Step-by-step Guide on How to Install Curtain Rods


Say Goodbye To Your Naked Windows!

Are you staring at a “naked” window and questioning how to attach curtains? Well, stop looking at the bare window and start reding our simple guide on how to install curtain rods! Below, you can read about tips and guide on how to place curtains easily!

Why Should You Have Curtains?

curtain rods installation

Save Your Naked Butt From Being Spotted

Firstly, curtains can add some privacy to the room. For example, if you live in the house and there is a second building that you can see looking through your window. Logically, if you want to have some more privacy and keep strangers or neighbors’ eyes from staring at you from windows you should perform curtain rods installation. Especially, if you like to do exhibitionism on weekends.

Add Some Taste

Secondly, curtains can finish the design of the interior of the room and make some final look of it. You can make it perfect or spoil the whole looks of it, so choose wisely!

Block the Sunlight

Finally, curtains have some practical meaning: you need to install them to secure the room from unwanted sunlight. For instance, if you have some plants on the balcony the sun can harm them in some cases. Or it can just annoy you and eventually you have a bad mood.

What to Do Before Curtain Rods Placement?

installing curtain brackets

Pre-step 1: Choose Drapery

We recommend you to pick your drapery before you choose your curtains rods. Why? The design of the drapery will affect which rod will work best of all in your interior. Also, it’s crucial to understand the length of the curtains because it will determine where you should do mounting curtain rods on the wall.

Pre-step 2: Pick Up All Required Tools Before Putting Up Curtain Rods

It is wise to purchase the whole amount of equipment before starting the installation. To place curtain rods you will need to buy or use the following tools: level and stepladder, measuring tape, mounting hardware, cordless drill, Phillips-head screwdriver, and curtain rod of course.

Pre-step 3: Think of What Type of Curtain Rods to Choose

It would be great if you could decide which type of curtain rods will fit in the design of the interior before installing curtain brackets. You can choose between classic and return rods. If you want to block out sunlight completely choose return rods (U-shaped pole wraps around the complete window). If you like classical style choose standard rods with the original design (flexible pole attaches to the wall by consoles and often highlight an ornamental finial at each end).

Curtain Rods Installation Instructions

curtain rods installation instructions

Step 1: Measure Sizes

Estimate your windows to be sure you purchase the exact curtains and rods. Mark the width of the window and add 8-12 inches to determine the length of the rod. Make sure you choose a curtain panel of the same size as the window’s wide.

Step 2: Install Brackets

Do marking with a pencil and drill holes for your brackets. Place every bracket at the height you previously measured +4-6 inches from the side of the window frame. Mark up to be sure your pencil points are level. Otherwise, the whole window procedure will be wrong. You may need a stud finder to look if your brackets mark up with studs. Perform drilling of holes and then screw the brackets to the wall.

Step 3: Place Rod and Curtains

Are your curtains straight out of the package? In this case, you gonna need to steam out wrinkles and creases. Eliminate the finials from the curtain rod. After it, attach the curtain to the rod.

Notice: before replacing the finial you can put the rod into the bracket. Also, you will want to stretch screws since hanging up curtain rods is finished because bracket’s screws are added to the construction to keep the rod in the position.

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