How to Fix a Hole in the Wall: Free and Easy Guide


Do you think that if you will be careful enough you don’t gonna need to fix a hole in the wall? Sooner or later you will figure out that some holes appeared and you will need to fill them up. But why should you wait for the moment when some hole will appear or why should you hire someone else to seal holes in the wall if you can do it by your own hands?

Fortunately, patching a hole in the wall is not an impossible mission and you can do it easily if you will spend some time and materials like our free guide. To be completely honest with you it takes from 30 to 60 minutes to do repairing a hole in the wall.

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  • How to fix a small hole in the wall;
  • What equipment and materials will you need;
  • The 6-step guide to fix a big hole in the wall.

No matter how long are you living in your flat or house… There is no guarantee that holes will never appear. Most probably, you even have at least one small hole in the wall right now! So let us help you to make all this stuff simple.

Small but annoying: filling small holes in the wall

patching a hole in the wall

You don’t make a lot of effort to fix a gap from a tiny nail or some crew hole. Read this part and you will understand that.

Your tools and materials: putty knife, wall joint, or spackling compound.

5-step-by-step Guide to Close Holes in Walls After Screws & Nails

  1. Take in hand a putty knife;
  2. Get some spackling or wall joint compound and spread it on the knife;
  3. Fill up the whole by it, do the moves slightly;
  4. Wait till the zone gets dry;
  5. After it, you should sand carefully.

1/2 & 11/2 Inch Diameter Holes

For such holes, you will need dome bridge material to strengthen them and only then patching compound to repair it properly.

The stuff to patch holes in walls: adhesive-backed fiberglass mesh, repair kit.

4 Steps to fix a hole in the wall with 1/2 & 11/2 Inch Diameter

  1. Sand around the hole. It will help you make it smooth and clean.
  2. The second step is to cut the fiberglass mesh piece to cover the part with a one-inch minimum on every side. Remove the paper backing and after it presses the mesh to your wall.
  3. Do a spreading over the patch with a 6-inch spackling compound by the use of a drywall knife.
  4. Wait until the mass becomes dry, sand carefully, only the best add the second layer.

The List of Required Materials to Patch a Big Hole in the Wall

Before reading our step-by-step guide about how to fix a gap in the wall here is the list with needed stuff to do it: putty knife, sandpaper, wet sponge or spray bottle, drywall fixing compound, wall texture spray, wall hole patch, paint, and paintbrush.

Fixing a Large Hole in the Wall in 6 Steps

fix a hole in the wall

Step 1

Get the hole of the wall to be prepared for work by removing all the loose drywall that can be behind or attached to the sides of the gap. Make a smooth surface by sanding the hole’s edges with the usage of a patching compound.

Step 2

Use the sticky side of the wall patch by attaching it to the hole. It should be applied around the edges of the gap but you should save some space (½ on every part of the hole). After this, the edges of the wall hole should be smoothed.

Step 3

Use the drywall patching compound on the edges of the wall patch. You will need a putty knife to make the work done. Start from edges and slightly move forward to the middle of the wall patch. All sides of it must be covered by the compound.

Step 4

Sand the repairing compound until the moment when the whole surface will be smooth. After it, use a piece of paper towel or cloth. Wait up to 15 minutes for the zone to dry enough.

Step 5

Apply wall texture spray on the sanded area. Bear in mind that each texture spray has its own instruction and the way of proper usage. Follow it’s instructions and everything will be okay.

Step 6

Paint over the textured area (that used to be damaged) with paint and paintbrush. It must be the same color as the rest wall’s color.

So, as you can see, even a large hole can be fixed by your own hands. Just try to be attentive and accurate. Everything will be fine!

We hope that now filling a hole in the wall won’t be a problem for you! Don’t forget to read our guides on similar themes.z

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