How to install crown molding – a complete guide on how to do it step-by-step


Do you want to find a shortcut and learn the best way to install crown molding? Read our how-to-do guide and find all the answers you need! Easy, fast, and by your own hands!

We know that installing crown molding is not an easy thing at all, especially when you are doing it for the first time. Not all instructions on the Web or in some manuals are free to understand, but still, if you know some basics it will be easier to do some stuff in practice.

Why know how to put in the crown is essential knowledge? Because you can install it in any type of space. For example, in the kitchen or to the den or bedroom. Did you know that each realtor is eye-catching by the crown because it is one of the most attractive things at the level of the wall and ceilings?

Putting up crown molding is a quite tricky thing in compliance with other trims because you will need to cut down some parts. Especially for those households that have not typical walls, it can be a real nightmare to do work. That’s why we have created a step-by-step guide for beginners.

Which type of molding is better?

adding crown molding

If you can buy real wood crowns it would be much more effective than plastic ones but do not do it in a rush. Think about the next things:

  • Choose accordingly to your budget and the need for specific materiel (for example, the whole room is made of wood or you want to sell your house for a higher price);
  • Have a clear understanding that you are going to live or be in this room for years (10, 20, 50 years or just 1-5 years);
  • Don’t forget about time and some time limits if you have them (for example, you want to do as fast as you can).

It’s easy to install crown molding with a step-by-step guide

crown molding installation tips

Cutting the molding’s corners

The first thing you should do is to cut the molding. We recommend you to use a coping saw because it is the easiest way to cut trim pieces. You can cut the corners with no extra effort. A coping saw will be the best variant for a rookie. Also, a great and useful tool is a power miter saw.

Measuring and marking the walls

You need to measure the length of the first cut piece of molding. Why should you mark the wall? To show the bottom edge of the trim.

Cutting the next piece to an inside corner

The next piece of advice from our crown molding installation tips is to cut the next piece to an inside corner. Make a straight line by the saw with a 90-degree angle.

See why one piece must fit with another one

You should also remember that the molding is upside down (the bottom is the edge against the vertical fence and the top is the edge against the table).

A 45-degree angle

Do you want to know the secret of a 45-degree angle? Use a 10-inch saw blade and put molding in the appropriate position. There are two simple rules:

  • For the inside corner: the top part should shorter than the bottom of the molding;
  • For the outside corner: the bottom of the molding must be shorter than the top part.

How to cope with the joint

It is essential to know how to cope with the joint for successfully adding crown molding. Do it slowly and with maximum attention. Make a slight angle. Don’t forget to cut little pieces to make the creation of this coped joint easier.

Checking up construction

Search up for the gaps that must be trimmed. Use your saw to cut off the high parts.

Installing crown molding on the ceiling

After the previous step, take it to the wall. You have a long molding piece you will need assistance (someone will hold it). You must push the end till it will be in the corner. Now you can attach it to the wall. You will need a caulk gun to fill up all gaps. You will have to have one little piece to finish the work.

Installing crown molding corner blocks

You can skip the previous step + stuff with making miter cuts if you have an additional corner block.

That’s nearly it!

Thank you very much for reading our article! We hope that you will use this guide and it will be useful for you! Let you saw be sharp and the eye concentrated! Nobody was born with tools so don’t panic if something won’t go well from a first try. Bear in mind that you need to be extremely accurate with instruments and don’t let your kids play with them! Installing crown molding is much easier to do if you have some hints and professional tips on how to it right!

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