How to Install LED Strip Lights: Free Guide


Do you want to make the interior or the exterior trendy and stylish? You can choose LED strip lights to do it! But how do you do it right? Installing LED strip lights isn’t the hardest thing in the world and this article is made for such beginners as you!

Our article consist of two main parts:

  • Why wiring LED strip lights is the best variant for you;
  • 4-step easy free guide.

How LED Strip Setup Changes Inner or Outside Design?

installing led strip lights

We would like to outline firstly our ideas about why LED strip lights are one of the best decoration tools in the world of decor. Please, remember that this is our subjective opinion based on our thoughts.

Where LED Strip Light Can be Used?

The LED strip lights is now used in the interior and the exterior as well. You can see that a lot of owners of cafes and restaurants are using LED lights to decorate them. LED strip lights especially look great with LOFT design. But don’t you think that it is used in the field of food catering. LED strip lights look very good at the reception table, with walls in offices, etc.

Also, hanging LED strip lights for your house or flat would be a great decision! Kitchen, bathroom, and even living room! This additional decor stuff will fit in everywhere. The proper LED light can change the entire atmosphere of the room’s design!

List of Advantages Installing LED Tape Lights:

  • It is a quite cheap way to decorate your room and add some atmosphere;
  • You can combine it easily with completely different designs in decor;
  • You can save money without general light installation and still have bright with a light to the room;
  • It needs several minutes and just a few steps to be done for mounting LED strip lights;
  • It’s an accessible part of decor all over the developed world.

Wiring LED Strips Installation Guide: Doing Work Done For 4 Steps

how to install led strip lights

Finally, let’s go to business. This is the 4-step guide on how to install LED strip lights for a beginner. More precisely, this article and described method will help people that bought a 12V LED strip lights kit.

Step 1: Clean Up the Surface Before Welding

The first logical step to install it is to clean up the surface of an object (table, wall, ceiling) where LED strip lights will be installed. You can do it by using a dry rag or towel. Make sure that you have removed all the dust and dirt because the dominant part of LED strip lights is with an adhesive material to stick to the object.

Step 2: Unroll And Cut if It’s Needed

Secondly, you should peel the glue tape and stick to the place on the object where you would like to do so. We recommend you to do it in some distant place or problematic one to keep LED strip lights safe. Perform peeling smoothly and if the length is too long cut down the unnecessary part in the appropriate place for cutting.

Step 3: Put Sticking Self-Adhesive to the Place

Paste stick the light strip on the surface to connect it with decorated stuff.

Step 4: Connect the Controller and LED Strip Lights And Turn it On

The final part is about making the lights turn on. For it, you should confirm the connection of it to the adapter and then link LED strip lights with its controller. Let there be the light!

Besides, if you have the rough type of the surface you may need additional joining material to stabilize your construction. For example, some extra clips can get the work done!

Now You Are Ready!

As you could see while reading our free guide there is no difficulty in installing LED strip lights on your own. Don’t forget to read other free guides on how to install something in your house.

Thank you for reading our article to the end! We hope it was informative and interesting as well! See you soon!

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