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Training any dog is important for having a good relationship with your pet, and making sure that they understand the rules and boundaries of your home and your relationship. Raising a corgi puppy means starting with that training early on to foster a good dog and owner relationship from the get-go. Training a corgi begins when you take the dog home as a puppy. If you are adopting an older corgi, the odds are it has already been trained to some extent, which means that the older the dog, the harder it will be to train differently. This goes with the expression “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” However, if you are raising a corgi puppy, you will be able to tailor your corgi training exactly to your needs. Corgi puppy training can take some work, but with enough of the right kind of training, any puppy can learn how to be well behaved. Learn all about training corgis and raising corgi puppies right here with this helpful article full of corgi puppy tips.

Corgi training difficulty

Corgis are smart dogs, so training them will not be too difficult if you train them well. They will be able to easily understand basic commands like sit, stay, rollover, and shake. All it takes is a bit of routine training practice, approximately one hour per day, and your corgi should be very obedient and well trained.

Training corgi puppies

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If you want to know about training a corgi puppy, you will need to understand how to train a puppy of any breed. Puppies are very impressionable, which means that they are learning how to behave from the moment that you get them. Most people agree that having a puppy is more time-consuming or requires more energy than having a dog, and that’s true. Puppies are more effort because puppies have more energy and they’re going to explore everything which means you need to tell them what is on and off-limits. Puppies are going to try whatever is available to them, so the first rule of puppy training is to limit their access to things when you are not able to keep an eye on them and train them about what they can and cannot do. Puppies require potty training just like little kids do, so you will need to show them where they can and can’t use the bathroom, and just like kids, this might take a few tries before they get it perfect. This means that you might need to invest in some puppy pads for accidents in the house which are bound to happen with a brand new pup.

Keep the puppy in its crate with puppy pads when you are not playing or when you are not outside until the puppy can learn to either pee on the puppy pads only or only pee outside. Limiting your pup with a crate or a fenced-off section of your house when you’re not able to keep an eye on them will help you avoid problems like chewing on furniture or eating something that they shouldn’t eat or might be potentially dangerous. For corgi obedience training let your corgi pup explore any part of the house they want to while you’re around to keep an eye on them, and if they start to engage in a behavior you don’t want them to, make sure you let them know that is not okay.

For training corgis, let the pup know when they have done something that is not allowed or when they are not allowed to do something by saying NO. When your pup does something correctly or shows patience and restraint, give the pup affirmations, tell them YES and give them some nice head scratches or belly rubs. Commands like sit and stay should also be part of the corgi puppies’ training. Teaching puppy commands and words should be mostly done with a strong loud voice and appropriate body language. Some people choose to train their puppies with treats but know that this isn’t always an effective method of training. It is better to use treats sparingly and gain the respect of your pup without too much food incentive.

Corgi tips: Raising corgi puppy

corgi tips

When raising a corgi puppy, set up a daily routine so that the puppy will know what to expect and how to react. When you give the puppy the same routine every day, they will learn how to be obedient as they go through the same daily routine. If they get the first meal of the day at 10:00 in the morning every single day, the pup will learn as part of its corgi puppy training that 10 am means time to have breakfast, and this might lead the puppy to wait by the food bowl at 9:55. If you switch up the time that you feed your dog every day, they might misbehave as a result of not knowing when their food will come.

Feeding your puppy at the same time every day will also ensure that you are keeping track of their food intake and can make sure that your corgi is not eating too little or too much food. It is also important to make sure that your corgi is getting enough exercise and time outside. Keeping your pup in a crate or in a closed-off space when it’s young is good for obedience training, but if your corgi is not able to get out all of its energy in a place where running and playing is allowed, it will not be easy to train. Make sure that you are walking your corgi often and giving your corgi things to chew on and to play with so that the pup doesn’t chew on things they aren’t supposed to.

Overall, showing your pup respect and love is an important rule for training any dog. The thing to remember is that you’re building a relationship with your dog as your dog is building a relationship with you. You want the dog to absolutely trust and admire you because dogs can truly be a man’s best friend. They will give you so much love back and they will want to be obedient and respectful to you if they understand how much you love them.

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