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Learn How to Spot a Fake – Authenticating Nike Shoes and Knockoffs

How to Spot a Fake Nike Shoes

Because the brand name and designer clothing can be so sought after and popular, there is no question as to why so many knock-off products are made all over the world. There is nothing wrong with buying a high-quality dupe. It’s also totally acceptable to buy a cheap knockoff if you like it, and you know that the fact that it’s not authentic doesn’t bother you. Hell, some copycat items can be better made or even better looking than the originals.

The issue becomes more problematic when a retailer or independent salesperson sells you a product that you believe to be an original, when in fact it is a knockoff. This happens more than we even know, especially with huge and popular brands like Nike. That is why it is important to be able to tell the difference between fake Nikes vs real ones. Sometimes the counterfeiter will be so good at what they do that it’s almost impossible to tell the difference between fakes and authentic Nike shoes. At this point you might be wondering, are my Nikes real? Well, using this guide, there are ways that you can figure it out! If you want to learn how to spot fake Nike shoes, this guide will teach you everything you need to know.

How to do a Nike Authenticity Check

How to do a Nike Authenticity Check

If you want to learn how to spot fake Nikes, you have to study the real thing so that you can have some means of comparison. One of the easiest ways to know how to tell if Nike shoes are fake is to look at the official version and do a comparison. Fake Nike shoes will not have the same exact hues when it comes to the color of the fabrics and polymers. Knock-offs will also be heavier, distinguishing them from the feather-weight properties that Nike shoes are so sought after for. Another big red flag is an extremely low price, especially when comparing the shoes you are looking to buy with other similar footwear. Sometimes the Nike website will have really good deals, but you will pretty much never be able to find sneakers for $20, so if you see that price, it’s likely too good to be true.

Are the Nikes I Am Looking to Buy Online Fake?

If you don’t know whether the shoes you’re looking into are fakes or authentic Nike products, it would probably be best to compare them to the original and to take note of inconsistencies. If you’re purchasing online, it is important to know that Nike has made it illegal to use its namesake in a domain name other than the official Nike website. If you’re buying something that says it comes from or you’re not buying something authentic. It is also worthwhile to note that while Nike products were at one point sold on Amazon, they’re no longer being sold through that platform as of 2019. Some trustworthy retailers of Nike are places like Zappos, SSense, Nordstom and the Bay. Most companies with big names are not going to sell you shoes that aren’t authentic. Of course, buying Nike products from Nike’s official website will be a great way to avoid buying counterfeit products.

Is Nike Made In Vietnam Original?

Is Nike Made In Vietnam Original

A lot of Nike shoes and other Nike products are in fact manufactured in Vietnam, and it will say so on the tag. Most Nike products are manufactured in Asian countries like Vietnam, China and Cambodia. If you see a Nike product that says it was made in the USA, take a closer look to make sure that it is not a knockoff product.

While some special limited-time offers are manufactured in places other than Asia and Mexico, those rare items make up only 4% of Nike’s overall products. It is important to be able to spot all of the different components of the shoe to be sure that they are the real thing. Look closely at the tag to see where the product has been made, and watch out for any inconsistencies between the tag of an original Nike product and the one you have purchased or are looking to purchase.

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