Learn the Trick to Removing Water Stains from Wood Furniture

how to remove water stains from wood

Whether it’s a forgetful friend, a child, or yourself on and off day, people happen to forget to use a coaster when placing a cold or hot beverage onto a piece of wooden furniture. It happens! While it might seem like the time to mourn the loss of your beautiful piece of wooden furniture, it’s actually just time to grab some items that are probably already in your kitchen that work surprisingly well at removing water stains from wood furniture. With some simple pantry items and a bit of elbow grease, your hand-crafted live edge coffee table can go from a disaster to good as new in no time at all! Do you want to learn how to remove water stains from wood with ease? Read this article, and you will have all of the information you could ever need!

How to Remove Water Stains from Wood

It isn’t as complicated or difficult to fix water stains on wood as most people might think. While coasters are important for preventing water rings on wooden furniture, there are certainly measures you can take after the fact to remedy the stain.

An important thing to note when trying these methods is the dryness and coloration of the ring itself. If the ring is still wet, you should be using a heating or drying method to get the water up and out of the wood before it has a chance to stain. Rubbing the water with a cloth will end up pushing it further into the wood and causing the stain to intensify. Instead, our methods of using either a hairdryer or an iron to lift up the water are better ways of cleaning water stains from wood before they happen. If the stain is dry and white or light in color, the other methods of using stain removers that you can make in your own kitchen are perfect for getting rid of water stains on wood. If the stain is very deeply set and is dark in color, these methods may be less effective than sanding the area and revarnishing it.

can mayonnaise remove water rings

Sometimes when left too long, water stains can cause some real damage, particularly when they get past the lacquer on the furniture’s surface. That is why it is important to use these methods for repairing water stains on wood furniture as soon as you notice a ring forming. The sooner, the better, with these cleaning protocols!

Hair Drying or Ironing for Water Stains that Are Not Dry

If there is a visible water stain that is set into the wood, you will be best off using something to dry the water before the stain sets than to start with a stain remover right away. To do this you can simply plug in a hairdryer and point it at the spot that is wet to allow it to dry quickly without leaving a stain. As I mentioned before, never wipe a water stain away with a towel or a rag. This will only push the water further into the surface and cause a nastier stain. If you don’t have a hairdryer, but you own an iron and a piece of plain cotton or terry cloth, you can place that cloth over the stain and iron with no water until the stain comes out. Make sure there isn’t any dye or patterning on the cloth so that it doesn’t set into the wood accidentally.

repairing water stains on wood furniture

Can Mayonnaise Remove Water Rings?

You read that right! Mayonnaise is the domestic’s best friend when it comes to caring for wood furniture and removing stains. This method is best for rings on wooden furniture that are light-colored and dry. Using a tablespoon of mayo to work a water stain out of a piece of wooden furniture will not only remove the stain, but will also oil the wood and moisturize it for a beautiful and shiny finish.

If you don’t have mayo or you find that option very unappealing (we get it, mayo isn’t everyone’s favorite condiment), you could totally use olive oil or even a mixture of one part olive oil and one part white vinegar. This solution should totally do the trick.

You can also use plain white toothpaste to do the same trick. Avoid anything with microbeads, gels or whitening components so that you don’t harm the wood. With simple toothpaste, rub a dollop onto the surface until the water ring fades away.

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