How to Fix a Sagging Couch: Step-by-Step Guide


Welcome to our new massive guide about fixing sagging couch in three ways:

  • by adjusting the busted support frame;
  • by fixing the broken spring;
  • by following the 3-step tutorial on how to fix a sagging sofa with particle board or plywood.

Also, we added the list of needed materials for 3d way.

What to Do If Your Comfortable Saggy Sofa is Broken?

Before searching for new furniture you should pay attention to the existing problem with your good old friend. Look for some damages to understand which of the mentioned above method you should apply for saggy couch repair.

Comfortability Is the Main Thing

The most important thing is that when you come home from a hard working day and want to rest with your lovely ones on the couch – it must be convenient for you and the people sitting with you on it!

Fixing Saggy Sofa Support: the Free Guide

fix a hole in the wall

To repair sagging coach support you should perform 4 steps to complete your mission. Follow these steps to do it right:

  1. Put your couch upside down. After it, take the staples of protection that serve to hide the framing and spring with a couple of pliers. Remove the cover to see the springs and framing;
  2. Examine the framing that carries the springs in position. Usually, the framing tears and causes the springs to fall. Replace every defective board. Take a miter saw to cut out an appropriate piece (it must be the same length as defective boards);
  3. Unfold the cracked board out in the order it goes in a direct line. Put the board over the old one to strengthen the construction;
  4. Drill a navigator hole each 6-inch down the entire length of the new board. Manage wood screws through the new board and inside the broken board by the usage of a screwdriver. The new board serves as a support and supplements rigidity to the furniture.

Sagging sofa’s spring repairing: Simple Tutorial

  1. Turn over the sofa. Remove the staples of the shelter that covers the springs and frame with a set of pliers. Depart the cover of the way to open the framing and springs;
  2. Place the cracked springs inside the sofa. They are effortless to the position because they no longer press among the support beams on the furniture. Take off all of the collapsed springs;
  3. Install a spring compressor device upon every side of the replacement spring. After it, squeeze the device by turning the handles with a wrench;
  4. Put the spring between the supports, enable the handle of the compression tools counterclockwise. Exclude the squeezing tools of the spring to keep it in place;
  5. Set the cover over the bottom of the furniture and staple it by using a staple gun.

3-Step Guide on How to Fix a Sagging Sofa With Particle Board Or Plywood

saggy sofa support

We have one of the best saggy couch solutions for you if you want to repair your sofa by using plywood or particleboard.

What Do You Need?

  • Duct Tape;
  • Measuring Tape;
  • Circular Saw;
  • Polywood or Particle Board (you will need ½ of it).

Step 1: Mesure the Polywood (Particle Board)

Firstly, perform the measurements for applied plywood or particleboard. Take off the cushions from your sofa. Inspect the place where the backside of the couch frame is located. Cover from the reverse side to the face of the frame. You should write down taken measurements. After it, mark the length of the space below the cushions.

Step 2: Perform Cutting

The second part is about cutting the plywood (particleboard). Cut it accurately. Otherwise, you will have to buy more materials, because you do it incorrectly. Remember that the sizes of pieces of furniture must be similar to each other.

Step 3: Place the Polywood (Particle Board)

There are two crucial points of the plan you should stick to. The material should not go out too far past the face of the frame, and performer some adjusting cuttings to save the day. The second thing is to take a layer of duct tape on the space that is located on the front side of the sofa’s frame. It will help to limit the possibility of scratching your legs.

Sagging Sofa Solutions Ends Here!

Thank you so much for reading our free guide article! we recommend you to look through our other articles with tutorials on how to repair something! They are all helpful and interesting!

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