Over-Focusing? If You Want to Please Girls, Then You Should Act in a Completely Different Way


What makes a man chase a woman? How many times have you rushed after a girl? who was in no hurry to reciprocate, turned up her nose, begged for gifts, or demanded proof of sympathy among signs a woman wants you to chase her? Should you run after the girl and win her? In real life, over-focusing and persistence don’t work. If you want to please girls, stop chasing her then you should act in a completely different way.

When to stop pursuing a girl? In the movie, a guy courts a girl for a long time, but she does not reciprocate. As a result, the girl gives up after a long courtship and crazy romance. This Hollywood cliché sits firmly in the heads of men, and girls love to support it. Does she want me to chase her, conquer, conquer and please? It all works in movies, but not in real life. This way you will only attract those girls who will break your heart and make you unhappy.

Should You Run after the Girl You Like?

Do girls like to be chased? You meet a wonderful girl who looks like an angel, a dream, or a fairy tale. A girl can reciprocate, or she can start playing “cat and mouse”. I’m not like that, but I need to be conquered. The man accepts these rules of the game and tries to conquer the chick: dates, gifts, flowers, romance, fulfillment of whims. But in the end, she may find that the girl looks more like a hunter who plays with you and gives signs she wants you to chase her. The candy-bouquet period in a relationship is normal. When to stop chasing a girl? If you try but the girl does not reciprocate, forcing the man to conquer and conquer her, then something is wrong here.

Do Women Like to Be Pursued?

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When a woman being chased is interested in a relationship and a man, she goes to meet him. Women want to be chased, agree to dates, willingly pick up the phone, do not allow themselves to be manipulated, do not beg for gifts, and do not pretend to be a princess. If a man is interesting, then the girl will find time, attention, tenderness, and warmth of communication for him. But when a girl makes you pay for all this with something, then she is not particularly interested in you and does not really need you.

You can ask: “should I chase her” or “should I pursue her”? Should you run after a girl, give gifts, curry favor, and please? Not. It won’t help. You can say: I stopped chasing her now she wants me. Or you can buy a girl’s attention and even start messing with her. But all this will be out of hand. The girl will not see in you the man of her dreams, which means that the relationship will be fragile. Such a girl will leave as soon as a man turns up, whom she will like without any conquests. Girls who have stubbornly conquered even fall out of marriage with the first man they meet. That is why men chase women.

Why shouldn’t you run after the girl? If a girl is not ready to date you right away, then gifts and time will not affect you. Stop chasing her and she will come. Are you not up to a girl’s standards? If she is too keen on checks, tests, and standards, then it is better to leave her alone. If the man chasing women, they never match their imaginary dream boyfriend. Some girls show that they are ready to date a man, but he still falls short of her ideal. They marry him, and then all their lives they nag that he is not worthy of such a princess. Eternal reproaches, complaints, and demands. Why mess with a girl like that?

How to Behave with Girls?

Don’t chase women at all. When you start running after girls, they see not a passionate and hot man, but a weakling. In their eyes, a real male never does that. When a man runs after a woman, he is not good enough or valuable. Second grade or even third, but most likely a marriage.

Do guys like the chase and how does a man pursue a woman? A real man beckons the girls with a look, grabs them in an armful, and pulls them along. But if he sadly walks after them without emotion, then everything is lost. Such a man causes pity and disgust at the same time. Girls don’t want to get involved and date. Give them the one who has the strength of a man.

Should you run after the girl or persistently conquer her? Of course not. So you can get a girl who doesn’t make you happy. Always choose those girls who, on your step, make their own. Who are glad to see you without any flowers, gifts, services, and concessions. Those who are happy to meet, and do not twirl their noses, lookout for a more expensive party, or demand plans for attention.

There are many girls in the world who will be happy to keep you company without any nonsense. Stop chasing her and move on. Not infantile princesses demanding conquest and exaggerated demands. You can find great, lively, interesting, and real girls who are much better. Choose girls who choose you, not and not get confused in themselves and their commercialism. Date good girls who will fall in love easily and make you happy but do not chase women.

Running and Striving Are Different Things

don't chase women

The main thing for a conqueror is confidence and attitude, never chase women. A woman should feel that he is stronger, higher than her. You want to get closer to this, to feel protected.

To conquer is to be attractive, charismatic, interesting. Do things.

To run is to chase, bother, be comfortable. This behavior causes the desire to escape (reject), or use. Running after a girl, you unfairly put a crown on her head.

Imagine walking past a pastry shop and seeing a cake in the window, a sweet aroma is heard from the window, music is playing. Really, there was a desire to eat it? Now imagine that a crazy street vendor is chasing you, poking something in your face and shouting “Buy a cake, delicious, good.” What do you want to do?

Conclusion: learn to carry yourself, conquer, but never chase a woman.

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