How to Become a Cuckold: Useful Cuckold Tips from the Female and Male Side

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Being a cuckold does not mean that you are a voyeur trying to spy on the sex of your wife and her lover. Cuckold takes a central role because everything happens with his full consent and he experiences sexual arousal during the process of cheating. According to research into the causes of this sexual desire, several elements are distinguished:

  • The evolutionary mechanism according to psychologist David J. Lay. He theorized that the need to become a cuckold was dictated by an explosion of libido. This means that men use the process of infidelity to get aroused, enjoy, and then conceive a child. However, this theory has many contradictions.
  • Compersion. It can also be called the antipode of jealousy. It means that a person gets euphoria, that his partner is feel good in sex with someone else. And have the desire to violate the morals established by society.
  • Addiction to BDSM. Of course, this process is without corporal punishment but there is also an element of domination and submission. Many cuckolds love to be insulted during cheating. Or, on the contrary, for them, this is a manifestation of superiority, that it is they who control with whom wives have sex and only with their consent.

What types of cuckolds exist?

The universal meaning of the cuckold is easy to understand but it does not reflect the whole essence and features. Let’s take a look at the definition. Cuckold is a fetishistic sexual practice in which one of the spouses is complicit in his spouse’s sexual “infidelity”. However, if you look deeper, types of cuckold add new features, and people who do not understand these varieties think that this is something new.

  • Submissive cuckold. The only thing that you have in control in this type of relationship is voluntary consent at the very beginning. Later, your partner can have sex with anyone, both in your presence and during personal dates with your lover. Of course, you will know about this and still feel aroused even from the fact of a partner’s pleasure with someone else. Usually, the submissive cuckold is allowed to satisfy himself by watching or having sex in a condom immediately after “cheating.” It means that a woman does know how to cuckold a man.
  • Hotwife cuckold. This type is often confused with the previous one. However, the main difference is that in such a relationship, you can negotiate the rules. For example, do not have sex in your bedroom or only there; not practice unprotected sex; not blow a cock, etc. However, it is possible to establish not strict rules for violations of which the cuckold will be instituted. For example, the same ban on oral sex. Establish a loophole that it is possible only if you send a photo of the process or shoot it on video. There are a lot of such cuckold tips about “rules” on the Internet. This type of relationship is similar to the previous one, in that a partner can cheat with anyone, most often without the presence of a cuckold but with the sending of photos.
  • Modern cuckold. This type combines cuckolds and group sex elements. A man feels pride and excitement when someone can have sex with his woman. Presence during intercourse is mandatory but he can also join. The main goal of a cuckold is to satisfy the desires of a woman. For example, if she likes dicks more than yours, you are willingly looking for a replacement for the night. Or if your wife wants you to massage her breasts during “cheating”, the cuckold starts to do it with pleasure.
  • Dominant cuckold. The man takes on the “infidelity” scenario. That is, the choice of a partner or his approval, the choice of the place, and even the position in sex and the pace will be dictated by the cuckold. You can also join at any time of intercourse.
  • Humility cuckold. In such a relationship, the man who has sex with your wife should be familiar to you (boss, best friend, or older brother). This person has surpassed you in some way. During sex, you are allowed to jerk off your dick but no more. At the same time, they may insult and try to humiliate you.
  • Bull cuckold. There is some controversy as to whether it is correct to consider these types of cuckolds. A man wants to be cheated on and it is not necessary to know about every fact of infidelity or to be present.

How to become a cuckold?

being a cuckold is

If you think that being a cuckold is simple and only your desire and consent are enough, then you are mistaken. Every type of relationship, especially the one you are trying for the first time, requires gradual steps. How to start cuckolding? The first steps depend on whether you want to become a cuckold or persuade your partner to do so. Remember that there should be no coercion, only the voluntary consent of both partners. If one of you is not experiencing sexual pleasure, then this is just cheating, not cuckolds.

How to cuckold your man?

If you are in a relationship and you are excited by the thought of cheating in the eyes of your man, then this is not something shameful. And if by the behavior of a man you understand that he may like being a cuckold, then the thought can become a reality. If you are hesitant to talk about it openly, then let us give you some cuckold training tips.

  • Decide which type best suits the character of your man, for example, submissive cuckold.
  • Find relevant porn and watch it with your husband. Look at his reaction. If he is aroused ask if he would like that in your relationship. If the answer is aggressive, you can always turn it into a joke, right?
  • Begin to masturbate in his presence and only allow him to watch. Use toys such as a dildo or something else.
  • Ask openly if he wants to become a cuckold. After all, this is a voluntary process.
  • Discuss all the nuances before “cheating” so both of you can get the most out of it.
  • By the way, it is not always possible to determine which type of relationship is right for you. For example, a man thinks that he wants to be submissive but in the end, it is more pleasant for him to take minimal participation in the process itself, as a modern cuckold.

It is only one possible scenario of how to cuckold your man. This process depends on many factors. But remember that first observation and conversations, then active actions.

Being a cuckold is my dream: a simple guide

Before running to your wife with a similar proposal, study the topic of such a relationship. If you haven’t changed your mind, then we have some cuckold tips for you too.

  • Think about which type would suit you. And only then think over further actions.
  • If you have chosen a dominant position, then learn about your wife’s preferences by trick. Turn on porn of this subject and start pestering her. When she is most aroused ask if she would like you to order another man how to please her.
  • If you want to try in the role of a humility cuckold, then choose a man who is suitable for the role of your wife’s lover. And constantly talk about the sexual exploits of the latter. And honestly tell that you would like to see him fucking her. If the response is positive, discuss the details.

We hope that you understand the main idea. And here some further cuckold training tips when you agreed that both want to try.

Start with the little things. Go together for an erotic massage, watch your wife texts with other men.

  • Try virtual sex. Your wife is doing it with another man, and you are watching.
  • There are various forums where you can find like-minded people and find out their real stories. Be sure to read it.
  • Choose your third partner seriously.
  • Discuss all the limits of what is allowed and what is forbidden.

There is no single answer on how to become a cuckold but gradual and deliberate steps will bring you closer to your goal.

How to stop being a cuckold?

cuckold starts

When the cuckold starts to doubt that his desires are normal or that he is no longer excited by “cheating”, then there are two decisions.

In the first case, you should not be afraid of your secret desires. Ask a psychologist for advice, tell him/her about your experiences. If you are hesitant to open up, then visit the online forum. There you can share and get support anonymously.

In the second case, discuss it with your partner. You will either stop experimenting, or you will part with your partner. You shouldn’t put up with things that are not pleasant to you in the hope of maintaining the relationship.

When you are looking for information on how to start cuckolding and take your first steps, don’t expect everything to work out right away. This is a lengthy process that can take months. However, if you and your partner want to do this, better prepare, right? We hope that our article has helped satisfy your curiosity in this topic, and perhaps it has encouraged someone to have a frank conversation with their soulmate. Thank you for reading us and see you soon!

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