What to Do if I Have a Leaking Fridge?


Stop! Just wait for a second! If water leaks from the refrigerator there are several reasons why you have such a problem. Your fridge can be normal and you don’t need to give it to professionals to fix it. Save your money and time by doing TOP-4 things that beginners would never do.

We have chosen TOP-4 reasons why it happens:

  1. A fridge is working all the time;
  2. An ice maker isn’t doing its job;
  3. A defrost drain is blocked;
  4. An overcoming of ice build-up.

Why is the Fridge Leaking? What are the General Fridge Problems?

leaking fridge

You might have one of the common issues concerning the functioning of a fridge. The reason why the fridge leaking inside can be one of the followings:

  • Water leaks from a fridge and covers up all the area over it because a fridge isn’t placed properly;
  • It may be a problem with ice-maker inside of a fridge;
  • OR the amount of frost is so high that it starts building walls consisting of frozen water.

We gathered the largest collection of recommendations that can fix refrigerator leaking. And you won’t need to call a repairman. So let’s get started!

How to Fix a Leaking Refrigerator? The Free Guide

water leaks from the refrigerator

Don’t Let It Work 24/7 You Want Your Fridge Work Correctly

Refrigerator dripping maybe because it works all the time (all day long without turning off). Constantly working can kill any device. Especially, if don’t clean it up from the debris and dust. Logically you should let it rest and clean several times in a month. It is the most common problem why a fridge doesn’t work well.

Refrigerator Leaks Water Underneath – Searching For Solution

Is the defrost drain is blocked? It’s a general issue that may be caused by some parts of food or any other trash clogs the drain hose. You should try to remove debris to get rid of clogging the drain hose. To do it use warm water, a little funnel, or turkey baster.

The Ice Maker Isn’t Working

The reason why the ice maker isn’t operating is that a clog in the waterline is decreasing water flow. The problem may be due to water connection blockage. The second issue is that a shut-off arm is in an improper setting (it can be stuck in OFF position). Lastly, it can be some problem with the ice bin out of its reach.

To give you a hand we advise you to do these things:

  • Fixing problem 1: disable a water supply with a shut-off valve (you can find it on the backside of the fridge under the kitchen sink); wait several hours so ice could melt, or use the heat of the blow-dryer;
  • Solving problem 2: inspect the place of engaging shut-off arm; if it’s not okay take off the ice storage bin; use warm water to melt all the ice; after it clean it up with a towel.
  • Fixing problem 3: storage bin should be removed; let it come off the ice for a few hours; by the help of hot water defrost the bin sensor; clean it with a towel and place all of these back in the fridge.

You Have the Chinese Wall Made of Freezer Ice

A large ice buildup can be caused by the reason that you leave the freezer door for too long a time. It can raise the humidity level inside the freezer. The second thing is that seals fail to work correctly and it results in overcoming ice buildup.

How to cope with a situation?

  • Firstly try not to leave the freezer door open for a prolonged time. It can save the day if the reason for ice buildup is because of this. Think about why the door opens – it may be some problems with connection or your bad habit.
  • Secondly, if you have some problems with a seal try to clean them up to see will it help. Do it with warm water inside and outside of the freezer. To make it dry again use a softy towel. And only then close the door.
  • Thirdly, if the second part dъid not reach its point try to install a new fridge gasket. Don’t forget to use an appropriate one that fits your model of the fridge.

Thank you!

We hope that after reading our guide you won’t have problems with fixing leaking refrigerators. Stay with us to learn more guides and tutorials for free!

We have a lot of useful information so you can be ready to get a brainstorm on 100 lvl! We recommend reading our guides to be ready for any situation!

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