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What to Do When You Get A Hole In Your Shirt – Fix Hole in Shirt Guide

Hole In Your Shirt guide

In today’s world of excessive shopping and fast fashion, many people forget the fact that mending and repairing clothing can make it last longer and look better. Because so many people are so quick to throw away a shirt with a tiny hole in it instead of simply mending a hole in t shirt fabric, the amount of textile waste that ends up in the landfill is massive. Did you know that by simply not buying more clothing for a year you are doing the earth a favor? The fashion industry alone constitutes 10% of carbon emissions. That is a pretty huge percentage for one industry. There are ways to fix holes in shirt material without even having to pick up a needle and thread. Not only is there an incredibly easy way to fix holes in the shirt, there are also fun ways to mend clothing that can refresh them for the new season of fashionable trends. This way your wardrobe staples can withstand the ever-changing seasons, and you can avoid buying new clothes when your old ones go out of style.

Fix Hole In Shirt: Can You Fix a Hole In Shirt Fabric?

One of the easiest ways to avoid fast fashion is to fix your clothes that are pretty much perfect, other than one or two tiny holes. Learning how to fix a hole in a shirt can save you time and money. These methods of patching up holes will only take a short amount of time, so if you were going to take the time out of your day to go shop for an expensive new shirt, try mending the shirt you have already, the environment and your wallet is going to thank you. There are three ways that you can fix a hole in a shirt. The first way is without sewing, the second is a simple sewing job and the third is with a fun decorative patch to add some flair and personal style to your shirt.

What Do You Use to Fix a Hole In Your Shirt?

What Do You Use to Fix a Hole In Your Shirt

Depending on what method of mending you’re partaking in, there are different tools and materials you are going to need to fix the hole in your shirt. If you’re going for the “fix hole in shirt without sewing” method, you would need an iron, a tiny bit of lightweight fusible bonding, and a bit larger piece of sew-in fabric stabilizer. If you’re going to simply sew the hole up with a needle and thread, you are going to need some thread that is around the same color as the shirt you are mending and a needle. For the fun patching project, find a sweet patch that you want to rock on your t-shirt or use old clothing that you can no longer wear, fix or give away to make a one-of-a-kind patch. You will also need either a needle and thread or fabric glue to secure the patch onto your shirt.

How to Fix a Hole In a Shirt Without Sewing

To fix a hole in a shirt without sewing, you first need to cut your piece of fusible bonding to be about the size of the hole. Then you should turn your shirt inside out and place the piece of bonding onto the hole and then the slightly larger piece of either sew-in stabilizer or simply similar colored t-shirt fabric. Then iron the two onto the shirt so that they fuse together. This is an uncomplicated way to fix your shirt in a matter of a few minutes.

Simple Sewing

Simple Sewing for shirt

Many would say that the best way to fix a hole in the shirt is to simply take some thread that is the same color as the shirt and sew the hole up in a few stitches. This is going to be a pretty sturdy solution to your hole problem, but depending on the material of the shirt and the thickness of your thread, the little spot that is sewn could be quite noticeable. If you use a thinner thread, there should be less of a noticeable spot.

You are going to want to thread your needle with the sewing thread you have selected and tie the two ends of the thread in a secure knot at the end. Then you should turn your shirt inside out and begin by sewing the hole closed from one side to the other and then that side back. Some people like to make a star pattern to ensure that the hole is evenly closed on all sides.

Creative Ways to Fix a Hole In a Shirt

If you want to doozy your shirt up a little more now that you’ve got your sewing equipment out, you can totally personalize your shirt with a beautiful or cute patch of fabric to sew, glue or iron onto the area of the shirt with a hole in it.

All you need to do is take the patch that you have selected and either glue it on with a bit of fabric glue, iron it on with the same fusible bonding material, or sew it to your shirt. To glue it, apply a small, even amount of fabric glue to the patch and apply it to the shirt, holding it for a few seconds to allow the glue to stick. For the iron-on option, cut out a patch-sized piece of fusible bonding, layer that where you want the patch to go, place the patch on top, and iron it on. For the sewing option, place the patch where you want it to go, hold it there with pins, and then turn the shirt inside out to sew the perimeter of the patch onto the shirt.

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