How to Install Gutters: Tricky Tips From Professionals


You may think that rain gutters installation is work for professionals and only for them, but even homeowners with professional skills can perform gutter replacement with appropriate tools. And don’t you think that only you have some problematic issues on how to install gutters. In our new article, gathered the most important information hanging gutters by yourself!

What Should You Before Hanging Rain Gutter?

DIY gutter installation

Why Do You Need Rain Gutters at All?

The main purpose of rain canals and downspouts is to transfer rainwater away from the house’s foundation to manage the uprightness of its construction. Also, installing gutters will help to limit soil erosion, harm to siding, and foundation leaks.

Gutters are generally placed by specialists, but there’s no issue you can’t arrange it yourself. All the materials and accessories are easily accessible at home centers or roofing-supply companies.

Expenses on Rain Gutters

Nowadays there are plenty of companies on the market, but still, there are general prices on needed materials. The aluminum gutters cost from $2 up to $6. Also, you may add to the total sum the price of $8 for each closed-curl brackets, plus the costs on 4-inch-diameter corrugated aluminum downspouts for 2$ per linear foot (they are used to meet the house trim).

Do Roof Gutter Installation With Propper Tools

For mounting gutters, you gonna need some basic tools. We collected all the necessary equipment in a single list for you. Check it up before doing other stuff. You will need the following tools:

  • Safety tools: work gloves and safety goggles;
  • Working tools: ladder, power drill, wood screws, gutter brackets, caulking glue gun, and construction glue with gutter sealant
  • Measuring equipment: holding markers with a nice tip, 25-foot tape measure

From What Parts Roof Gutters Consist?

Finally, before attaching the gutter to the house you should look at the construction and remember from which parts does it consist of. So, there are 10 parts (the following list is listed below):

  1. Corner joint;
  2. 6-inch half-round gutter;
  3. Spherical end cup;
  4. Fascia brackets;
  5. Strip miter;
  6. Downspout outlet;
  7. Downspout elbow;
  8. Downspout section;
  9. Downspout bracket;
  10. Ridged downspout.

DIY gutter installation: How to Do It Right

gutter installation how to

Tip 1: Do It by the Plan

Check the perimeter of the house and yard. Count down how many outside walls are needed gutters. In case if your house is closely located to another house, you can gutter the face and back of your house.

Measure accurately how many linear feet of gutter you gonna need to buy, add some additional ones to be sure that if something happens you will be ready. Only after measurement purchase supplies.

Tip 2: Calculate the Sum

Calculate how much money and time can you spend on your plan? Bear in mind that that is cheaper to order vinyl gutters because they will be generally cost by $3-$5 per linear foot. And for purchasing ordinary aluminum gutters you will need to spend $4-$9 per linear foot. Also, take into account that you will need 6-8 hours for installing without an expert.

If you want some fancy stuff you will require unique materials like edges, trims, or finishes that will cost a higher price in comparison with ordinary ones.

Tip 3: Prepare the Fascia And Soffits

It’s time to check your DIY vocabulary! Do you know what is fascia? It is the smooth boards located simply under a roof along the walls of a home. And what are soffits? They are the area under a roof among gutters and walls.

We recommend you to inspect soffits and the fascia before maintaining your gutters. Check up are there any cracks, wood rot, or peeling paint. Also, it’s quite common that some pieces may be missing. If something is incorrect you will need to replace or fix it.

Tip 4: For Proper Gutter Placement You Will Need a Hand

We suggest you call a friend or ask for assistance from one of the family members to give you a hand. You will need literally his or her hand to hold gutters in position for drilling. Also, when you are standing at the ladder it is comfortable to have someone who will be handing tools up and down to you.

Tip 5: Find a Slight Angle For Attaching a Gutter

You should perform connecting gutters with a small angle for water to drain toward the downspouts, and moving rainwater away from the house and the yard.

Usually, try to evade draining water toward sidewalks. And be absolutely sure that you planned to avoid electric or gas meters in the movement water down outside the perimeter. Do drain water away from your home and keep in mind about other householders to don’t create some issues in the future.

Tip 6: You Gonna Measure All a Couple of Times

This essential rule in the list of carpenters guidelines and you should apply to your gutter plan too. Measure twice or a dozen times because you will cut only once. Do it according to the company’s instructions.

Even specialists irregularly make cutting, so think about that you are doing everything right, don’t be shy to look down instructions a lot. That’s why the assistance of somebody else can help you while measuring stuff to avoid any frustrations. The second pair of eyes and hands are always appreciated during DIY installing.

Thank you for reading our free gutter installation guide! Hope you will do it right and our tips will help you. Don’t forget to read our other DIY free guides!

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