Wood Stove Installation: Tips & Tricks How to Do It Right


Do you want to make a wood stove installation by yourself? You should be prepared and read our 6-steps guide. But before we recommend you to read how things have changed since the past till now.

How it Was in the 1500s’ and Now

wood burning stove installation

Woodstove fitting is more manageable now than ever before! These old-school heating systems have passed a great way since the stage of its invention in the 16th century. Nowadays people have so many types, styles, and ways of freestanding stoves. Wood stoves used to be in most homes before the breaking point – the invention of central heating. One of the reasons why DIY wood stoves have been replaced by a central heating system is because old wood stove models could cause real damage to householders and were not eco-friendly at all.

More precisely, smoke inhalation hazards are one of the problems of humanity that we are facing even in nowadays. People understood how much damage it caused the environment and move forward for the solvation to such a situation. Modern wood stoves are a completely different story.

With the appropriate wood burning stove installation by an expert hearth installer, you may enjoy this old-style source of home energy that is safe and available all year long. You are on the right website if you want to know how to install a wood stove in your apartments. Let’s take a look!

Wood Stove Setup For 6 Steps

how to install a wood stove

Step 1: Make It In an Appropriate Place

What is the best place for putting in a wood stove at home? Choose the right location is the first thing you should do. Firstly, that zone should be located away from walls, furniture, and everything else that can be flamed. Be aware of everything that can catch fire. Secondly, choose are on which freestanding stove will be in a central position because it will serve you as the primary heat source. The heat will spread all over the room, then all over the apartments smoothly. You should place it on the ground floor if you live in a big house with several floors (the warm will go from the down to up).

Step 2: Planning the Firewood

A wood stove can work with various wood! You should spend some time and choose a position for some arrangement of firewood for your wood-burning stove setup. Also, place your woodstove closely to the main entrance to apartments. It will save you the time (you will need to take some new firewood from outside).

Step 3: Organize the Safe Flooring

Add some safe flooring for DIY wood burning stove installation. You can choose from a wide range of materials: bricks, stones, tiles. It is the best stuff for a woodstone. Bear in mind that there must be a section of flooring below of fire-resistant flooring in your house. That will secure your home.

Step 4: Make Your Walls Secured

You will need to secure the walls from behind – it is one of the essential steps of DIY wood stove install. The same stuff as with safe flooring will fit correctly. The main thing is to choose from flame-resistant materials. Also, you should pay your attention to keep up the remaining place between walls and woodstone.

Step 5: Think About Ashes

Plan how will you manage with all those ashes. You can choose the easy way by throwing ashes with carbage or try to recycle it in an eco-friendly manner. Handle it with maximum care.

Step 6: Routine Wood Stove Management

You should be prepared that sooner or later you will need to handle it. Cleaning chimney is one of the bright examples of routine management.

Thank You!

We just want to show you our appreciation for reading our recent wood stove installation guide to the end! Don’t forget to read our other free guides to be ready for anything. Fixing and installing by your own hands is the best thing to do!

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