Wallpaper Fix – Tricky Tips and Hints How to Do it Right


I think everyone has faced or will face a problem on how to fix wallpaper without any professional assistance for performing it.

Most people consider wallpaper as the fastest way to make a room stylish and comfortable. But air bubbles, tears, and seams are the most common damages and that’s why every householder or owner of a flat will eventually face repair wallpaper damage.

In our new article, we gathered the best collection of tips to make peeling wallpaper easier for a beginner.

We know You Gonna Repair Wallpaper

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Did you know that the simplest way to refresh a room is to do a “lazy repair”? But what does it mean? The laziest way to repair or to refresh a room is to change or repair wallpaper.

You might buy a new flat or house and want to make your apartments look like “yours” or just want to fix damaged wallpaper from previous owners. Or you had some accident and now your pretty wallpaper looks bad.

In any case, you wanna read this article to know that you can do it on your own hands without some incredible difficulties. We have chosen the main information so you could always have some tricky tips in help.

The Right Way to Save Wallpaper’s Seams

There are different reasons where the loose seam has happened but there is also one universal way to repair peeling wallpaper.

  1. You need to put a little brush (you can use an artist’s brush) into the wallpaper-seam adhesive.
  2. Apply an even layer glue to the bottom of a seam;
  3. Take a wooden seam roller to smooth out the paper;
  4. Remove excess glue by using a damp sponge.

Patching Wallpaper From Air Bubbles: The Simple Technique

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It’s a common phenomenon that after installation some air bubbles and blisters have appeared on the wall. Also, air bubbles can appear after some time if there some dot of dirt or paint chip has been trapped in the paper. Or even if after the installation you have figured out that the air did not pull out air bubbles emerged.

How to Check Which Exact Air Bubble Do You Have In the Wallpaper?

You just need to press a finger against the bubble to understand does a trapped air or something else. If you feel that it is not air because something is specking you need to cat an X through the razor knife and tweezers.

How to Put Off Air Bubbles?

You must squeeze seam glue through the slit and roll the paper flat. You have discovered that it is the air you can repair it by using a glue-injecting syringe. But first, you should fill up it with seam-glue. Only remains to make a direct pressure by injector into the bubble by pressing the plunger.

8-step Guide on How to Fix Wallpaper That is Damaged

  1. Take off the damaged part of the wallpaper with a razor blade;
  2. Take a new piece – it should be bigger than the size of a damaged zone;
  3. Use an even coat paste to the opposite side of the wallpaper new piece;
  4. Take the piece of wallpaper and fold it over itself for 5 minutes;
  5. Place the piece onto the wall so it blends as the original paper
  6. Take the paper and paper smoother, use it to go over the whole area;
  7. Apply a damp cloth to rip off any excess wallpaper paste;
  8. Wait from 24 up to 48 hours so wallpaper should be able to dry.

Thank you!

We just wanted to thank all of the readers that have spent their precious time reading our tips and tricks collection. Hope you will use these tips and will make your repair easier than it could be.

Don’t forget that we have a lot of articles in which we share step-by-step guides on how to do some repairs by your hands!

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