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Wait! Wait! These Things You Should Know Before Going Blonde: Step-by-step Guide


What to do before bleaching hair

Before bleaching your hair, beauty experts recommend that you have a consultation with someone at the hair salon to figure out the best course of action to take before going for it. In their consultation the salon employee will look at your hair and ask questions about your hair care and recent treatments and colorings in order to get an idea of what needs to be done before the bleaching process.

They can also recommend products and pre bleach hair treatment that is specific to your hair’s needs. Professionals will know how to prepare hair for bleaching the best because it is their job to do so on a regular basis, however if you want to bleach your hair by yourself there are some things you should consider beforehand.

Tips Before Bleaching Hair:

What to do before bleaching hair

When it comes to getting your hair bleached or bleaching it yourself, you want to have the healthiest and least dried out hair that you can so that the bleaching process does the least amount of damage and works best. The process of bleaching strips your hair of it’s natural pigment in order to lighten it, which can do a lot of damage in the process depending on the state of your hair before the bleach goes in.

There will also be more damage to the hair the darker your hair is before you bleach it. This is because the bleach will have to work harder to strip darker pigments than it will to strip a bit of pigment from lighter colored hair. In the bleaching process it is possible to damage your hair quite a bit, especially if it is already damaged to begin with. This is why it is recommended to follow steps to make sure your hair is as healthy as it can be before you bleach.

This means trimming dead ends, waiting a certain amount of time if you’ve recently died or treated your hair, doing hair masks and deep moisturizing treatments and more.

How to protect hair before bleaching

How to protect hair before bleaching

In order to protect your hair before you bleach it you will want to avoid using any heated tools like curling irons, flat irons and blow dryers for a few days before you want to bleach. This will reduce the heat damage and dryness of your hair and put in better shape to be bleached.

Conditioning hair before bleaching is also a good idea. If you want to optimize your hair health prior to stripping your hair with bleach, it is always a helpful thing to do regular hair masks or deep conditioning treatments. Use natural hair treatments like coconut oil, avocado, egg, oatmeal, aloe vera, and olive oil.

You can also buy pre-bleaching conditioners and hair products, but note that these are often more expensive and not particularly more effective than natural products.

Should you wash your hair before bleaching it?

Should you wash your hair before bleaching it

When it comes to the topic of whether or not you should wash hair before bleaching it, the consensus among hair professionals is that you should actually hold off on washing your hair for as long as possible before bleaching your hair. Why is it better to bleach dirty hair? For starters this will help protect your hair and scalp from the chemicals involved in the bleaching process and make sure that your hair isn’t dried out or stripped from shampooing when the time comes for the bleach to do it’s magic.

There are some dyes and hair treatments that require hair to be clean, but when it comes to bleaching, bleaching dirty hair is the way to go and it won’t prevent the product from spreading through each strand evenly.

How long to wait before bleaching

How long to wait before bleaching

If your hair is perfectly healthy, conditioned and you haven’t dyed or treated it recently, you can go ahead and bleach your hair as soon as you feel ready. To maximize hair health be sure to avoid heat tools, go a few days without washing it and maybe try a hair mask before going in with the bleach.

If your hair is damaged or you have dyed or bleached it recently, consider waiting and treating your hair with nourishing treatments before you go the bleaching route. If your hair is frayed, dead, or splitting at the ends, bleaching will only make it more brittle and unhealthy, so get a trim before you bleach. If you have recently dyed or treated your hair, wait at least two weeks to a month before bleaching.

If you have darker hair and bleached it once resulting in that not yellow or orange hue, try purple shampoo and bleach care products before going in for a second round of bleach. These will be more nourishing and provide you with the color toning you desire without the damage of re-bleaching.

Post Bleaching Hair Care

After you have bleached your hair it is important to maintain a good hair care routine so that your hair is as healthy and glowing. The post bleaching care is similar to the pre-bleaching care in that you are making an effort to avoid things that dry out and damage hair follicles.

As I mentioned before, invest in some toner or purple shampoo if you want to get an even blonde tone and remove any orange or bright yellow pigments in your hair. Deep conditioning and treating with natural hair products is going to be important going forward to keep your hair healthy and make your look last as long as possible.

Treating your hair well between bleachings will allow you to spend more time liking the way your hair looks in between trips to the salon or the hair dye shop.

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