How to Install an Interior Door: Complete & Easy Guide


Are you recently made a reconstruction of your home or want to renew the interior by installing an interior door? It’s easy to do the DIY process and you don’t have to obtain some extra skills for it. Also, all required equipment you need is accessible in stores and you can even rent them for a short time. Follow our tips and tricks on how to install an interior door.

What Is the First Thing You Need For Hanging Interior Doors?

how to install an interior door

Common, what can be a pre-step of the installation process? To buy an interior door, of course! Don’t be worried about the sizes of doors. They are commonly 24-36″. We won’t know what door is the best of the best because we are not going to sell you “your choice”. But we can recommend you to follow the next things:

  • Choose your future door thinking about the interior of your room or even rooms (because a door will divide several spaces and it’s good to choose an appropriate interior door for both of them).
  • Think about matching the colors of the rooms. Doors always are the first thing people notice in the interior. Choose carefully to don’t spoil the general expression of yourself and other people.

5 Steps For DIY Interior Door Installation

diy interior door installation

Step 1: Begin Preparing Stuff Straightened Out

Begin by outlining a plumb line on the wall. Do the measurement 1/2″. Applying a 4′ or 6′ level draw a level line below the drywall. Wait, wait… Do you or some friends possess a laser level? You can use it instead of the previous tool to do more precise leveling because a laser level can attach to a wall).

Step 2: Add the Door Fitting Brackets

Join 6 door installation brackets to the outdoor of the door jamb. Your door is pre-attached to the wood jamb due to them. Install a bracket behind each of the 3 joints. Join the living 3 brackets on the next part of the frame. Bear in mind that bracket #1 should be 8″ from the top, bracket #2 should be placed just above the hook stop, bracket #3 must be installed 8″ from the foundation of the door (it’s on the floor).

Step 3: Set the Door Into The Hole On Shims Or Top of Blocks

There are 2 things why you should place 1/2″ blocks under the door:

You use blocks to successfully install it if you have laminate;

If you have a situation when you have to install hardwood or carpet.

Tricky Tip: Never install the door directly on a rough floor that only will be finished after installing the door. Spoiler: you won’t manage to do the work with a floor after such a foolish step.

Step 4: Set the Brackets

The next step of room door installation is to bolt in the highest bracket on the hook side of the door and apply the plumb line on the wall. After it, screw in the next 2 brackets applying a similar reference notch as you used previously. Finally, your door is now level if you successfully screwed 3 brackets into the wall.

Step 5: Install the Casing Throughout the Fitted Door

The final step of installing a new interior door is to set casings (trims, strips). These pieces of wood will hide the joints or sections of the hinge. If you install trims in the right way, they will cover the door installation brackets perfectly.

The Work Is Done

Congratulations! You have successfully performed bedroom door installation (kitchen, bathroom or any other door fitting). We have more free guides for you on how to install things by your hands.

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