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How to Identify Mushrooms: Read The Article Now Because It Will Be Blow Your Head

how to identify mushrooms

How to Identify Mushrooms

Are you planning an expedition into the wilderness? Would you like to become a mushroom expert and be able to identify poison mushrooms and find safe mushrooms to eat? In this article, I will highlight exactly how to figure out how to distinguish between edible vs poisonous mushrooms. In a situation where you need to figure out the difference between edible and poisonous mushrooms, there are a few very important guidelines to follow.

What do Poison Mushrooms Look Like?

There are a few things to look out for if you want to know how to tell if a mushroom is poisonous. Firstly, avoid eating any mushrooms that are red. Not all red mushrooms are poisonous, but some of the most deadly mushrooms are red. Avoid red mushrooms altogether to avoid the most poisonous ones. Another kind of mushroom to avoid would be any mushroom with white gills, as most poison mushrooms have white gills.

If you see scales on a mushroom’s cap, you should also avoid this kind of mushroom. There is also a likelihood that a mushroom with a ring around the stem could be poisonous, so avoid these mushrooms as well. One common myth about mushrooms is that if you see an animal eating a mushroom that means it is safe.

This is not true. Just like berries, leaves, and roots, mushrooms can have different effects and toxicity when consumed by different species. A mushroom that is safe for a bird might make you terribly ill. The most important guideline is to note that if you’re not sure what the mushroom is you should not try to figure out how to test if a mushroom is poisonous.

If you are not extremely sure of the variety of mushrooms you’re wishing to consume, do not, under any circumstance, eat the mushroom. Some poisonous mushrooms can make you extremely sick if ingested, while others can actually lead to death. It is never a good idea to experiment with consuming mushrooms unless you are 100% sure what kind of mushrooms they are or you’ve taken them to an expert to be identified.

Poisonous Mushrooms:

Some of the most poisonous mushrooms are relatively easy to find and some can be easily confused for the harmless and edible mushrooms that grow in the same region. This is why it is really important to be certain of what mushroom you are foraging so you don’t eat something that can cause illness or death. Some of the most toxic mushrooms are the autumn skullcap, the death cap, the false morels, and the Conocybe filaris. These mushrooms can cause death if ingested and are easy to find in North America and elsewhere.

So which mushrooms are safe to eat?

safe mushrooms to eat

In order to make sure you’re not eating a poisonous mushroom, you will need to know how to identify edible mushroom with extreme accuracy. It is suggested that you figure out how to identify an edible mushroom three times accurately in the wild before attempting to consume them. In order to do this, you will need to find that specific kind of mushroom in the wild three times and each time confirm with an expert that it is in fact the mushroom you think it is and that it is safe to eat.

Once you have correctly identified a mushroom you’ve found in the wilderness three times, you should be able to trust your identification skills and trust that you will not ingest a toxic mushroom. If you want to start looking for edible mushrooms, you need to know what to look for! Here are a few delicious edible mushrooms that you should be able to identify if you want to be a mushroom forager.

Hen of the Woods

dentify edible mushroom

The “hen of the woods mushroom” gets their name for its meaty flavor and ruffly texture. Some say they taste a bit like chicken. They are usually grey or brown with a ruffle-like texture and usually found in the fall. This mushroom does not have gills, and it is a good mushroom for beginners because of its distinct look. There are not many mushrooms that look like hen of the woods meaning the risk of misidentifying and getting a dangerous mushroom is low.


difference between edible and poisonous mushroom

Chanterelle Mushrooms are another great mushroom to forage for and consume from the wild. They can be found in the fall or springtime beneath trees. They are distinctly golden and look like little trumpets with a concave cap.

Oyster Mushroom

how to test if a mushroom is poisonous

Found in forests in North America and many other places on the globe, oyster mushrooms are a classic example of an easy-to-find edible mushroom. They look similar to the shellfish, hence the name oyster, and they can be many colors from grey, to blue-grey, to brown, white or even pink! They have gills underneath which are sometimes white, which means you must be very careful about identifying oyster mushrooms and shouldn’t try unless you have a lot of experience.

What to Do to Become a Better Mushroom Forager:

If you’re able to identify a few of the most common edible mushrooms in your geographical location, you might be interested in figuring out how to become a better forager or learn more about mushrooms and all that they bring to our lives. Some ways that you could learn more include investing in a mushroom guide, joining a mushroom foraging group either online or in your local community, or signing up for a mycology class which will really teach you a lot about the different kinds of mushrooms and how they should be used or avoided.

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