How to Install Carpet: Easy Tips for a Beginner


Have you got some problems with installing the carpet? After reading our simple guide with tips you will know all the peculiarities and how to do such procedures easily. Especially if you want to save your money and don’t want to hire an expensive crew for installation.

Easy carpet install – tricky tips to do it right

how to install carpet

Carpeting and all that you need to know about free installation

Did you know that to install a new carpet will be free in most companies where you can order it? Do you know what “carpeting”? For those who don’t know: it is an installation carpet laying on the floor in the room.

But if it is so good and great why do many people decide to do it on their own hands? One of the main reasons is the quality of the work of such work-for-free experts. The second reason that it is not “absolutely free”: the cost of installing carpet is already calculated and added to the total price. Yes, most probably you are paying less but still if you want to save more money the best way is to install the laying carpet.

Do it with appropriate tools

installing carpet

Most rookies don’t know that to do DIY carpeting there are needed special instruments (rolling and general utility knife won’t be enough). Keep in mind that you will need several ordinary tools for the home like a hammer, chalk line, utility knife, tin snips, etc. But shop-home tools still won’t be enough – you’re gonna need some special tools for DIY carpet installation (knee kicker, power stretcher, seam iron). Nobody says that you should buy it, because there must be an option to lease instruments in a rental tool center.

Buy the good-quality materials

laying carpet

If you want to have a nice design of interior you should pay your attention to the quality of materials and put in the first place. In another case, it will be obvious for the rest that you decided to save up more money and sacrifice the eventual look of the room. And the expression of other people is not a prime target. Try to understand that there are things that have a bigger price but still worth it because they will serve you for years!

Read and know what to do with those tools

You should be prepared that for successful work implementation you must obtain some basic level of knowledge and skills with ordinary and specific tools. It is obligatory because you will work with them and the quality of conducted work is on your shoulders.

Consider the carpet stretcher as your close friend

This is a tool #1 in your arsenal for DIY carpet laying. You can install carpeting without the usage of any type of a stretcher but you won’t like the final result. You will need a knee kicker and a long power stretcher. You will need the first type to push the edges into the corners of the room; and the second one to stretch the carpeting taut for the whole room.

What tack strips are and why should you use them?

install new carpet

Tack strips are wooden strips with sharply pointed tacks. You need them because they provide the anchor point for the edges of the carpeting (to grip it). The thing is to shove the tackless strips to the wall entirely. But we advise you to save some extra space to tuck the edges over the strips.

Don’t lay the padding over the tack strips

This is a general rule you should meet and learn to DIY carpet install correctly. The rule is simple – you must not attach padding over the tackless strips. For a better look keep the padding in the inner perimeter that is formed by strips.

It almost the end!

Our article will end in several words but we want to say thank you for reading! We hope now you understand that how to install carpet – is just a simple process that you can do it by steps provided by our tutorial. Nobody was born with tools but you have plenty of time to obtain such knowledge.

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