Make a DIY Squirrel Feeder – Learn How to Make a Squirrel Feeder With This Guide

DIY Squirrel Feeder

DIY Squirrel Feeder

Those of us who enjoy bird watching and bird feeding can often get annoyed at the presence of squirrels around the bird feeders. Squirrels can crowd out birds, eat all the food you put out for your feathered friends and leave a mess. I haven’t heard of anyone enjoying squirrel watching as a hobby, but I do know of people who enjoy feeding their local squirrels. While it might seem counterintuitive if you’re hoping to feed and host beautiful birds in your backyard, feeding the squirrels specifically might actually help you with your bird-watching ventures. If you make a squirrel feeder you will end up giving your squirrels a place to feed that will help you keep the ecosystem happy and healthy. If you don’t allow a specific amount of food for the squirrels the birds and the squirrels will fight over the same food source and the same small amount of food. Making the feed more plentiful and sharing the love will allow the birds and the squirrels to coexist happily in the same place. This is why it’s a great idea to use this article to help you build your own DIY squirrel feeder! The homemade squirrel feeder design we will share with you today is a very cool and easy squirrel feeder that allows you to see the squirrel-eating seeds inside. It is made with wood and a squirrel-sized glass jar that the critters can climb into to enjoy some food while you enjoy the scene.

How to Build a Squirrel Feeder

How to Build a Squirrel Feeder

Not only are you going to learn about building a squirrel feeder, but you are also going to learn about one of the most absolutely cool squirrel feeders you could possibly build with this DIY tutorial. The squirrel feeder ideas you see on other home-build-it pages might be awesome, but this one is both awesome and easy. It takes inspiration from the popular glass jar squirrel feeder plans and makes it into an incredibly simple squirrel feeder to make. This is because instead of building the main parts of the squirrel feeder with wood, you simply have to modify a wooden bird feeder that is already made to turn it into an awesome place for squirrels to dine. Here’s how you do it!

You Will Need:

  • A large simple wooden birdhouse (you can buy these at most hardware stores and art supplies stores)
  • A gallon sized jar;
  • A wood saw;
  • Nails;
  • Ahammer;
  • A 3×10’ plank of wood;
  • Superglue;
  • A pencil.

The important thing about this squirrel feeder is that you’re going to need to place it somewhere that allows the jar to rest on a branch or support so that the jar does not break with the weight of a heavy squirrel or strong breeze and fall down. First make sure that you have a spot where you could nestle the house with the big glass jar attachment, or make one with a piece of wood and a curved rest for the jar.

To make the squirrel feeder itself, find a nice big wooden birdhouse and modify the front entry hole with the wood saw to make it large enough for the mouth of the jar to just fit inside. To make sure that you are sawing the right sized hole into your birdhouse you can first outline the jar’s mouth onto the birdhouse with a pencil and then use your saw to cut out a circle inside that pencil line. Once the hole is made, and it is big enough for the mouth of the jar to fit inside you can line the inside of your jar with glue to make sure it stays attached and wedge the mouth of the jar into the hole. The squirrels will enter through other holes in the birdhouse, and if there aren’t any other holes aside from the one that is being used to hold the jar, you should saw a few more squirrel-sized holes in there so that the critters can have access.

There should also be a hole in the back of the birdhouse that will rest on the tree, and you will use this hole to fill and refill the jar with food for the squirrels. Now your project is essentially done. Just be sure to nail a piece of wood to the bottom of your birdhouse-turned squirrel feeder to support the jar if you aren’t able to find a place for it to comfortably rest. Even if you can find a place for your jar to comfortably rest on a tree branch or lawn ornament, you might still be better off attaching that support. Then fill up your jar with birdseed or peanuts and wait until a squirrel enters the new gourmet restaurant you’ve made!

Now that you’ve made and filled your squirrel feeder, you can hang it up and enjoy watching the squirrels through the glass jar munching on their food. You can also paint your feeder with waterproof paints so that it is customized, bright, and lovely looking in your backyard!

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