How to Fix Hole In Door: Free DIY Guide


Bad things happen in a period when you are not ready for them, am I right? Such a problem as a hole in the door is common when you are living in a house or a studio apartment. Nobody is safe from unexpected situations. If you face the problem of repairing holes in doors (door) we can help you by providing a simple guideline on how to solve it!

How to Patch Hole In Door: Everything You Need to Know About It

fix a hole in a door

Hollow core doors are greatly cheaper in comparison with those doors that are made from solid wood. That’s why you can find them regularly in flats and even houses. The opposite side of the coin is that core doors are more likely to damage or weak before any other stuff.

How Much Time Do You Need?

Did you know that for such types of doors you need to spend 1-2 days to complete repair hollow core door? Simply, you gonna fill in the cuts or repair holes before refinishing the facade of a door. After some easy steps, the door’s look will look like that day you bought it.

What Are the Two Main Issues of Door Patch?

If your hollow core door has been damaged you can fix instead of replacement. It’s not so hard to fix a hole in a door. Although, bear in mind that such kind of restoring has some issues that you will have to overcome:

  • Firstly, in hollow doors, there is nothing inside. That’s why making a hole is easy to be done. You don’t find anything behind hardboard surface skin or MDF of your door. Eventually, you can spot to adhere to fix the door.
  • Secondly, core doors mainly have a texture decayed into hardboard or the MDF for resembling wood grain.

Make Up This Pre-Step to Save the Day

We strongly recommend you secure the floor trapping the glue on it, painting, or spackling. Launch a drop cloth below the door to “shield” the floor while you are working. Save the high of the door as it used to be —you don’t need to transfer it to achieve fixing.

The Quick Guide How to Patch Hole In a Door

how to fix a hole in a door

Step 1: Buy/Rent Instruments You WIll Need For Hollow Door Repair

  • Putty knife and utility knife;
  • Lightweight autobody filler;
  • Spackle;
  • Dropcloth;
  • Paper towels or newspaper;
  • Low expansion aerosol foam insulation;
  • Touchup paint and paintbrush;
  • 120grit sandpaper / 100-grit sandpaper.

Step 2: Prepare Your Are For Executing the Work

Organize your space for tools to perform your work quickly and efficiently before fixing a hole in a door. Spend up to 10-20 minutes for it and save hours because you won’t be in a rush from running from your apartments to the store and vise versa!

Step 3: Fill Up the Void

Load the hollow area behind the broken section by insulating foam sealant. This will help you to apply the filler element and strengthen the finished patch (it won’t crash while you are using it).

Step 4: Filling the Injured Zone

The next step of repairing the hole in the door is to use epoxy filler stuff to fill the damaged area with the compound to make it colored the same color as the completed surface

Step 5: Molding to Make It Similar

Perform a silicone mold of the painted surface texture of the door. It will mostly hide the place where it used to be a hole in recent times.

Step 6: Reproduce the Texture

To perform reproducing the surface over the loaded and sanded patch you should use the silicone texture mold and casting pitch.

Step 7: Prime the Pieces And Paint the Door

Finally, perform priming of the restored area of the door and draw the door. If you intend to inspect the surface firmly, you will notice where are those textured piece ends are located. To cover them you have primed and painted the wall, so somebody else couldn’t notice that.

Thank You For Reading!

We hope that you have read our latest article about how to repair holes in hollow core doors with your hands!

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