Learn How to Unclog a Showerdrain Easily | A DIY at Home Guide to Unclogging the Drain

How to Unclog a Showerdrain Easily

Clogged shower drain solutions

Imagine you’ve been working up a sweat helping your friend move on a chilly autumn day. You finally get home after helping out for several hours and you want to take a warm, long and relaxing shower to clean away the sweat and warm you up from the cold. You step into the shower and realize that the shower drain is clogged leaving you standing in a few inches or more of stagnant dirty water. A scenario similar to the one I just gave you is something that can and has happened to many of us over the years. Having a clogged shower drain is inconvenient and gross and it can take the joy and tranquility out of the ritual of bathing that so many of us count on for some self-care. If you are having this problem your first instinct might be to call the plumber, however it might not be so necessary until you try a couple of these simple and easy DIY hacks to unclog a showerdrain

Why is my shower not draining

Before you figure out how to unclog your shower drain you should try to figure out the culprit of your shower drain clog. If you’re certain that it’s built up gunk and hair from many months of showers, these hacks are going to help you solve that problem. If there is something simply blocking the drain or if you have a crumb cup that needs to be cleaned, these solutions might be the most simple and you should try them first. Clean the drain and the area around the drain to see if the water will go down easily with a bit of tidying up first. Then if the drain is still clogged or there is standing water in shower drain, we can move on to some more home remedies for clogged shower drain problems.

Unclogging shower drain

Unclogging shower drain

When it comes to figuring out how to unclog a shower drain, there are a few options that you can choose from. The best way to unclog shower drain might be different for different kinds of draining systems and pipes. For example, our first natural way to unclog shower drain is to pour boiling water down the drain of your shower a few times, which is only a good option if you have metal pipes and not pvc pipes which could be damaged by the extremely hot temperatures. So without further ado, here are some super simple ways to unclog shower drain.

What to use to unclog shower drain

For a DIY shower drain cleaner that doesn’t require a trip to the hardware store you can use either boiling water or a solution of vinegar and sodium bicarbonate (aka your typical grocery store baking soda). If you want to go to a shop to get your drain cleaner so that you know it will be super potent you can purchase Drano. There are shower drain specific versions and you can follow the instructions for pouring that solution down your drain so that the clog will be fixed and your shower will be good as new again. Do be aware that using Drano can not only be expensive but it can also be very harmful for the environment. In order to work so well, Drano has to be quite extremely corrosive and toxic, which is why it’s very dangerous if you get any on your skin or in your eyes. It is also bad for whatever creatures might have to exist in the water where your waste water gets dumped. If you have a septic tank, Drano is a big no-no.

Fix clogged shower drain

Fix clogged shower drain

What is the best way to unclog a shower drain without pouring anything down? If you know that your drain is mostly clogged with thick and or long hair, you might be better off getting the hair out with a different method. Trying to melt, dissolve or push the hair down further into the pipes might not be the best bet and it could even result in further clogging and damage to your pipes or home. Again you have two easy options for this manual version of unclogging your drain. To snake the drain you will need to either use an old metal wire coat hanger or purchase a drain snake that is specifically made for the purpose of unclogging drains. Either will work and each has its benefit. The one you can buy will be easier to immediately use and might work a little bit better depending on your drain snaking skills and the hanger will be cheaper and will save you the trip to the store or the online search. To use the coat hanger you simply need to straighten out an old wire hanger leaving only a hook at the end of the long straightened piece of metal wire. The drain snaking option can be pretty gross so if you’re squeamish or quick to gag you should maybe avoid this option, but if you have a strong stomach you can grab some rubber gloves and get to it. Plunge the metal wire or snake down into the drain as far as you can and use it to grab as much hair and gunk as you can. Once you feel that you’ve hooked some or all of the stuff responsible for the blockage you can pull the snake back up and dispose of whatever you find at the end. Warning this stuff might be really gross so make sure that you have a garbage can close by so you can get rid of it immediately. You might have to do this again one or two more times to make sure that all of the gunk is cleared out.

What to do if nothing works

If you’ve tried all of these methods and nothing is working it might be the time to call up your plumber and have a professional look at your drain. There might be something that is wrong internally and you will want to make sure that you don’t cause further damage by trying to handle it yourself. If these tricks do seem to work however, you can continue to use them whenever you need to in order to prevent too much build up in your drains.

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