We Share a Selection of Crossfit Books That Will Inspire You to New Achievements

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Each workout changes our body, bringing it closer to the ideal of functionality, but this is not all that CrossFit gives. At some point, every beginner wants to learn more about how the body works during various loads, what determines success in losing weight, building muscles, how to learn how to defeat yourself and your rivals. Then he will need books about CrossFit, sports, psychology, nutrition.

Until 17 years ago, athletes did not know anything about crossfit wod books – what kind of system it is and where it is used. In 2000, Greg Glassman and Lauren Jenai had the idea to create a fitness corporation CrossFit Inc., which is based on a fundamentally new sport. So what is CrossFit today?

What Is CrossFit?

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CrossFit (CrossFit) is a general system of extreme physical training, which is based on the implementation of alternating basic exercises from different sports: athletics, kettlebell lifting, artistic gymnastics, weightlifting, bodybuilding, and so on. The exercises are performed at high intensity.

The Main Goal of CrossFit Is Physical Development in Ten Areas:

  1. Endurance.
  2. The operability of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. 3. Power.
  3. Flexibility.
  4. Speed.
  5. Strength.
  6. Coordination.
  7. Balance.
  8. Development of the speed of adaptation to changing loads.
  9. Accuracy.

What Attracts Crossfit in Crossfit Wod Books to Ordinary People?

  1. Flexibility and Availability of the System: Grandparents do the same exercises as Olympic athletes. It all depends on the capabilities of the body and its need for stress.
  2. The fastest possible effect: you will see results in a short time.
  3. Affordable pricing policy: no expensive exercise equipment. Most of the system’s exercises can be done outdoors or in your room without the use of additional items.
  4. Safety: completely safe with the correct technique.
  5. Competitive spirit: helps to achieve the highest results not only in sports.
  6. Increase in physical capabilities and physiological parameters: an athletic physique will be a pleasant bonus to the fact that you will become really faster and stronger.
  • the figure is tightened,
  • gaining muscle mass,
  • endurance increases,
  • excess weight is removed,
  • a person acquires an additional opportunity to adapt to living conditions.

But most importantly, in crossfit workout books is a whole community! Daily workout routines, nutrition articles, exercise videos, and much, much more! Options for adapting loads for any occasion and a minimum of equipment – you no longer need a gym. Do it at home, on a hike, in the country, on vacation – anywhere! The good thing about CrossFit is that anyone who wants to train can train anywhere and with any set of equipment.

Thousands of people around the world follow the daily published exercises, and this helps them to stand out and reach new levels in combat missions, in the ring, in stadiums, gyms and everyday life.

In crossfit wod book, crossFit is perfect for those who want to lose weight and tone their muscles, who want to maximize functionality, aerobic, and strength endurance. If your goal is only muscle mass, it is better to choose classic workouts in the gym. In CrossFit, this is not the first goal; with regular training and good nutrition, you will, of course, gradually gain weight, but this progress will be noticeably less than with bodybuilding.

We present to your attention a selection of the top 6 best crossfit books, which can help you achieve your goal easily and effectively:

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Rich Froning “How CrossFit Made Me the Most Physically Fitted Person on Earth”

Four-time CrossFit champion and holder of the “Athletic Man on Earth” title Rich Froning talks in one of his best crossfit books about his challenging journey to success. You will not find practical advice or training programs in the book. Here is just a real story in a crossfit book about how Rich was able to become disciplined and tough and how CrossFit influenced his life.

Rich Froning’s crossfit book will be useful to those who want to succeed not only in sports, but also in other areas of life. These crossfit book workouts will nudge you into action and help you make your most cherished dream come true.

Bene Bergeron “Reaching Perfection”

We have not forgotten about crossfit nutrition books and the coach of champions Bene Bergeron: his book “Chasing Excellence” will be of interest to all fans of CrossFit Games. It gives you a behind-the-scenes look at the world’s top CrossFit events. His star pupil, Catherine Tanya Davidsdottir, also spoke in one of crossfit books. Read wod book – and you will find out for yourself.

Mari Karachina “Never stop”

Marie Karachina is a fitness trainer, founder of crossfit nutrition books and the Skinny & Strong Club, a sports consultant, lecturer on sports and motivation, and a participant in world marathons. In such crossfit books, different authors and Marie talks about the beginning of her love of running, about how she overcame marathons, about life’s difficulties, about difficult relationships with others and with herself. While reading the wod book, everyone will find in it a piece of their feelings and experiences, and will also understand that running is not just one of the sports. It is a lifestyle and a source of inspiration.

In addition, Marie shares in crossfit training books a training program and how-to for beginners, as well as tips for those looking to run a long-distance, such as a half marathon.

Eric Bertrand Larssen “No self-pity. Push the boundaries of your possibilities “

Eric Bertrand Larssen is a coach of professional athletes, businessmen and ordinary people. He helps each of his students to achieve maximum results using books about crossfit. His book is a sincere, without embellishment, a story about how you can get rid of self-pity and push the boundaries of your own capabilities. In it, you will learn how to cultivate willpower, achieve success, find positive thinking and finally get out of your comfort zone.

This crossfit workout book is a collection of true and incredible stories of completely different people who, in spite of everything, managed to achieve success. In it, you will find the stories of an athlete, a WWII veteran, a chef, a homeless person, and other people who performed a real miracle.

Also, crossfit training books like this contain non-trivial advice that will help you change your life. For example, how to choose the addiction that will lead to success.

Scott Jurek “Eat right, run fast. Supermarathon Rules of Life “

Scott Jurek is an ultra marathon runner. He competes on distances that are much larger than marathon distances; sometimes they reach 200 km. You can’t come to this right away. In his book, Scott talks about the beginning of the journey and how sports became the philosophy of his life. The author also shares practical advice for those who are fond of long-distance running and a nutrition program with which you can make your body as hardy as possible.

With the help of best crossfit books, you will look at the world in a different way and understand that everyone can reach the maximum peak.

Greg McKeon “Essentialism”

Among the favorite books of athletes and those that are not related to CrossFit: “Essentialism” (Essentialism) by Greg McKeon is a book for everyone. The main principle that the author formulates and proves – do less in order to achieve more. But before that, you need to choose the most important thing in life and any business that you do, and go towards your goal. The ability to not just set a goal, but to feel it at every moment is a useful skill for every CrossFiter.

The books on crossfit

crossfit wod book

The main advantage of CrossFit is all-around physical fitness. But at the same time, with the help of such a system of loads, you can quickly lose weight, because in just one workout you will burn about 1000 calories! You can achieve the desired effect in a fairly short period of time if you also add proper nutrition to this.

Doing CrossFit you will notice that your body is transforming – the muscles become firm and relieved, the body becomes more toned, beautiful, and slender. At the same time, you will become agile, fast, and hardy, and after each workout, you will be proud of yourself.

Start your CrossFit workout

Of course, like any fitness area, it pursues the task of effectively building the human body, but unlike all others, it sets itself the goal of creating ideal athletes – the most physically prepared people on the planet. That is why the crossfit technique is actively used in combat sports, when training special power units, firefighters and other professional areas where physical training is at the forefront.

When you start circuit training, you need to understand that CrossFit is a powerful and high-intensity exercise. Many exercises require proficiency in complex techniques such as snatches, jerks, rings. An untrained person needs to start his training very carefully, always under the supervision of a doctor and trainer. It is necessary to understand that it is physiologically impossible to train various physical qualities as efficiently as possible. Correctly distributed loads – this is excellent physical fitness and good health.

Today, as physical training, there are different types of crossfit, depending on the purpose: it is used in combat and security units, law enforcement agencies, fire departments, in self-defense courses, as a training set for sports teams. There are also specialized options in these books on crossfit gentle programs for the elderly, pregnant women, and children.

Having decided to engage in books about crossfit, you need to be ready to carefully follow the training regimen: monitor the moderate heart rate zone, perform each exercise with extreme accuracy, not forgetting about the technique and be sure to give your body enough time to rest and recover.

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