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Learn How to Braid Cornrows to Make Beautiful Hairstyles – Cornrow Braiding

How to Braid Cornrows

Cornrows are a hairstyle for natural hair that can be both gorgeous and good for your curls. Learning how to braid cornrows is a great way to be self-sufficient in styling your hair in a beautiful and protective way. Braiding can be a way to spend time with family and community, and learning to do it yourself can help you feel connected to your heritage, and learn to pass the knowledge on to others in your life.

How to Braid Cornrows

With knowledge of how to braid cornrows, you can braid your friend’s hair, your own hair, your partner’s hair or your children’s hair. While it may seem like a tricky style to get right, this cornrow braids tutorial will get you started with an easy list of instructions for making cornrow braids step by step.

What Are Cornrows?

Cornrow Braiding

Cornrows are a style of braiding that embraces African heritage. What makes Cornrows different from other braids is that instead of braiding the hair away from the scalp, cornrow braids are braided tight to the scalp. This gives them a unique look and helps protect the scalp and natural hair during the growing process or simply just for daily life.

There are many different ways that you can cornrow hair, depending on the length of the hair and the skill level of the person braiding. Cornrows can get complicated if you’re going for a really intricate style, but cornrows for beginners are easy to learn and look great. Cornrow instructions will vary depending on how many rows you want to braid.

For this tutorial, we will look at braiding cornrows for beginners, which means fewer rows to braid. While it is possible to braid as many cornrows as can fit on your head is very small and tight braids, this article will give you instructions on how to braid either two or four.

How Long Does It Take to Braid Cornrows?

Depending on how long your hair is and complicated you want your DIY cornrows to be, braiding could take anywhere from 10 minutes to many hours. No matter what it is important to take your time and avoid rushing the process so that you don’t end up with hair that you don’t like. The key to making tight, uniform braids is practice.

By starting with an easy way to do cornrows you can then build up to more intricate and advanced braiding. In the beginning, start out with fewer rows in order to ensure that your hair looks even and precise. For the beginners’ cornrows that you will learn about in this article, the process should take around 20-35 minutes. Again, be sure that you don’t rush this process so that you come out with the most beautiful-looking braids.

You will Need:

  • A comb with a tail end;
  • Leave in conditioner, hair oil, or some other kind of detangler;
  • A spray bottle;
  • Water;
  • Small elastic bands (optional).

How to Start Cornrows

What Are Cornrows?

Before getting started with the braiding, there are some important cornrow tips you should consider. Firstly, make sure that your hair is detangled and moisturized. You can either wash your hair and moisturize it with a leave-in conditioner or hair oil or simply wet your hair and apply moisturizer to it. Then allow your hair to air dry or blow dry it. For most people, the best way to cornrow hair is to detangle as you go, so it might be beneficial to grab a spray bottle and fill it with some water and leave-in conditioner, or water and hair oil. This way you can make sure that the pieces of hair you pick up to braid are smooth and easy to work with.

Step One

Take your comb and part your hair into the number of braids you want to have. If you want two braids, part your hair evenly in the middle. Use your nose as a reference to make sure that your part is in the middle of your head. Make sure it is even and straight before going ahead. If you want to do four braids, make your middle part and then part your hair again once on the right side of your head and once on the left side of your head so that you have four even sections of hair. If your part doesn’t look right the first time, comb your hair back and try again.

Step Two

Start braiding your first cornrow by taking up a small section of hair at your hairline and then two other even-sized pieces behind that piece. These will be the starting three portions of hair required for making a braid. Then take one of the side sections and bring it behind the middle section to replace it. Take the other side section and bring it behind your new middle section and replace it again.

Step Three

Now you are going to start making the braid into a cornrow instead of a simple braid by picking up a bit more hair with the side section the next time you bring it around behind the middle section to replace it. Each time you grab a side section to bring it to the middle, you should pick up an evenly portioned piece of hair from the area of the scalp that you are braiding. This way you will have evenly portioned braids that are braided to the scalp instead of away from the scalp. This is where your detangling spray may come in handy. Spray a bit directly on the hair whenever you need to pull a bit more hair into the braid, and you want to make sure that it is smooth and not tangled. A helpful tip for taking up more hair to add to your braid is to continue to use the tail of the comb to pick up a bit more hair and comb it out before braiding.

Step Four

Continue like this until you run out of hair that is attached to the scalp. Once you’ve gotten to the hair that falls away from the head, you can braid it like any other simple braid. If your hair allows you to wrap the ends around your finger a few times to keep the braid from unraveling, then you should do so now. If your hair is too thin or not curly enough for this you can use small elastic bands to secure the braid at the end.

Step Five

How Long Does It Take to Braid Cornrows

Now that you have successfully completed one braid, it is time to do the whole thing again on the next portion of hair. If you had parted your hair down the center for two braids, you only have one more braid to go. If you were interested in making four braids, you have three braids left.

Once you have completed all of the braids and secured them by twisting your hair or using a small elastic, you may want to use gel to smooth your edges or baby hairs for the complete styled look. Take care of your braids by conditioning them and you will be able to keep this look for quite a while.

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