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Cleaning Your Beauty Blender 101 — Get A Sparkling Clean Beauty Blender

Cleaning Your Beauty Blender

Let’s talk about beauty blenders! Beauty blenders are those little sponges that have taken the makeup world by storm. We love to use them, and boy, do we use them a lot! They are easy to use to apply anything from foundation to contour, and while they are easy to wash, not everyone knows how to wash them correctly.

That is why this cleaning beauty blender guide is here to make sure everyone cleans their makeup sponge correctly. If you’ve seen the videos or pictures of people watching the dirty water stream out of grimy-caked-up makeup sponges or brushes, you know that those bad boys can accumulate a lot of old foundation and other unsavory substances.

As you hopefully know, putting something that is dirty on your face can cause breakouts, rashes, uneven skin, and clogged pores. You want your makeup sponge to be in the cleanest possible condition to avoid any of these ailments and get the best out of your makeup and skincare routine. Don’t cut corners when it comes to making sure that your beauty blender is washed, or you may regret it later on. Learn how to clean a beauty blender sponge and never go without a pristine makeup applicator again!

What Is the Best Way to Clean a Beauty Blender?

the Best Way to Clean a Beauty Blender

When it comes to figuring out what to use to clean beauty blender, the easiest option is soap. Before you do anything else, a good scrubbing with soap and water is the most simple and effective way to clean a beauty blender. When it comes to the soap that you use for washing beauty blenders, be sure that you’re using something hypoallergenic like face wash or soap specifically made for cleaning makeup brushes and applicators. First, get your beauty blender wet with warm water, making sure that the entire sponge is completely soaked through. Then grab your beauty blender cleaning soap and lather away, making sure to really work the soap into and through the entirety of the sponge.

You can use your fingers to knead the sponge and then press the sponge up against your palm to let the dirty water run out. Once you’ve really given it a really good scrub, you can run it under warm water once again and rise out all of the soap, foundation, and makeup from the sponge. If your sponge was really dirty you can repeat this soap and water cleanse, or you could move on to one of our next cleaning suggestions.

DIY Beauty Blender Cleaner

DIY Beauty Blender Cleaner

If you want to make your own beauty blender cleaning solution just know that the options aren’t superabundant. You don’t want to put strange concoctions or harsh chemicals on your face or a tool that you are going to be putting on your face regularly.

And you don’t want to put anything in the beauty blender that might react negatively with your makeup. The best thing to use is a hypoallergenic or gentle soap. You could also use gentle dish soap, but stick to one that is all-natural and avoid this if you have very sensitive skin. If you felt like making it a bit extra clean, you could add a few tiny drops of olive oil or coconut oil to the soap to make it squeaky clean.

Clean Beauty Blender in Microwave

Clean Beauty Blender Microwave

Another beauty blender cleaning hack is to microwave your makeup sponge in a cup with a bit of water and soap. This trick will make your sponge clean with little effort on your part. All you do is add enough water to a cup to cover the entire beauty blender, and then add some soap and microwave for sixty seconds. The water will come out dirty and your sponge will come out clean!

How Often Should You Clean Your Beauty Blender

You should clean your beauty blender after every use. If this seems unrealistic for you because you often run out in a hurry after applying your makeup, make sure that you wash it very thoroughly at the very least once per week.

You should do the microwave trick every month and make sure that you are replacing your beauty blender every couple of months. If you wash it regularly and store it correctly, your beauty blender may be able to last for up to six months, but if you aren’t able to maintain it fastidiously, you should replace it every three months with a brand new pristine one.

Where to Store Beauty Blender

A very important thing to do to make sure that your beauty blender is clean and maintain it for as long as possible is to store it in a cool and dry place. Do not store your beauty blender loosely in your makeup bag because it can rub up against other items and get dirtier. Do not store it in a plastic bag because that will allow for bacteria to build up inside its porous spongy material.

Make sure there is airflow and that there isn’t much heat surrounding the space that you store your beauty blender. You could store it in a cabinet or in a small breathable box on your vanity or on a shelf. Be cautious about leaving it out in the bathroom, where heat and moisture are always coming into play.

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