfect for setting the mood, aromatherapy, and decoration. I like having many candles strategically placed around my apartment so that there will always be an option for soft lighting and deliciously scented air. The trouble with being the candle lover that I am is that buying and burning a lot of candles can get pretty expensive. Some nice home decor candles can go upwards of 100 dollars per piece. That is why I’ve decided to go on a journey of DIY candle-making. When I thought about how to go about this new activity, I realized how many old jars I have collected over the years and thought, “can you make candles in mason jars?”

After doing a bit of research, I realized that not only is making candles in mason jars possible, but it’s an awesome beginner go-to! If you’ve ever wanted to make your own candles, DIY mason jar candles are the perfect introduction to the art of candle making. Making a candle in a mason jar is super easy, fun, and doesn’t require much clean-up. You need a few basic candle-making materials, a stovetop, and some spare time, and then you’re on your way to making beautiful and nice smelling candles that can be gifts for loved ones or perfect household fixtures.

DIY Mason Jar Candle Materials:

You will need to gather a few materials to make these delicious candles, so take note and stock up.

  • Soy wax flakes (1lb (0.45 kg) per candle)
  • Candle dye
  • Essential oils of your choosing
  • candle wicks
  • wick holders
  • Mason jars
  • candle wax melting pot
  • mixing spoon
  • stickers or other decorations for your jar

How to Make Mason Jar Candle

How to Make Mason Jar Candle

To make your homemade mason jar candle, you can follow these step-by-step instructions.

First Step

Prepare your mason jar by removing the top, sticking the wick to the bottom, and holding it in place with wick holders. You are going to need a sticky wick bottom to make sure that your wick doesn’t come out of place as you pour the wax. You can either buy candle wicks with this sticky attachment already at the bottom or buy the sticky attachment separately. Make sure that you firmly stick the wick to the bottom of the jar. Then take the wooden wick holders and attach them to the top of the wick that is sticking out of the jar so that it stays straight up and down in a vertical line.

Second Step

Once your jar is prepared, start preparing your wax. To do this, take your one-pound bag of soy wax flakes and melt them in your candle wax melting pot over low heat, mixing often.

Third Step

To personalize your candle, you can add wax dye in the form of liquid or pellets to your candle wax that is melting in the pot. Stir well to make sure that all of the colors is combined. You can also add heatproof candle sparkles or glitter if you so wish, but make sure that is specifically designed for candle making so that you don’t burn your mixture. Then you can go ahead and add some scent by mixing in a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Stir the oil in bit by bit so that you don’t end up with an overwhelming smell.

Fourth Step

If your wax is entirely melted, even-toned, and well mixed, you are ready to pour it into your prepared mason jar. Take the wax off of the heat and wait for it to cool to the point of a thick sludge-like consistency before pouring. Think half-melted snow or a Slurpee to get the idea. Once your wax is cool, simply pour it evenly into your jar, avoiding the wick and wick holders.

Step Five

Let your jar cool and rest until the candle wax is completely melted. Then you can take the wick holders off and trim the wick to about a half of an inch of length. There you have it! Super easy homemade mason jar candles!

How to Decorate Mason Jar Candles

Diy mason jar candles

Now that you’ve made the candle, it can be a lot of fun to decorate and personalize your work. Once the candle is completely dry and cool, feel free to add fire-resistant stickers and wax string to the jar to make it beautiful. You can tie the string around the mouth of the mason jar or put a piece of wax paper or fabric over the top and screw on the screw section of the lid to make a fancy top for gifting. Be careful not to put this lid back on the candle after you initially place it there, or it could be a fire hazard.

Now that you have all of the knowledge you need to make a beautiful and lovely DIY mason jar candle, you can make several of them and give them out as gifts or have them around the house. These personalized and fun-to-make candles surely beat out the 150 dollar boring candles you could buy at the mall.

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