How to Fix Broken Plastic: Step-by-step Guide And Even More


Today most of the things that surround us are made of plastic. It’s is a quite chip and flexible material that can be used in different ways. But it is not so solid as we would like to be it. Do the problem of repairing plastics remains extremely important.

In our new free guide, we have collected the TOP-5 ways to fix broken plastic. We took a lot of effort to do it interesting and easy to use in life.

Our article consist of 2 main parts:

  • 3-step guide on how to repair broken plastic by a hot glue;
  • TOP-3 alternative ways to do the work done.

But before reading the main part of the article let’s say something about the basics.

What should you know about the stuff made of plastic?

  1. The first you should bear in mind is that plastic is a very flexible material that can be changed in his form and structure easily. That’s why you should think twice about throwing the plastic things just by the reason they are broken.
  2. Secondly, to fuse plastic together it is not an impossible mission, and even if you don’t have the knowledge or some professional materials it is not stuff that can stop you.
  3. By the usage of a hot glue gun. Many things can be fixed by it and even more: if to say about the structure of the hot glue – it is plastic too. In its liquid condition, it can be used as a hot-melt adhesive to fix plastic. It’s like you just replacing it with a new layer of the same material.
  4. There is a variety of types of plastic and you can see even the difference between them on how you can fix it. While the simplest of them can be patched by hot and cold water others can be restored only by tools.
  5. A large amount of unrecycled plastic and its overuse causes an environmental problem all around the world. Reducing the usage of plastic can start from you if you will stop throwing it in the bin after some fixable crash or crack.

Step-by-step Guide About Fusing Plastic Together: How to Do It For 3 Steps

fix plastic

Step 1

Firstly, you should prepare your tools and organize the working space so it could be easier to perform the repair: hot glue gun, glue stick, duct tape, shaping utensil, backing material, mold release agent.

Step 2

To perform the mold in this part is very simple. You will require a somewhat flat backing of the right element with a mold release agent applied.

To perform molding you can do the following steps to be sure that you will make it properly:

  • Bond the foil to the piece, covering the damaged part.
  • Cover the back part completely of the foil with duct tape, make sure the tap is glued to the foil, then perform a 2-layer backing.
  • Tape the slight layer of cardboard to the backside.
  • Press the foil-tape opposite the cardboard to make a flat shape corresponding to the contour of the piece.
  • Apply the mold release agent.

Step 3

Use the hot glue to bond up the damaged part. Repair molded plastic Make sure that in your gun there is a glue material and its hot. There is always a limit to an amount of glue that can be spread at once. Start layering it around the edges of a breakpoint, then go to the face.

TOP-3 Alternative Ways Repairing Plastic Parts

repair broken plastic

Hot & Cold Water

The classical way to change the consistency of plastic is to put it in the hot water and then in cold water. When plastic is hot enough it becomes so soft that you can adjust it by putting pressure on it by fingers. You don’t need to make a very heat condition of water (you can boil it in a microwave).

You just need to place plastic into a warm water bath and wait before the material becomes soft. Change the form of a thing as that it becomes as you want it. After your finger manipulations put your plastic in cold water and wait for some time.


Acetone is a solution that’s quite useful at melting ABS plastics. 3D printing aficionados have been using acetone to level 3D printed surfaces, wire pieces together, and troubleshoot mistakes. A mixture of acetone and ABS are known as ABS slurry can be applied as a glue for sanding gaps.

Patching Plastic

It is the best variants for those people that have a problem with big holes. You gonna need to patch it. Cover the hole with the use of a hot gun by smoothing the edges of the hole. You will need gloves to don’t burn your fingers.

Thank you!

We hope you liked our article and you will use these tips in your life. To read more free guides just search through our website. See you next time!

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